Bronze: $3 (Bronze medal however is 97% copper and 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin) Thats the actual worth of raw material used in the medal but of course if athletes were to sell/auction their medals they will get alot more than just the face value of material. • Per capita $36,060[3] (19th) RS 50 lakh for silver and Rs 30 lakh for Bronze. Instead, it is up to national Olympic committees to reward their own successful competitors, should they take home the apex of sporting accolades – an Olympic medal. Great Britain, meanwhile, has taken home a total 26 medals – leaving it significantly off the pace in comparison with most Northern European nations, such as France, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, all of whom have broken the 100 medal mark. Team Event worth more, usually is 1.5 times more than individual rewards, but it will be shared among the team members. The International Olympic Committee doesn’t give prize money, but many countries reward their medalists with a bonus. The Central Asian nation promises its successful athletes a bonus of €215,100 for a gold medal, €125,000 for silver, and €62,500 for a bronze. Select an industry from 40+ different sectors. British gold winners go home with a priceless medal, the pride of a nation and enormous self-satisfaction – but no prize money. Have you ever wondered what is at stake for medal winners ? Select a theme out of 20+ different topics. GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate Before we explain which federations pays the most we take a look at how much the Olympic medals are worth ? No thanks. And the incentive doesn’t make much difference anyway, according to former Australian swimmer Geoff Huegill. Search within the more than 7,000 articles in’s news archive. Gold medal winners from the southeast Asia nation receive $1 million USD, silver $500,000, and bronze $250,000. latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, Plea to help ‘real-life Tarzan’ bullied throughout his life and unable to talk, Rapists in Pakistan ‘to be chemically castrated’ under new laws, Coronavirus news live: Salon owner facing £27,000 fine and how to check what tier your area is in, Man, 74, wrestles alligator to save puppy’s life without even dropping his cigar, Man stabbed to death ‘with broken bottle’ after ‘defending girlfriend from yobs’, who become exempt from mandatory military service. 200 countries are participating in Rio Olympics? Select a service from 40+ different areas of expertise. Great Britain is one of just three nations not to offer a bonus for medals. Athletes from these nations are unlikely to go home empty handed, as they often have individual agreements with sponsors to provide them financial incentives. It’s called Uzbekistan in English, not Uzbikstan, and it’s the greatest country on Earth, like U.A.E. Silver: S$500,000 I guess 5 countries are from other planet. Collective pride is flowing through the country because Team GB is absolutely smashing it at Rio 2016. In other countries too, top athletes can receive more than just the bonus from the national Olympic committee. This is the reward for Singapore’s medalist, Individual Event: U.A.E. Obviously you’ve been brainwashed into thinking this is the best place in the world. While the top bonus package, belonging to Kazakhstan, tops €200,000, three nations – including Great Britain – offer athletes no additional financial incentive for excelling in their field. Non-governmental human rights watchdogs, such as IHF, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, as well as Department of State and Council of the European Union define Uzbekistan as “an authoritarian state with limited civil rights”[41] and express profound concern about “wide-scale violation of virtually all basic human rights”. According to analysis by, while the nations with the lowest GDP tend to offer the largest individual rewards, they are unlikely to be faced with the largest payout, as traditional sporting powers look set to continue their dominance at the, Premier League taps BCG for strategic review of English football, Begbies Traynor partners with Wales rugby league team, Five steps to get football supporters back into stadiums, PA Consulting adds Cooper Perkins to innovation offering, BJSS expands into Australia with Melbourne office, Grant Thornton names Corporate Finance lead for Thames Valley, Working from home stifling learning, engagement and creativity. The sports association can also award a bonus per medal, such as the Swedish ski association, which gives skiers an amount equal to that of the last world championships. Promotion to gazetted officer rank by her employer, the Indian Railways. Once again, our athletes are proving what a plucky little island we are – right now Britain proudly sits second in the medal table, with only the Americans winning more gold medals. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a mathematical olympiad for pre-college students, and is the oldest of the International Science Olympiads. Where does it say that Azerbaijan is the highest? The second is not Malaysia, but Indonesia. Athletes from around 200 countries will be fighting it out for medals in 26 sports. Britain took home just four medals over the three Winter Olympics preceding Sochi. In terms of won medal qty and lowest population. Per capita is more than 12-18 times higher in U.A.E. Agreed with hitesh, Award get to sakshi malik from goverment (Copied from Wikipedia..), Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (2016) – highest sporting honour of India[22] Of course, our British heroes could well receive lucrative sponsorship deals and endorsements following their success on the world stage. Russia is paying for gold 4 Mil Ruble which is around 54K EUR, 2.5 Mil Ruble for Silver and 1.7 Mil for bronze. “DO Olympic medalists receive cash prizes along with the medals ?” Well, in most of the cases yes but the athletes don’t receive any prize money from Olympics committee but its their national Olympic federation who award prizes which are disclosed before the tournament. Thats the actual worth of raw material used in the medal but of course if athletes were to sell/auction their medals they will get alot more than just the face value of material. View consulting firms that offer services in a specific industry. The value of a gold medal varies drastically between different competitors at the Winter Olympics, according to new analysis. Ask Ronda Rousey about how her medal in judo worked out for her in Beijing (or read her book). on steroids in terms of financial and social benefits for citizens, with more individual freedoms than European countries and more liberal gun laws than USA. Choose out of 50+ leading consultancies. About Us - Contact Us - Sports Calendar - Privacy - Write For Us. Cash Money Rewards for Olympic Medalists: List of English Premier League Winners Since 1992, UEFA Europa League Past Winners List (Since 1972), UEFA Champions League Past Winners List (1956 to 2019), Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls In 2019 (F1 Paddock Girls), List Of Ballon d’Or Winners Since 1956 To 2020, 100 Photos of Hot Female Fans In World Cup 2018, 32 Hottest Wags Going To FIFA World Cup 2018 (At Least 1 From Every Participating Country), Most Successful Teams In UEFA Champions League History, Top 10 Most Iconic Trophies Across Different Sports, 5 High Profile Doping Cases in Tennis (Drug Scandals), Liverpool vs Atalanta UEFA Champions League Match, Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce Live Stream Boxing Fight Live Online, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Live Stream Online, Derek Chisora vs Oleksandr Usyk Live Stream Online, Manchester United Upcoming Matches Online, Argentina vs Qatar Live Stream Copa America 2019 Match, $510,000 (shared by athlete and coach if any), Around $11,000 for every medal regardless of the color of medal (every memeber of Football team will get $100,000 for winning gold), No cash prized for winning medals (Sweden Olympics committe supports athletes from 6 year old to all the way professional levels), no cash prized awarded by Britain’s Olympic Committee, Almost all the countries award cash prized to medalist in some form.