The Bible teaches us differently. John Trapp Complete Commentary. But high above the joy in God’s work is the joy in Himself to which it leads, and "Thy name, O thou Most High," is the ground of all pure delight and the theme of all worthy praise. With my whole heart. It is our duty to praise the Lord; let us perform it as a privilege. [email protected], Psalm 91 Meaning: Prayer from Bible for Powerful Protection. Let us not be ashamed to glorify God, by telling what we know and feel he has done; let us watch our opportunity to bring out distinctly the fact of his acting; let us feel delighted at having an opportunity, from our own experience, of telling what must turn to his praise; and them that honour God, God will honour in turn; if we be willing to talk of his deeds, he will give us enough to talk about. During the contingency for the COVID-19 Pandemic, Psalm 91 has been shared in a special way on social networks and it is that, throughout humanity, this song has shown that it has powers of ” cosmic energy that God sends you when a person invokes the blessing by singing “Psalm 91”, to protect people and their homes from all evil. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. 2013. This is a reference to evil, demonic spirits. 171-145 Grant Ave In Jewish understanding, the Tabernacle of Moses wasn’t complete until the glory of YHVH’s presence took residence in the tabernacle’s inner chamber, the holy of holies. Such acts are premonitions of the future. He is further disadvantaged by the element of surprise, which the enemy possesses to his favor. The notes will … The psalmist’s experience in his past deliverance entitles him to generalise thus. Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA. The Arabic intitles it, "Concerning the mysteries of the Son;" and then adds, "in relation to the glory of Christ, and his resurrection and kingdom, and the destruction of all the disobedient." Thus he distinguishes himself not only from gross hypocrites, who praise God only with their lips outwardly, without having their hearts in any way affected, but also acknowledges that whatever he had hitherto done which was commendable, proceeded entirely from the pure grace of God. That trust is reinforced by the renewed evidence, afforded by the judgments, that Jehovah does not desert them that seek Him. by deliverance-necessitates the wicked’s being forgotten, and those who are forgotten by God perish. With this verse, you place your trust in the infinite ocean of love that is God within you. Thanks Natan for this beautiful exegesis…you made me see things in a better light and reminded me of who I am in Him again! In your name, heavenly father, thank you for all the blessings that you give me. AMEN and AMEN , Thank you beloved of God Almighty for psalm 91. But the sweet spiritual sense of the Psalm, blessed be God, is not obscured by the title. The acknowledging of God in all. Montanus and many more hold it to be an anagrammatism, and render it, For the death of Nabal, viz. Loved the video my every day prayer PSALMS 91 My sister who is blind was asked by a priest in her Popularity rankings are based on search volume data from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Standing on these promises will save anyone who believe. Amen Amen Amen Thank You God Thank You in Jesus Name Amen Amen Amen, He is my refuge and fortress GOD in HE I will trust for ever and ever. Some render it, upon the death of his son, to wit, Absalom, or of one called Labben; or, of the middle man, or the man that stood between the two armies, to wit, Goliath, who is so called in the Hebrew text, 1 Samuel 17:4. The prayer of this concluding stanza circles round to the prayer in Psalms 9:13, as has been noticed, and so completes the whole psalm symmetrically. Protestants, "upon Muth Labben." This could be a poetic picture of Satan and his demons who fly through the air searching for human prey. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary. and every "day of the Lord" is a miniature of that final dies ira. The reference here is particularly to what God had done which had given occasion to this psalm, but still the psalmist designs undoubtedly to connect with this the purpose to give a general expression of praise in view of all that God had done that was fitted to excite such feelings. The Chaldee has, "concerning the death of the Champion who went out between the camps," referring to Goliath of Gath, or some other Philistine, on account of whose death many suppose this Psalm to have been written in after years by David. Life is full of pitfalls and snares, and we often make wrong choices, but it is comforting to know that no matter what trials we may be called upon to face, or what foolish choices we have made in the past, we can go to the Lord and ask Him for godly insight and spiritual understanding, and He has promised to give us all that is needed for the task. 91 is my favorite psalms..Read every morning before starting my day.. Amen Hallelujah praise God Almighty in Jesus name. Praise is to be offered to God alone; we may be grateful to the intermediate agent, but our thanks must have long wings and mount aloft to heaven. Unfortunately many people also believe that God heals all who ask in the way they tell Him to. Salem Media Group. The thought of how God had lifted the suppliant up from the very gates of death heartens him to pray for all further mercy needed. This is what Paul refers to in Romans 8:37 with regard to the saint as not just being a conqueror through Yeshua, but being more than a conqueror. BibliographyCoffman, James Burton. The designation of God as "making inquisition for blood" thinks of him as the Goel, or Avenger. "Commentary on Psalms 9:1". 1599-1645. This renders it certain, that the claim preferred to the throne of the Almighty, could proceed from the lips of none but our MELCHISEDEC. Title. ORDER. ‘For the Chief Musician; set to (‘al) Muth-labben. Thus encouraging himself, he prays for new occasions to recount God‘s mercies, and confident of His continued judgment on the wicked and vindication of the oppressed, he implores a prompt and efficient manifestation of the divine sovereignty. If God is with you, you need not fear, nothing will reach you. Verse 1. To forget God is the sure way to be forgotten. Some have translated that verse as, "Because my enemies withdrew, etc. I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders. Verse 1. Think twice before acting. - To the chief Musician upon Muth-labben. The introduction to this passage includes an extremely obscure reference, Muth-labben. Interpretation: The meaning of these verses is very explicit and easy to understand. Refuge is the Hebrew word machaceh meaning “refuge, shelter from rain or storm, from danger or falsehood” and derives from the root verb chacah meaning “to seek refuge, flee for protection; to put trust in (Elohim) or to confide or hope in (Elohim).” Dwelling place is the Hebrew word maw-ohn meaning “dwelling, habitation, refuge.” In this psalm, there is an interplay between the words indicating where the child of the Almighty must abide during times of trouble. They are but varying aspects of the one thing. BibliographyGill, John. You are an amazing and worthy God and I thank you for the life I have today. An expression of spiritual joy in God, as well as in his gifts. David might allude to the death of Absalom, or of some of his other children. Hitherto the verbs have been perfects, implying a finished act; that is to say, hitherto the psalm has been dealing with facts of recent but completed experience. https: Here David confirms what I have already said, that he does not treat in this psalm of one victory or one deliverance only; for he proposes to himself in general all the miracles which God had wrought in his behalf, as subjects of meditation. God myght haf answered and said, My rightwysnes reches to sofer a beter man than thou ert to perisse here: for I hope, had he ben a ryghtwyse man, he had noght sayd swa: for al ar unryghtwyse, that hopes that any unrightwysnes may be in Godes wylle. There is one insurmountable obstacle, however, to the acceptance of the notion that the two passages are a single psalm. (Berthier) --- It would be well if there were no more serious controversy between Catholics and Protestants.