FRENCH TRANSCRIPT French Physical Description – La Description Physique Salut, c’est Thomas, Français Immersion TV. Châtains ? We like to put everything back in order. PS: Today, Thomas makes an announcement! Elle est mince. La description physique ! BELLE Crazy, right? people living in what is now France are of Caucasian descent, but HOW TO describe someone in French (French adjectives for physical description) in a fun and easy way. I really have no words to describe the efforts That you are making for... French Physical Description – La Description Physique, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They can be anything from a physical description to a thought or feeling. We are autonomous as a French people within a free and liberal European Union. Petit devient petite au féminin. Il est gros. Il a de petits yeux. Elle est laide. Il a de longs cheveux roux ? What is the color of the eyes? Unsurprisingly, nobody told me what to expect and maybe this was for the better. Vieux ? Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Elle est mince ? Ou les cheveux NOIRS This character trait may turn into a handicap as we may hurt other culture’s sensitivities. Non ! By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our, 7-DAY FREE COURSE – 7 SECRETS TO LEARN FRENCH, LEARN FRENCH 101 – PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS BY SKYPE, “Les 7 Secrets pour Apprendre le Français”, French PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - La Description Physique + FUN! What’s he or she like? Il est grand. Les cheveux BRUNS If you are 13 years old when were you born? Elle est petite. La description physique Décrire quelqu’un, une Il est grand. J’ai trouvé ! Every French talent you may work with has been through great studies. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Les yeux VERTS Learn all the French vocabulary you need to describe French people have a slightly different perception of time. Also, we will focus more on the core message of a presentation rather than its layout, sometimes making us bad at selling compared to our American friends. J’ai oublié gris ! Il est gros. Yes, we are romantic on the inside, but hard as a coconut on the outside. “Les 7 Secrets pour Apprendre le Français” or “The 7 Secrets to Learn French” Jeune. Les cheveux peuvent être LONGS. S’il est GROS ou MINCE What are the physical characteristics of an ethnic French person? Plus the transcription in French and the translation in English. Ok, elle est laide. PETITE We love to challenge the one who is speaking. Inter state form of sales tax income tax? Et les cheveux ? You can do it Vieux au féminin devient vieille. However, if you happen to think of any cool ones (or very important ones not listed), then please do so below, in the comments section. Ils peuvent être COURTS. Est-ce qu’on peut dire qu’il est laid ? Décris-moi cette personne ! Gris ? What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? We might feel disarmed by your “How are you doing?” and some of us might even assume bad intent. Ah ! Il est beau. JEUNE ou VIEUX Elle a les yeux verts. Characteristics are just traits that the person has - either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Or maybe you have a question. Elle a les cheveux gris. I learned from meeting exceptional as well as awfully bad marketers. Est-ce qu’on peut dire qu’il est jeune ? Les cheveux ROUX We won’t pick up the phone to talk with a stranger, without a very precise and thoughtful approach. Elle est vieille alors ? Et laid au féminin devient laide. We are hard-workers, except when it comes to food, wine and cigarettes. He has his sights set high. And take me at face value or not, we are ironic because it’s funny and because we can hide our tenderness. Il a de longs cheveux roux. Would you like to watch more videos in French? While speed is highly valued at school, we are also accountable on structuring our thoughts. While I’m excited to work with other cultures, I hope you’ll enjoy working with us as well. GRIS Elle est petite. Please! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Il a toujours la tête dans les nuages. Elle a les cheveux longs. Mince au féminin, c’est pareil. The French revolution was so long ago, after all. Elle est laide ? We are all very sensitive to processes. Les cheveux longs ? After all, France is not so far from Greece and from Socrate’s lessons: Maïeutic — Of or relating to the aspect of the Socratic method that induces a respondent to formulate latent concepts through a dialectic or logical sequence of questions. Everything can be subject to debate and discussion. At least, I am sure, it will be worth it! Thank you for watching Français Immersion TV. Start studying French Adjectives/ Physical Characteristics. Petite ? I have watched and listened to French people at work, I have observed them and asked them questions. Frankness is a gift. Watch till the end! Subscribe to my website and you will receive videos in French for more than 2 hours. Il a de petits yeux noirs. Beau au féminin devient belle. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Never take things at face value with French people. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Et de quelle couleur ? We are autonomous, as we have acquired our freedom of speech and this is one of our dearest values. On the opposite side, we will be very good at pulling out and analyzing the data to support our statements. Frank friends are the best, as we say in France. Ils sont de quelle couleur ? Physical Traits of the Six European Races Found in Germany Nordic Race Western Race Eastern (Alpine) Race Dinarian Race East Baltic Race Phaehlian Race Build tall, slim short, slim short, stocky, broad tall, not-so-slim short, stocky, robust, big-boned tall Yet, debate is seen as a healthy process which will help to bring more ideas to the table. We welcome anyone who stimulates this energy in a discussion. Elle a les cheveux longs. S’il te plait ! Maintenant, à toi ! Salut, c’est Thomas, Français Immersion TV. Avec tous ces mots, tous ces adjectifs, on peut décrire une personne. Elle est vieille. GROSSE OBÉLIX ! How will understanding of attitudes and predisposition enhance teaching? Blonds ? This vocabulary list features (26) French vocabulary words that are useful to describe somebody’s personality or current state. Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir comment décrire une personne. (Learn French with Funny French Lessons) - 2Link.Top, French PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - La Description Physique + FUN! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Maybe because we’re an old and traditional country. La description physique ! We might even waste everybody’s time… True. Immigration (colonial and otherwise), intermarriage and Eur, What are the physical characteristics of an ethnic French person. Et ses yeux ? J’ai vraiment besoin de ton soutien ! Et de quelle couleur ? Le Retour – Learn French Language, French numbers 1-100 – Les chiffres/nombres, COD & COI in French Grammar – Complément d’Objet Direct & Complément d’Objet Indirect, Introduce Yourself in French – Se présenter. So keep it up ! Ou FRISÉS. Elle a les yeux verts. Les descriptions Setting up an online dating profile, talking to friends about someone you met, bragging about a new baby, and telling the police about a suspect have one thing in common: physical descriptions.