It rocks gently and constantly while the machine is use to release excess pressure. Canning Low Acid Foods:  Dial Gauge Canners. Some people prefer a modified weight valve simply because of the constant movement of a weight valve can get annoying. Module 4. If anything, you’ll hear complaints of people wondering why on earth it isn’t included with the canner, even if Presto had to charge a few dollars extra. The default weight that ships with the Prestos is 15 lbs, which is really only good for people at very high altitudes. 9898 Pressure Regulator Fits Mirro Pressure Cooker models: M-0292, M-0294-35, M-0294-37, M-0294-39, The main difference is that a... Spring Valve. A spring valve is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a spring-loaded pressure indicator that pops up when the pressure reaches 15psi. We have not heard of anyone regretting getting the 3 piece; the only regret that seems to ever be heard is that they didn’t get it right at the very start with the machine. This video is from Presto, showing an optimal rock. Many beginners often ask the question that older canners forget to ask: why are there no weights available in between 10 and 15 lbs? Here’s an Amazon link. We addressed the issue just in the interest of thoroughness because it is out there. Hi Carla, you’ll get faster replies, and help from more people, over on our facebook page. If that pressure is not regulated or becomes too high, the cooker could burst open and spew extremely hot food everywhere, potentially burning people that are standing nearby. My name is Elizabeth Nitz and I love pressure cooking...but you have probably already figured that out :) I started this website to help people like myself increase their knowledge and passion about pressure cooking. Thanks :}. This 3-piece weight is only designed for use with a Presto. Read More…, Copyright © 2020 Healthy Canning on the Foodie Pro Theme. It is especially important to keep food debris out of the steam regulator opening and out of the seal between the lid and the main pot. A standard weight valve acts as a cover to this opening and uses a weight to keep it sealed until the pressure (psi) reaches a certain point. I would LOVE to hear from you - please contact me! Your email address will not be published. Please could you tell me what price these parts would be & cost of posting to France. With the adjustable 3-piece weight, you no longer need to sit in front of the stove watching the gauge like a hawk, or, get your gauge tested yearly. It is one that comes in 3 parts. Can you email a mobile phone pic please to [email protected] or post it to ? I ask because there is a lot of talk online about getting gauges tested, and I suppose I should do so — but this seems like an easy at-home test method that would save me the trouble of shipping the gauge to the company’s headquarters. This is the pressure regulator. The gauge just becomes a handy visual reminder or backup check (that may or may not be accurate as time goes by — note that in the insert that comes with the weight, Presto does say, “do not compare or rely on the dial gauge.”). Thankyou. they DO list the 01781 pressure canner in that list. This type of valve makes a whistling sound each time the weight valve opens, which is in intervals. If you see it costing more than that, keep searching, cheaper will turn up. ]. The rocker weight doesn’t screw onto the machine top; it just rests on: it has to be free moving to rock. One stop shopping for Mirro pressure cooker parts. Usually, a weighted valve raises at about 15 psi. There will be two weights: the canner by itself and the canner with packaging. For example, a recipe might say to, “let [the food] cook for 3 whistles.” This is a more interesting, and possibly more accurate, way to judge when your food has completed cooking. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’d be thrilled if I could exchange the guage for weights! When you get the 3-piece adjustable weight, simply take the 15 lb weight that came with the machine, file it away in a drawer, and use the adjustable one in its place over top the steam vent. If you don’t see the brand of your pressure cooker, it’s possible that the weight valve in it isn’t removable. The main difference is that a modified weight valve doesn’t create a rocking motion. Make sure you buy the 3-piece one with Presto part number 50332. You should see pictures of your pressure cooker if in fact it is the model number… Good luck! Again, the Presto part number for their 3-piece weight is: 50332. When you’re buying the replacement part, make sure it is the correct one for your pressure cooker. Have the right number of rings on for your altitude. Hi Sue. Accessed March 2015. [1]  National Center for Home Food Preservation Self Study Course. Some people take matters into their own hands by making this 3-piece weight into a weight that covers weights between 10 and 15 pounds. I have a 17 quart Presto canner model #0175003 and another model *0175006, can this weight be used with these canners? And the vent pipe that would fit it, can have different size screw threads from the older canner lids, so that’s a no go, too. You just ignore the gauge completely and depend on the weight alone. One place you can get it is Amazon. It is not a label. H-M-L. On top of your pressure cooker, there is a small opening or hole that allows steam to release. Each ring is an additional 5 lbs. The heat should be adjusted to keep the weight rocking gently throughout the entire process. The theory is to use the spindle with one of the 5 lb weight rings to give you 10 lbs, and then find a washer or a combination of washers that weighs ½ the weight of a 5 lb ring, and put those onto the spindle. Ours is # 01781 presto canner. Hot Air Frying, and Healthy Canning. Maintenance on a pressure cooker includes replacing the pressure regulator valve if it breaks or no longer functions properly. They’re typically found in Indian Pressure Cookers, like Prestige or Hawkins cookers. The regulator begins to rock “when the selected pressure is reached inside the canner. Types of Pressure Cooker Weight Valves Weighted Valve. How long does it take for the regulator to start rocking? Power Pressure Cooker Pro XL Recipes & Cookbook, » Buy Pressure Cooker Weight Valve, Whistle. Click Here to search by Pressure Cooker and Canner Model Number. Pressure cooker whistles are another type of weight valve. This weight is suitable for use with the following Prestige pressure cookers: 57059. Always read through the instruction manual when you buy a new piece of cookware or small appliance. I’ve had mine on for almost 35 minutes and the regulator is not budging. Want to figure out the cost. [ The issue with older Presto models is that it won’t fit the older design of the vent pipe. These valves are typically found in pricier pressure cookers because they’re more advanced, but they create the same effect as the weighted valve system. You learn to trust the sound of the weights. USDA directions on weighted gauge allow only a choice between 5lb, 10 lb and 15 lb, and currently have no provision for pressure in between when pressure is regulated by a weight. Presto Pressure Canner 3-piece Regulator Weight, Presto Pressure Canner Replacement Rings / Gaskets. The above should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement from; this is just an FYI. The three most common types of pressure cooker regulator valves are: A weighted valve is the most common and most simple type of pressure regulator for pressure cookers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Universal Cooker Relief Jigger Valve Saf… If the heat source is not sufficient, it will stop rocking and you need to increase heat *and* start processing time all over again from the start of the time. Some Indian recipes use these intervals as a way to measure cooking time. To put back on, just set a ring over the spindle and press it down. Amazon links change over time and they don’t give anyone any notice.