Due to ventilation openings on all sides, the carrier offers good visibility as well. The Aivituvin Pet carrier is a great way to transport your furry friend on flights. Prodigen Pet Carrier Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Travel safely with your pet by car, airplane, ship or train. Built to carry small dogs up to 14 pounds, you also get a premium design for your money. Wirecutter is reader-supported. If you are traveling by air, and your dog or cat is less than approximately 14 pounds and 11" tall, it can travel with you in the cabin as long as the airline's pet policy allows it and you have a suitable carrier. It’s also difficult to place a pet inside because it’s lacking a top-entry point. With the look of a fashion holdall and with enough comfort to keep your pup happy, the Sleeko scoops our best value title. The little pop out “patio” has a soft internal frame of its own,which keeps its structure while in use. The machine washable padded insert is soft and comfortable for a pet. It’s a nice feature if you need more loading room than traditional carriers that only open from the top or front. The medium version of our pick (the size we tested) has openings that are larger than half of the carriers tested: There’s a top opening that is 15.5 by 7 inches, and the side opening is 11 by 10.5 inches, and is secured with dual locking zippers. Photo: Michelle McSwain, This box is the average size of an airline’s underseat space—and the carriers have to fit. Denier is a measure of fiber weight. The Kurgo Wander Carrier offers more ventilation per square inch than our Sherpa pick and has a better warranty than many of the pet carriers we tested. It has a top entrance and includes an internal leash, so you should have little hassle when it comes to loading and removing your pet, and keeping it safe and secure while inside the expandable carrier. Mesh panels allow for air to get in and for your pet to look out, while the two side walls can be zipped out to create a roomy extension for when he needs to really stretch out. And it’s nicely built to fit under your plane seat, thanks to its wire spring frame that enables the end of the carrier to reduce in height. Whether it’s for pleasure, business or necessity, air travel with your pooch is becoming easier, with many US airlines allowing smaller dogs to come into the cabin. All in all, a great purchase. Airline compliant for air travel. And at 18.5 inches long in the small and 20 inches long in the large, it’s also too long to fit into most under-seat storage areas. And I learned pet carrier training tips from Russell Hartstein, canine executive officer of Fun Paw Care, a pet services company. And let’s not forget that flying can be tiring and stressful for us humans, so not all dogs are going to be up to the challenge. CALL US IF YOU NEED EXPEDITED SHIPPING. Rosewood Pet Gear Car Seat Carrier - Medium. Photo: Michelle McSwain, This is the only pet carrier tested that has a diagonal shoulder strap. And don’t automatically opt for an airline pet carrier that is at the top end of the allowance if you don’t need to. The Kurgo's exterior shell is made of 600 denier polyester, which is thinner and less abrasion-resistant than Sherpa’s 420 denier nylon or Sleepypod’s 1680 denier nylon. However, many pets get stressed and restless during air travel. While it’s good to keep your pet carrier as simple and as streamlined as possible, there are extra features to consider. As always, though, airlines can use many different sizes of aircraft, so if you're traveling with your pet, make sure to look up the under-seat clearance of each aircraft you'll be flying on. If you don’t feel like carrying the bag, there’s a luggage strap to attach it to your rolling luggage, but it’s not a secure form of travel, so don't do that if your pet’s inside. wereallaboutpets.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. They're also pretty much the only way to get a cat anywhere. FREE pair (2) of Breathable Pads with the purchase of you…, Pet Carrier on Wheels by Bergan The carrier mesh needs to be able to stand up to clawing and scratching as well as being strong enough to keep your pooch secure. We reached out to Kurgo’s customer service, who replaced it for free after we submitted photos of the defective seams on the company’s online portal. FREE pair (2) of Breathable Pads w…, Prefer Pets Pet Carrier with Privacy Covers Photo: Kaitlyn Wells, Measuring the bags mesh ventilation windows to determine which ones offered the most airflow. Also see our Incognito handbag style ultralight pet carrier. Our carriers are airline compliant, high quality and are priced right. All in all, a great purchase for a pet owner on the go. When you bring a new pup home, make sure you have everything you’ll need to keep your pet—and yourself—safe and happy. Pockets on the outside of the carrier are also handy for those pet essentials such as snacks, wipes and medications. (Nylon is inherently stronger than polyester.) Hardwearing and at a pretty good price, the EliteField soft sided pet carrier is a no-nonsense traveler that is perfect for small pets. The Petmate Sky Kennel consists of a heavy-duty plastic shell with non-corrodible wing-nuts, extra strong steel wire and an interlocking door. Limited time only - FREE pair (2) of Breathable Pads …, Prefer Pets Privacy Airline Compliant Pet Carrier Made from lightweight yet durable polyester, a base support board ensures strength and stability while the bag is easy to transport and carry. Other requirements set by the United States Department of Agriculture for travel carriers and crates include proper ventilation, adequate space—which varies by pet size—and no cracks or sharp protrusions that can harm your pet. But it also has comparatively little ventilation, and is almost six times the price of our main pick. PreferPets Backpack Carrier with Privacy Covers, Prefer Pets Airline Pet Carrier Privacy Duffle, Prefer Pets Privacy Backpack Carrier Checkerboard Pattern, Prefer Pets Pet Carrier with Privacy Covers. Then we cross-checked each pet carrier’s dimensions and compared it to an average of the airline under-seat measurements for five major US airlines: 17 inches long by 11 inches wide by 9 inches tall. I am a frequent flyer and carrying pets been a nightmare. For this guide, I spent more than 35 hours testing pet carriers. If traveling cabin-side with your pooch is an option, then you need to make sure the carrier you used is both airline-approved and the best fit for your pet: Most airlines expect your pet carrier to be within their maximum weight allowance, typically between 5kg-8kg so before you buy, check with the airline you are looking to fly with what their allowances are.