Shortly after this occurrence someone came to the Marshal and told him that the McLowrys had been seen a short time before just below town. Fred E. Brooks, one of ReconlerJones' efficient deputies has been promoted by the grace of Pitsidcnt Arthurand the United States Senate to tho position of jiostmaster of Tombstone.This is a goodTappohitment, and none ofMr. The Tombstone epitaph. When this tuba laInflamed you hare a rumbling sound orImperfect hearing, and wh-n It Is entirelydoled. He willtestify that ho encountered tho assassin last June in Washington. The attempt wouldbankrupt every country of Europeexcept Great Britain, and wouldmake even Great Britain very sickfinancially. 89,at pott 4 feet high, 2x4 Inches, In monument ofttouei, and marked " I. M. K. M. C.No. The bestwinter school 1 ever went lo didn'topen until spring, and the first dayit opened the teacher took sick andthe school house was locked up forthe season. The bujrbei!' If the Dean'swritings could all be brought together it would probably be foundthat he wrote more than any one ofhis cotemporaries, not even CardinalNewman excepted.An excellent Antument in It Favor.Prom Hie Stilt Lake Tribune.iFhe tinkers are in force again, andtUlfeMbreateiies to b?- a new warI'JcT! Jones of Nevada holds positions on the finance,commerce, mines and mining, civilservice, and contingent expensescommittees; he is chairman ot thelast named committee and secondon commerce. 1831i.,is from the DailyDec. Copyright © 2020 NewsBank, Inc. 5801 Pelican Bay Blvd. Founded in January 1880 (with its first issue published on Saturday May 1, 1880), The Epitaph is the oldest continually published newspaper in Arizona. Thefreight alone cos-t over $50.--Tin; ball of Mr. Mendel Meyer has beenpostponedwhen Tunrilled to iFrom 11Clum in RenUnUfMBtilniHHHWlloHDnrmHlHRinbsBBnliePII.VhK.A Carrt.TomiisjTO.nk, Dec. 17. The following witnesses werCexamined for the defense: J. II. "Gay Cats"which he proceeded to describe fulJy in answer to cross questions fromtho state, which wont fully into thesituation in an effort to prove thatthere was no cause for fear duringthe strike. Ho threatenedto rip her whole character if she attempted to testify against him, anddeclared repeatedly that it was aninfamous shamo on the part of Corkhill to drag her into the case. StatesMagazine.VORK ON SOLOMONVILLESCHOOL HOUSE STARTEDSAFFORD, March 30. Jobs | Stormy as were the early days of Tombstone nothing ever occurred equal to the event of yesterday. The Graphic's Washington correspondent says:Tho name of ox-Senator Howe isagain canvassed for a place in thecabinet, and his friends say the president has announced his intention togive him a place, although he doesnot say which. express. The Plomoso aud seqeralothers now being worked, west about fifteen miles, will soon claim considerablenotice. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, In monument ofstones, and marked "It. I will not press it now,but you will hear from mo again.Under the call of states, bills werointroduced by J. Willetts, to regulate suffrages in territories and to fixcertain qualifications for office; alsoto provide for oaths for jurors in trialsfor bigamy in territories; also relative to bigamy ami proof thereof;also to provide for tho registration ofvoters in Utah territory; also granting a pension to the father of tholate General Custer.Tho house adopted a resolutionfor a recess from Dec. 91st toJay. Mt. He relatedIn answers to questions by the defense attorneys, how he had beenafraid after hearing derogatory remarks of "Wobblies" while passingthrough the picket lines and hadheard them threaten women of thedistrict, which caused him to carrya gun and instruct his wife to useprowling about their Home.He stated that fully half of thepickets were strangers and mostlywere "hardbolled," "roughnecks. (.-hen this morning with reference toan attack by strikers upon a gangof Mexicans In charge of 'Mata whileat work unloading a car of lumberat the Czar shaft several days afterthe strike was called.He was followed by Win. APRIL 4.1920DAILY PROCEEDINGS INDEPORTATION TRIALS(Continued from Page Two)Huachucas during the BIs'bee strike.The nature of his testimony was notrepealed however, when on objectionby the state as to what he had beentold, and since he dU not remembertho names he was excused to be recalled later.Ned White, at one time deputyshcriff and Jailor when his brotherJack White was sheriff, was the nextwitness and he proved an apt witness to say the least. Tyler, Esq., with Col Tiffany, arrived from San Carlos last Bight.Considerable silver glance ore has beenbrought in from the Serritas during theweek. 2.;" thencenorth i' 4S- west 1500 feet to northeast coraer ofclaim to post 4 feet lileh, 2x1 In., In a monument ofatones, and marked " R. M. 0. Investigating HliL-rinanWashington, Dec. 16. Time toserve notice for new trial shortened twodays.W. Mr. Coleman says: I was in the O.K. Senate.The president pro tern, was authorized to fill vacancies occasioned byrecent changes in committee memberships and other like vacancies previously existing.A bill introduced and referred toauthorize the erection of a statue ofChief Justice Marshall by Camden.IlniiHO I'rocccillnsf.Washington, Deo.. 16. Ho wassucccsful in placing a valuable miningproperty on hts late trip East. When tho testimony is all in he will make tho argument, and says ho will either obtain a verdict of acquittal on theground of insanity or divide theJury-UuItean'H Threat.Chicago, Deo. O.a shotgun If any strangers camesation with told him that "This government was of the rich, by the richand for the rich and we are going toput in on the bum," and that "It wasa damn poor governmen. Richaids will be before the people asthe cow-boy's candidate. In Tombstone, Cochise county, An.zona. Theminutes were read and approved.C. No mining work whatever is being done there at presentand no one except the fire fightingreliefs i3 allowed to enter the mine.The Junction mine was working practically normally jesterday and wasnormal last night.BLINDED BY LIGHTSFROM ANOTHER CARHITS CITY SWEEPERPHOENIX. There can be nohalfway business in this matter. Wyatt Earp stood up and fired in rapid succession, as cool as a cucumber, and was not hit. Tombstone Daily Epitaph Archives. 42, to the Mills lode and mill-she, intho Tynctall mining district; to Josiah II.White, Wm. A. A guard of ten men were stationed around the county jail, and extra policemen put on for the night. Church, M. T. Williams D. McCarthyTim O'Brien, Chas. They walked up Allen Street to Fifth, crossed over to Fremont and down to Fourth, where, upon turning up Fourth toward Allen, they came upon Clanton with a Winchester rifle in his hand and a revolver on his hip. Stephens, of California, andGovernor Thomas E. Campbell, ofArizona, and possible Governor SamBamberger, of Utah, will be amonthe prominent men of the west whowill extend greetings to the princeof Wales when ho arrives hero nextWednesday from Liverpool, on thoBritish battle cruiser r. hill isRe-elected schooltrustee at globeGLOBE. Joyce, Lofevre, Belford, Blackburn, Paye,Springer, O'Neill and Sholley.Robinson of Now York ioso to aqucstiou of privilege. In other particulars his statement does not materially differ from the statement above given. "Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Curedby local appUcattons. HarrisBrewster of Pennsylvania attorneygeneral of tho United States; Nathaniel M. Adams, pension agent atSt. He knew thenickname and all "hardbolled" termsfor almost everything connected withstrikes and especially in the WarrenDistrict and many times evokeilaughter by his answers. Or.eof the most brutal murders everknown in this section was perpetrated Wednesday night one mile northof hero.