I am in Ontario Canada and I can probably ship this thing to the manufacturer for some sort of replacement since these are pretty obvious defects in the product itself. PAX 2 engineers work closely (and travel often!) After a few minutes the pipe cleaner should be able to dislodge your screen. Only PAX 2 devices purchased via an Authorized Retailer qualify for the 10-year warranty available. You can still see it being on but it's very dark compared with the other 3 lights. So this is what I do. Clean it as much as you can. 3rd-party USB adapters may not be fully compatible with PAX 2 and can cause inconsistent charging. PAX will communicate with its partners and customers to advise of changes as they happen. We will continue to honor the longer warranty for PAX 2 kits purchased with the 10-year limited warranty. fellow Ontarian here who has sent in 2 Pax 2's for repair, first was the blinking blue lights of death, the second was a hard to press power button. The petals will solidify one by one for each quarter-charge. Brand new Pax 2 not producing vapor . A technical community and support center for developers. Anyone else deal with or fix this problem? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. PAX’s journal and social communities offer insider news and helpful information. PAX screens are essential for filtering out and cooling off vapor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The packaging has a new look, but you'll find that the quality and functionality of your PAX will deliver the same premium vapor experience as kits with the previous style of packaging. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. FIRST PROBLEM - Resin Leaks Into Pax 2 (DESIGN FLAW): No matter how well you clean this thing, there is a way for some resin to get under the press down button area. Please Note: Portable electronics containing Lithium Ion batteries present rare, but potentially serious safety hazards, especially under hot or cold conditions. It's really just a cosmetic problem as far as I can tell. If a replacement is needed under warranty, device color is subject to availability and is at the sole discretion of PAX Labs. Terms & Conditions, PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTE CANNABIS. This is a design flaw in the Pax 2 itself. Your cart is empty. Charging of the PAX device should only be performed at temperatures between 50°F and 95°F (10°C and 35°C). It was nice to speak with someone that had the knowledge to get me back up and running ASAP. Each petal on the PAX 2 LED Indicator stands for 25% battery charge. How Do I Verify? In an abundance of caution and as a further means to protect our employees and their families from virus related events, PAX has made updates to our technical support schedule. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I heat it on 2/3, then hold the button down until the lights flash, then I wait for it to flash green (I don't know if that makes a difference but it seems to work for me), then I "sip" it at a 90 degree angle and get a ton of vapor. If your PAX 2 isn’t working correctly, please do not try to fix the device yourself as you run the risk of damaging the device and voiding your 10 year warranty. Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here. Did i grind the herb to fine? We provide unparalleled technical support, configuration assistance and training, supporting both hardware and software. Any heat that you are experiencing via the mouthpiece comes from the warm vapor you are inhaling, not the mouthpiece itself. Purchase any PAX 3™ from 11/25 - 11/29 and get a free odor absorbing case from Revelry. Never charge or leave your PAX device in a vehicle. I'd give it a good clean with ISO, pipe cleaners, and some q-tips. I sent it back twice and they sent me a new one. As each hit passes through the screen, it is sifted, giving it more time to cool off, and filtering … Things become easier the warmer the Pax 2 is because cold resin is harder to move than warm. Close. And I've NEVER had any resin touch my lips as of yet. Temperature setting 1 is the "flavor" setting and I would use that for a little bit until the flavor starts to drop after a few inhales. Watch a YouTube video if you'd like a step by step. For more information on ID.me's Privacy Policy, click here. Today however it's being stubborn. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Only PAX 2 devices purchased via an Authorized Retailer qualify for the 10-year warranty available. PAX Labs, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If your PAX 2 seems to be having trouble charging completely, it may be due to the power source. PAX 2 is created and designed in San Francisco, CA and is manufactured and assembled in China. When in doubt - contact us, or purchase direct from PAXvapor.com. If no warranty information is listed, your PAX 2 kit has a 10-year warranty. Is ID.me safe to use? I know Cali is cool, that's where the Pax place is, but at the same time what's the word on shipping a used vaporizer across the border, would there be problems? this was my third or fourth great communication in a row.". Support and contact information for ID.me is available 24/7 via our Help Center. PAX 2 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid. I filled out the warranty when I first got this so it is covered but the down time would suck a lot and I am also worried about how shipping this would go down. I am barely getting vapor and i have not used it more than three times, the first two were great but then after resin started to build up in the vapor pathway and it would actually come into my mouth? With my Pax 2 being sent off to repairs, I will be forced to go back to smoking.. that sucks. I'm having trouble charging my PAX 2 You can tell when your battery needs to be charged when the LED Indicator blinks red three times and the device shuts off. The PAX 2 exterior shell is made with transverse-brushed anodized aluminum and was chosen specifically because it’s great at absorbing and dispersing heat. You may also contact our PAX Pros if you are concerned on whether or not you are purchasing from an Authorized Seller. Then I would switch over to temperature 2 for the rest. I went from a Pax 2 to a boundless CF and my pax is collecting dust now. PAX 2 uses an internal Lithium Ion battery. ✌, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Read These PAX 2 Instructions Before Using Your Personal Vaporizer: The PAX 2 personal vaporizer is beloved for its sleek style and smart construction. because i am not sucking on it hard i'm puffing on it like a cigar, I've never gone more than a week without cleaning my pax 2, but that's still probably 20-30 sessions at least. ID.me is one of only four companies accredited by the federal government at the highest level possible for a remote identity provider.