Travel & Hospitality demonstrates the largest shift towards personalized email, with marketers tailoring 63% of their communications to individual customers (source). The best part of mobile customization is shoppers can do it on the go, whenever they feel like or whenever an idea strikes. It's slightly different than manufacturing metal products. 21. Custom hats are popular among people. 12. Think out of the box and go beyond. Add AR/VR along with Product Personalization and see the magic happen! Marketers will use this as an opportunity to deliver on the promise of powerful personalized customer experiences and aim for a narrowed gap between what customers expect and what marketers are able to deliver. So try it as much as possible, it may lead to customer's brand loyalty as well. To learn more about the current state of personalization, and how to avoid delivering poorly executed customer experiences, read our Privacy & Personalization consumer report. 2. Widely-Used Marketing Tech Is Under Attack: What’s Your Backup Plan? And it does not sound sweet when something like that happens. With an option like Save For Later, customers can save the design if any urgent work sprouts up or if they are not in a mood to design. Then, start by learning more about these trends and how it helps businesses build brand loyalty. Do not limit yourself from offering MANY choices to charm customers. 25. 47% of consumers will go to Amazon if the brand they’re shopping with doesn’t provide relevant product suggestions (source). Brand loyalty among millennials increases by 28% on average if they receive personalized marketing communications (source). We hope you've understood everything about personalization trends. People can use them to revamp their old clothes as well and repair their torn clothes with stylish and unique custom patches. If you're a baseball player, you can wear custom baseball socks, athletes can wear custom athletic socks, and superhero lovers can wear custom superhero socks. Global eCommerce sales are expected to touch $4.8 billion by 2021, and Gartner predicts that 80% of all customer interactions will be managed by AI Technologies in the times to come. To uncover just how essential personalization is to the B2C world, we’ve compiled the most current and compelling consumer, marketing, and brand trends and statistics out there. Custom apparels are a perfect example of that. Anticipate customer behavior with AI and unlock new dimensions with product customizer. Get creative, and always be looking for ways to improve the brand experience for each of your clients or customers, so you can stay in memory for the longest period-of-time. . How can AI be put to use in Product Personalization? The ability to satisfy consumers through customization or personalization is rare. Well, it is hard. Custom patches are a great way to promote your organization. 58% of consumers say brands send them products they would never buy, and 24% say brands send them items they’ve already bought (source). You can offer custom options such as size, color texture, skin, text, logo, mascot, and many more. 23. That’s a myth. Vendors have been leveraging rapid advances in … It does not work that way. You can collect the likings from the customers and then present contemporary designs that suit the tastes the customer just gave. Less than 50% of consumers think travel brands know them or are sending them relevant communications, and less than 50% of consumers believe travel brand communications are relevant to them (source). AR and VR product personalization seem to be breaking the clutter and providing users with a better idea about the product and helping them in decision making more efficiently which is really for ecommerce businesses. A report by Gartner says, at least 100 million users are expected to use AR-enabled technology for shopping, while 46% of retailers plan to have AR by 2020. It's not innovative anymore, yet because of fast fashion, the industry is following this cyclical trajectory of small-batch production and made-to-order offerings. 20. You can transform a brand with custom apparel, attention to detail & high-quality prints. If you sell in multiple countries or planning to, offering subscription services is the icing on the cake for you as a survey by Royal Mail’s quotes, a trend in the subscription box business model is that it presents opportunities to expand internationally. Continue knocking the doors of your customers regularly with subscription services; you will establish trust and brand loyalty, sooner than you imagine. From the above details, we can tell that personalization will prove as an effective investment for your business, and it can give you a distinctive edge against the competition. Product Personalization is not see – click – buy. Isn’t it a joy to see what we envisioned getting displayed on the screen? You can wear custom socks as per your mood and need. 4. Personalized products, undoubtedly, will continue to chart their way to win over many more customers in the near future. The promotional power of custom apparel is beyond imagination. You can create custom apparel for charity events, business promotion, school events, & other prestigious events. Once the post is shared, a new set of the audience sees it, and the chances are high that new traffic will start thronging to your online store. Custom apparels are versatile for many purposes. On average, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal (source). And when it comes to conversions, user reviews do matter. Social Sharing option bridges the gap. Already, Google Lens’ smart image recognition technology can help identify objects, translate text, and find similar items. That's custom hats for you - classic, sleek hats that entirely bring a new look. You can always put your best foot forward with custom socks. Because every detail counts! Hair removal can be an annoying problem for women. 72% of consumers in 2019 only engage with marketing messages that are customized to their specific interests (source). Sounds true because, more than shopping, it is the experience that makes shoppers choose you over other brands, time and again. Consumers Trust Amazon Is Using Their Data Responsibly, Beating Out Apple, Google & Banks, According to New SmarterHQ Survey, Top 5 Millennial Frustrations & How to Combat Them. Benefits of Buying and Selling Custom Furniture. 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