I have read the reviews and comments and I think I am doing it right. I about pass out trying to suck hard enough. Hey Sheila for that type of usage I would recommend the Launch Box as the better option, the Pax is generally a better choice for longer sessions where you will take at least ~10 draws. Stumbled upon a video of you vaping w/ the pax, your review good, user review good. I just got the Pax and finished my first cleaning. Sip it slow and steady.. also maybe dbl check that there is nothing blocking it.. He gave me a screen to try, and said people do a half sesh cuz that’s all 1 person needs. But now I saw a review where a person claims, that his PAX broke because the material was to fine…. Everything this man says/suggest is spot on. Cannabis Accessories That Make Your Experience More Predictable, Best Herb Grinder: 5 Most Popular in 2019. How exactly does temperature influence your vaping sessions? If the fresh herb is not fully ground (over-moist for example), once having been run through it’s dry and can easily be ground up as much as I like, so it contributes to the experience the second time around. What do you think the problem is. You can also lock the device through the app so you can have peace of mind knowing that nobody will accidentally take a hit. Thanks in advance. Came to your site because I was so disappointed with other sites that had obvious paid reviews. Even been on the phone with Pax for HOURS trying to get their advice. Aug 25, 2019. Anyone here in the Los Angeles/ San Fernando Valley area know any shops for the pax era pods I've seen a couple with the pods. So I can already kiss my guarantee goodbye, but anyway! I love it!! Hey Bud, Got my Pax about a week ago with no serious problems except i was”nt getting decent vapor with a fully packed oven on the medium setting, so i packed the oven tighter by over-filling it with a combo of dry herb, my favorite herb on the bottom and Damiana on top mostly pressing with my fore finger because i hav’nt found the perfect shaped tool to mash it down firm enough but the finger works fine and it seems i captured lightning n a bottle because the cloud was ANGELIC, i then put the Pax down because i was mello. Some times i change back to the low temp and run through it again, sometimes i add a pinch in between temp changes. and have to say the finishing grinder does a brilliant job of shredding the herb. Thanks, Mark. 14, Sep, 2020 It also comes with a Session Control feature that allows you to set your preferred length of session. Insert the pod and push it in until it ‘clicks’. You have my respect and appreciation for all your effort and preparation. The most difficult part of starting out with your new PAX Era Pro is securing the PAX Pods. This should help the last effect you mentioned also, right now you’re getting too high of a ratio of hot air to vapor so it feels harsher than it should be. I like the screen on top idea for half bowls..if anyone has any info on this i greatly appreciate it…. Could you be more exact on how to bend metal screen that come with? Please tell me how can I do? Loading mixing chamber with tobacco and [the concentrate]? I may of had a similar problem at first, because my screen was a little bent–I’d click one side, but then it would pop out when I clicked the other side. Does turning it off save me any product? We will send you an email to reset your password. I was looking at other possible vaping options, but now I feel like as long as I keep this clean I won’t need anything else from a portable standpoint. How can so many people be so wrong? Question: How much material do I need to use with this vape? puff until the vapor feels as though it reduces then hold it up right so the material falls to the hotter oven surface. I used your input to chose the Pax 2. I like how it heats up and can keep my hands warm while fishing. Thank you. It’s ground and packed good but still no smoke or vapor on exhale…but it works! by Vape Critic. Thanks for the videos & great advice. I was wondering if you can use the half pack method with a pax screen? Cool glad to hear they took care of you, thanks for posting. The Chinese have gotten so good at forging everything that it would be very helpful to post close-ups and identifying tips for both fakes and known authentic Pax units. Vape success=quality herbs. The petals will light up white and indicate its current charge level, and turn blue when it's fully charged. Do your readers a HUGE favor and inform them that Ploom will not warranty ANY PRODUCT purchased online. Choose from four pre-set session types, including micro, small, medium, and large. Each setting can alter a pod’s flavor and your vape experience. You’ll find only two items when you receive your new PAX Era Pro. Thanks again and great blog! If you don’t want to buy a new grinder there are a couple of things you could try with what you have. PAX Mobile does more than expand the available temperature settings on your device, though. Sign up now! Do you think it would restrict the airflow since it would be almost powder? Hey Phil it sounds very much like you’re experiencing the “temp light” issue. It doesn't leak and the clogs aren't impossible to un-clog. it keeps on popping out. Cause I have multiple pax screens. The screen I show is a regular pipe screen which people normally put a flame to, so I think if you stick with a proper stainless steel screen you should be ok. Should stay tight and not move much. Watched a video on dual wielding screens as you suggest. Is dark brown too spent to be consumed as abv? I like to pack my pax halfway full with the good herb, then fill the second half of the bowl with other various herbs like peppermint, damiana or pretty much whatever you want. i have cleaned it even though its new bc in the beginning while it was working it tasted really and i mean REALLY bad. Not sure what causes it not to fully vape all the bud closest to the top of the bowl ? I saved up enough abv to have 4 cups and made coconut oil.