This company previously branded as Prima Marketing aimed at crafters and students, has branched out to artists offering 15ml tube paints with a higher pigment load. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. These paints also come in tubes, with the sets being easier to obtain in the USA than individual colors. Sometimes these types of re-branding schemes also come with a huge price increase (such as the dye inks being called liquid watercolors or fountain pen inks, when they are exactly the same type of product as craft sprays like dylusions/scrapbook color misters that come in much larger containers). This donation button uses PayPal to safely process cards worldwide for any amount you wish to contribute. All "Prussian" blue (and colors mixed with PB27) will fade with light exposure, but do a very odd thing in shade - recover. I use acid-free, 100% cotton, archival quality watercolor papers. Kuretake Gansai Watercolors - A modern vegan twist on the Japanese traditional style animal-glue paint by the manufacturer Zig. Finally, heres the Prima Review. 59 ml de peinture craie Blanc spécialement conçue pour le verre et la porcelaine appartenant à la gamme Chalky Finish et permettant de créer un look vintage chaleureux! A common entry level student grade paint frequently picked up in brick and mortar art shops, but is struggling to stay relevant in the competitive online market. Un carré d'aquarelle mesure 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm environ. Watercolor Confections are sized perfectly for artists on the go. Pinterest. Discover a professional grade watercolor like no other! Discover --- coming soon ---. Learn about Liquitex, Amsterdam, Sharpie, Montana and Uni Posca. So if a company adds just a tiny amount of this color to a paint mixture, it would be more prone to fading than if it was 100% that one color. These professional-grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth and long-lasting colors that will work beautifully for any art or mixed-media project. These student grade 12 half pan sets are called "confections" and one larger 25 color "confetti" set. LIQUID "Watercolor" and "Watercolor" Brush Markers or Pencils: It's important to note that many water soluble art supplies have the word "watercolor" on the package. This provides general daylight UV without the heat of direct sunlight. Affordable single tube colors for refills or picking and choosing pigments, as well as a large selection of various color travel sets and a mica metallic and interference pocket-box. Superior Watercolor + other sets made in China appearing to be re-branded knock offs of Paul Rubens, Kuretake and other big brands. Palette composée de 12 aquarelles Decadent Pies appartenant à la collection Watercolor Confections de Prima Marketing, Un carré d'aquarelle mesure 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm environ, Les aquarelles Prima sont de qualité supérieure et sont très pigmentées, Elles fournissent des couleurs vives, intenses, lisses et durables qui fonctionnent magnifiquement pour n'importe quel projet d'art ou de mixed-media, Elles sont contenues dans un boîtier métallique noir à l'extérieur et blanc à l'intérieur et mesurant 12 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm environ, Le boîtier est pratique car il comporte deux zones de mélange dépliables: l'un avec deux compartiments 5.5x5 cm environ et l'autre avec 4 plus petits compartiments 2x2.5 cm environ, Une carte imprimée avec les différentes références de la palette est fournie permettant de réaliser le nuancier. JUST BECAUSE IT FADES, DOESN'T MEAN IT IS A LOW QUALITY PRODUCT: There is a lot of demand for bright colors in the art and crafts industry.