FIND OUT MORE. Meat Recipes FIND OUT MORE. This is a great way to use a leftover chicken carcass from dinner the night before, even if it's one of those rotisserie chickens from the store! Pressure cookers are perfect for healthy recipes, as any nutritional value from vegetables and other goodies is ‘locked in’ to any meals cooked inside a pressure cooker. FIND OUT MORE. Pasta Recipes. Pasta Recipes … Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot White Rice. Comparing Electric Pressure Cooker; Recipes Instant Pot UK 2020-11-24T14:03:29+00:00. This is possibly the most simple recipe you can make in the pressure cooker. First Pressure Cooker Recipes a Beginner Should Try. Vegetarian Recipes. Coming soon! Get the most from the health benefits of pressure cooking by whipping up this delicious spinach dal , which works as both a light lunch or a side for a curry dish. The result is the same thing you'd get with 8+ hours of conventional simmering. Meat Recipes. Vegetarian Recipes. You need a decent-sized pressure cooker for this recipe. I like to season the stock at the end, so that you can accurately control the amount of salt. It’s like the water test, but you get rice when it’s done. Seafood Recipes . If you want to slowly get into pressure cooking, here are a few recipes that will get you more comfortable with your machine. Christmas Recipes. 500+ RECIPES WE RECOMMEND Explore our official recipes to find your next favourite meal. Seafood Recipes FIND OUT MORE. Regular Pressure Cooker Chicken Thighs – How To Recipes From A Pantry paprika, salt, ground coriander, ground black pepper, ground allspice and 6 more Pressure Cooker Chicken Curry Inspired Recipes