Our delicious dough balls match New York’s finest in taste, texture and appearance. Find Out More. . At Massarellas we pride ourselves on creating great frozen pizza dough balls. The Alpha Gold Pizza Dough Ball will allow you to customize your crust: thin, thick or deep dish. Wholesale and home pizza dough throughout Leeds and Yorkshire. Nothing beats the eye appeal and quality of a hand-stretched pizza. All our frozen pizza dough is made from 100% natural ingredients, 100% GMO-free and contains no trans fats. With this case of dough, you can easily craft an array of delicious sweet and savory foods with a from-scratch flavor. Our pizza dough balls are available in nine weights ranging from 4 oz to 29 oz, in white enriched flour. Buy Our Dough. Of the millions of kilos of dough that leave our facility each year, every dough ball meets the same stringent requirements. . Our bakers both in N.Y. and L.A. with over 150 years of combined industrial pizza production experience will assure you a consistent quality product all year round. mimi brand pizza dough balls caputo “00” pizza dough balls focaccia dough + parbaked crusts + panuozzo breads + ciabatta buns + flatbreads + much more . When making a pizza, bread, sausage roll or any other dough based product, the dough is the most important ingredient. About Frozen Pre-Oiled Pizza Dough Balls Our range of quality frozen pizza dough's compliment any pizzeria or catering establishment. Euro Pizza Products has held all requisite food safety certificates for years now. . Our frozen dough balls are crafted with signature formulas to give the dough optimal flavor, texture and performance. May be used to make a variety of products ranging from pizza, calzones, strombolis, pepperoni rolls or … Freshly frozen, Individually wrapped and weighted: 5 to 26-oz; Chef’s custom formulations available. . . we welcome seeing how our products are enjoyed. . This case of 20 frozen pizza dough balls offers you a bulk quantity of ready-oiled and rolled pizza dough balls, a value for restaurants, pizzerias and homes across the country. Experienced HACCP trained bakers produce all dough balls and pizza skins using the best ingredients. tag us in your social media posts. DeIorio's is a pizza dough supplier, manufacturing premade frozen pizza dough, dough balls, frozen bread dough, organic dough and more for over 9 decades.