All such contenders can prepare for their respective exams on this topic. It is most important in written and spoken languages. It tests what you learned on the Proper Nouns pages. Thomas and French’s discovery shocked the world. In the examples below, each of the bold words is a noun. Latin and German add a third gender to this mess, the neuter gender. Just make the most important word plural. names of specific people. Many of the calls come from the stationery stores that print the cards. It is a particular name of a particular individual and is capitalized as proper nouns should be. It has mainly indicate the places, people, things, and finally ideas. The team of mules pulls the plow through the field day after day. If there were more, then one would spell them “Ventura Counties.” However, in this single Ventura County, a bookstore, presumably the area’s largest, belongs to the county. In these examples, each noun has individual ownership of resources, of a discovery, or of a lasagna. To form the plurals of numbers written as numerals, just add, To form the plurals of single letters, add apostrophe. The appositive clarifies the proper name, telling us which Tom Hanks was seen. In the Romance languages, for instance, all nouns are either masculine or feminine. Many English teachers advise against applying the possessive case to inanimate objects. Whether the proper noun is restrictive or nonrestrictive depends upon the nature of the family. Then they can able to score good marks. Bone is a direct object. Sisson lists only fifty-three synonyms for hate. Nouns can be subjects, appositives, direct objects, indirect objects, subject complements, objects of infinitives, objects of gerunds, or objects of participles. The correct order would be for “three Scotches and sodas.”. Follow this page and take the Quiz, gain good marks as well as improve your grammar it will help you in your competitive exams and in interviews. So the aspirants it is right and good opportunity for you. “I find that my letter are very boring to read. Pluralizing other compound words whose pieces are connected by hyphens, such as mother-in-law, or whose separate words are regarded as a unit, such as court martial, is almost as simple. Rather than continue wasting both our time, we need to set matters straight. There are no differences in form between nouns in the nominative and objective cases. Both nouns and pronouns possess this property, but we will limit our current discussion of case to nouns. That is also available on this page. This is a sentence that anyone can utter, free from grammatical doubt or worry. Concrete nouns are nouns that can be touched or held: house, taxicab, typewriter, computer, shoes, stove, refrigerator. In the third sentence, the lasagna belongs to both Eric and Leslie. If in doubt about whether a word is a noun, just place an article before it. Remember that the appositive and the noun to which it refers always share the same four properties – gender, number, person, and case – since they both name the same entity. My favourite movie is Grease with John Travolta. When the candidate submits the Nouns Quiz within the time limit. Every third person noun names an individual or thing spoken of. Work carefully. Here are a few rules that will help the curious pluralize proper names. Nouns in the possessive case show ownership. Imagine a world without names. Consonants are, for the most part, left alone. A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing.Examples of proper nouns you may find at home are:Sylvania or G.E. Synonyms are words with similar meaning. Help! These Latin words just keep the Latin plurals. When your Average Joe makes a grammatical slip, we can understand. The advertisement should read, “Announcing the Opening of Ventura County’s Largest Bookstore.”. Gender refers to the classification of nouns according to sex. Were they casual acquaintances, or were they well acquainted with him? Many people have asked what the nouns which are shouted at the conclusion of “Hide-and-Seek” mean. But, if  didn’t, let’s straighten out the issue now. Restrictive information is never punctuated. The pronunciations of the masculine and feminine plurals are the same. 7 Secrets for ESL Learners - FREE download. Without the capital, mss. Answer : That is a difficult question to answer. As our knowledge of grammar grows, we will see more examples of restrictive and nonrestrictive in clauses and phrases. words referring to deities or holy books: Krishna, God, Allah, the Koran, the Talmud, the Bible. I have been criticized in the past for spelling the plurals of instruments incorrectly.”. Nouns are names of people, places, things, and ideas. The issue of gender will become more important when we reach the chapter on pronouns. Q. There is no logic to this system. There are three words in the English language called articles: a, an and the. Some mistakes deserve forgiveness. And also if the candidate has any doubt regarding, to the Quiz they can check the explanation too. These seventy words we listed in Sisson’s Synonyms, An Unabridges Synonym and Related-term Locator by A.F.Sission. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Nouns are naming words. 2. In grammar case describes the syntactical relationship of a noun or pronoun to the other words in the sentence. In many cases, the y will make a long /e/ sound (long e says its own name). When my friend said that his brother had given him the present, we knew whom he was talking about since he has only one brother. The grammatical term person describes the relationship of a noun to the speaker. More specifically, there is a dummy element, a word that fills the place of the subject and introduces the sentence. Both French words are pluralized in the English manner. How do I make these words plural? Home » Verbal Ability » Nouns – English Questions and Answers Quiz Online Test. Answer : These are the rules of pluralizing numerals, letters, and abbreviations: Elementary school taught me the three R’s. Please see the article on verbs for a clear distinction between direct and indirect objects. Popular usage has changed their natures so that we usually regard each of them as a single object or idea. Well, this is going to guide many of the aspirants preparing for a Different kind of Entrance Exams. Answer : Yes, there are. 1. He was serving scrumptious shrimp canapes to his customers and wanted them to sound as good as they looked. With names that end in y, you do not change that y to i. Answer : Latin is certainly not dead. Accordingly, personification allows nouns that name inanimate objects to take animate characteristics such as masculine or feminine gender. Imagine, for a moment, the horror and absurdity of ordering a simple meal without naming words. The princess escaped from the evil wizard’s clutches. None of them name the  person(s) or thing(s) speaking or spoken to. Similarly, the singular noun referendum can be made plural in the Latin way, referenda, or the American way, referendums. The person of a noun indicated whether it names the person or persons speaking, spoken to , or spoken of. the feminine pronoun her gives the usually neuter sea a feminine gender. Common nouns do not begin with capital letters unless they start sentences. When a noun ends in y preceded by a vowel, just add-s. The forms of nouns do not change because of the change of person. The combination doesn’t make sense. With popular use, they evolved into dictionary-defined words. Common nouns are general nouns: Magnet, gargoyle, angel, orchid, subway, persimmon, petticoat. The children’s toys littered the playroom floor. Answer : Although the term substantive is somewhat dated, we continue to receive inquiries as to its meaning. Here are two more examples: Lenny will teach you the dos and don’ts of small engine repair. Clues as to what person a noun ins in come from the context in which it is used. If a noun ends with a sound that melds smoothly with s, then simply add -s. If a noun ends in a sound that does not meld smoothly with s, then add -es. First, test large: the large. Answer : Since it contains particulate matter which can be measured by sophisticated meteorological instruments, we vote for “concrete”. When a noun ends in quy (again, the y makes a long /e/ sound), change the y to i and then add -es. They give titles to people, places, things and ideas. 2. In the second example, the noun children is in the second person because it names the individuals to whom the speaker issues the command to hurry.