DIY Oriole Jelly Feeder: Another great thing about this feeder is that it’s easy to clean when you’re done with it. Shallow trays (jelly can spill over the edge if it gets hot and melts), 5. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. To match the other oriole feeders in this review, this one comes in a bright orange to attract more birds. All Natural & No Chemicals Needed. The dish is removable which makes cleaning easy. If you’re someone who loves to feed your orioles jelly, then this is probably the best feeder for you. Three chains support the polycarbonate tray and heavy jelly jar well. So, do the right things but also have patience enough! Subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest guides and articles delivered to your inbox. The Baltimore oriole is one species of bird that’s hard to attract with any generic bird feeder. Our #1 pick is the Birds Choice 1009 Oriole-Fest Feeder. Mealworms, live or freeze-dried, are a great choice. Have you tried using a wasp trap/catcher close to your bird feeder? Jelly, especially grape jelly, is a favorite of orioles. This feeder is made in the U.S. and presents a very affordable way to feed your orioles various fruits in your yard. In addition, you may hang some ceramic pots or tubs containing a number of different plants with nectar-rich and brightly-colored flowers. BO's Marmalade Hanging Oriole Feeder. This Birds Choice oriole feeder has a simple yet attractive design. We talk about all things related to backyard birding and bird watching. There's a problem loading this menu right now. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Our opinion is, try to pick the healthiest version you can find, and only put out one serving of jelly per day. The best oriole feeder for attracting Bullock's, Hooded, Orchard or Baltimore orioles is one that offers both fruit and nectar, with the option of adding grape jelly too. Really, it is hard to go wrong at this price. Then, create a layer with some smaller, herbaceous plants that will grow underneath the trellis. The simple answer is yes! If your garden is lacking in these tall trees, you may use small perching twigs and dead branches as substitutes. They also like that it’s affordable, while still being effective. Also, it includes two jelly cups and two pegs for fruit halves so you have the choice of different food to add to your feeder which will attract more varieties of birds. Oriole Feeders This Fruit and Jelly Feeder is a really nice oriole feeder made by Bird Choice. In fact, as you may’ve already noticed from our above list that some bird feeder manufacturers have nectar feeder models especially designed for orioles. Some brands have made orange flavored suet especially for attracting orioles, such as C&S Oriole Delight. If you aren’t looking to spend loads of money but still need a quality feeder, the First Nature 3088 32-Ounce Oriole Feeder is a great choice. Orioles are singing birds with brilliant orange plumage that are commonly found in eastern North America. Kettle Moraine Oriole Feeder – Best Sustainable, 4. In spring and fall, the birds normally stick to a sugary food diet consisting of ripe fruits, grape jelly as well as nectar. Top 10 Best Cardinal Bird Feeders for 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Finch Feeders for 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Squirrel Baffles for 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Hummingbird Feeders for 2019 Reviews. As a solution, you can simply bee proof your oriole feeder using Perky-Pet 253 Oriole Jelly Wild Bird Feeder. With 24 ounces of nectar being held in a reservoir that is cut like a gem, the feeder is definitely going to grab attention from anyone who spots it.Perky Pet does a very good job of making this look like a very high-quality feeder. It holds any oriole food you have to hand, including fruit, nectar, and jelly. In fact, they even had wire in various colors! . The jar can hold 32 oz of jelly so you don’t need to worry about filling it up too often. There are a couple of sustainable options in this oriole feeder review which are made from some pretty impressive material. They are also bright orange, a color that is known to catch this bird’s eye. The ant and bee guards work well to keep bugs away but you might want to clean it out regularly during the summer to keep those sugar-loving bugs out. Another great thing about this design is the nectar dish is easy for hummingbirds to use with their narrow becks so you might see a few of them as well as orioles. Orioles love grape jelly, and this feeder is a great way to provide it for them! It comes with a durable chain for hanging and it’s also easy to clean. They are also bright orange, a color that is known to catch this bird’s eye. The easy design lets you fill it with jelly that your local orioles will love to eat. Now that we have looked at some good feeder choices, let’s delve into food. Bird’s Choice is great at making beautiful yet functional bird feeders and this oriole fest feeder is of no exception. I have the same problem, so I called our local bird supply store where I bought the Oriole feeders. Put some wasp traps near the oriole feeder. You can remove that if you don’t like the aesthetic. Before you go, don’t forget to check out my Tips for Attracting Orioles, so you can be sure you are doing everything possible to bring these colorful birds to your yard! You need a specialized Baltimore. The, For me, the best overall oriole feeder has to be the. It is a glass bottle with a vintage look and feel. Has a nice clear cover for a little weather protection and two cups for jelly or cut up fruits. For a start, orioles normally prefer shadier spaces where they can feel safe enough. Joyce. As you can imagine, most traditional bird feeders don’t hold either of these things, so you need to buy an oriole feeder or make your own. If your oriole feeder is colored orange, you don’t need any additional coloring in your nectar. The line does not have to be perfect. People love its simple design and how easy it is to use. 2. Unwrap the wire into a straight line. Just remember if you intend to feed orioles to use a less potent sugar water ratio of 1:6. This is the simplest solution for a nice oriole feeder for the … All tubular, bright-colored and nectar-rich flowers will attract orioles. If you don’t want to refill the jar at all, you can also just swap in and out new jars of jelly. With a pretty simple diet, buying a feeder is the next step to really having new success attracting the birds to a yard. Orioles love oranges and grape jelly. Songbird Essentials does make a grape and blackberry “BirdBerry Jelly” that you can purchase in a squeeze bottle. Though this option might not be the right choice for absolutely everyone, it will be able to provide a broad range of people with a high-quality oriole feeder. In the summer months, however, when they are hatching, the birds would mostly settle for a protein-rich mealworm diet. These beautiful and brightly colored birds always captivate peoples attention. It allows you to easily hang out oranges for your local orioles to feast on. A layered space. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It can get a bit lopsided, but after some tinkering, a person can usually hang it just about anywhere.Pros:- Easy to clean- Very large- Does a great job preventing bees and antsCons:- Becomes lopsided too easily- Other birds are drawn to the wide array of food, This steel feeder is another one that looks great even when not in use. Keep that in mind if the feeder is used very frequently. The materials aren't the highest quality, but it does its job. This feeder offers the most versatility for those who want to feed their local orioles high-quality ingredients in order to entice them to their yard. You can curve it twice if you wish for more support. Those who are still on the fence about fully committing to attracting birds to their home should try this one out first and see what exactly happens.Pros:- Extremely lightweight- Large capacity- Keeps bees awayCons:- Soft plastic makes it more vulnerable to heat damage- Bigger orioles struggle with small holes, This flower feeder can be described as simplistic, yet artsy.