I was wondering if you guys can send me some information on your blog, such as author names or sources! Además, las tendencias de la belleza china también usan ojos de cachorro conocidos como Wo Can (que significa gusano de seda mentiroso) para el público. Latinas, mixed race women, and Blacks are considered less innocent looking because of their curves. Sin embargo, en lugar de comer menos, la mayoría de las actrices chinas optaron por no comer nada o solo comer 7 granos de arroz por día para perder peso. I asked my friend what type of woman they like many said slim curvy, with large butts, big boobs with a beautifully tanned skin. Read More » The model Lu Yan would be considered hideously ugly here, because slightly larger eyes are considered more attractive. The square face is sometimes considered the most attractive since the wide jawline enhances the look and the smile. She’s often considered the most beautiful and popular Chinese model by foreigners. Tener una figura delgada es una de las partes más importantes de los estándares de belleza de ambos países. If anything, that’s an indication of how seriously the Chinese take face shapes. The Chinese girls’ obsession for white skin is such that the make-up industry sells in China products that are different from the Western world, where tanning is an obsession. Instead, prim women who don’t work are not strong enough to maintain a family. Especially if the criticism is from your family. Although I admire different figure types and skin tones, I gotta agree w/the Chinese beauty standards here! 吕燕 Lǚ yàn. Some Chinese beauty standards are inspired by Western looks, but others definitely remain typically Oriental. How racist… There are both beautiful and ugly people in all races. With our flaws and qualities. Similar demands for male aesthetic ideals are building steam as well – these lack the clarity applied to women, but trends are emerging that will be psychologically just as damaging for men to attempt to achieve as has been the norm for women for some time. La apariencia física de los ídolos del K-pop ha impactado enormemente los estándares de belleza coreanos. I feel as though Chinese parents and relatives care more about their expectations for you more than your feelings. Generally, Chinese girls want to have an oval face instead of a prominent jawline, as its viewed as more feminine, delicate and cute Service (KOCIS), Korean Culture and Information. Even if the oval-shaped face is very popular, according to a survey, the most attractive face for a girl is…. Un estándar importante para los hombres, particularmente los ídolos y las celebridades, es la expectativa de que no sean demasiado tradicionalmente masculinos. [6]​, En 2015, Corea del Sur exportó más de $2,64 mil millones en productos cosméticos. (2006). In the eyes of the Chinese society, the girl on the right in the picture is prettier, as her big eyes, are definitely the number one thing every Chinese girl wants. Being |zh zh=”苗条” py=”miáotiáo” en=”slim”] or 瘦 shòu thin is something that most of the Chinese girls want. We’ll check ad make changes as needed asap. Muy superior a la tasa promedio de otros países. Gong Li is also the first Chinese actress to win an award in the Venice Film Festival as well as the first Chinese ambassador of the French cosmetics brand L’Oreal. They are small and have body types that appear to have arrested in early adolescence. I asked at least five male friends of mine. The first picture with her name on it is her, but the second picture of ‘her’ isn’t. 孙俪 Sūnlì, on the left, is a Chinese actress. Thanks! She’s had a great impact as a Chinese actress in the movie industry. Beauty standards are all about advantage. Los pocos lugares que se anuncian al público a menudo son allanados por la policía, reciben multas costosas y se ven obligados a cerrar. Los estándares de belleza coreanos se han convertido en una característica destacada de la cultura coreana. But at the end of the day those features are still being more wanted on “White” women.. «Comparaciones interculturales de autoestima de apariencia, imagen corporal, autoestima y comportamiento de dieta entre mujeres coreanas y estadounidenses». Lol. [18]​[19]​, El propósito de este movimiento es crear un espacio para que las mujeres coreanas se sientan cómodas consigo mismas y no tengan las presiones sociales de "disfrazarse" para limitar su identidad. Hi there Annie! Her face is quite singular and unique and as such she doesn’t quite fit with the traditional Chinese beauty standards. I am not saying that this is the mentality of all Koreans, nor do these standards represent the entirety of Koreans - but really, these are the mainstream beauty standards of South Korea. Muchas de las personas tatuadas generalmente son considerados artistas, músicos, gánsteres o extranjeros. The online fads of comparing your waist to a A4 sheet of paper, or of seeing if you were able to wrap your hands around your waist attest to how being slim can be an obsession in China. Two specific shapes are at the top of beauty ideals: What a yummy description for face shapes! Debido a las diferencias en la estructura ósea facial de los asiáticos que tienen una estructura ósea más plana que los occidentales, las cirugías de contorno facial son muy populares. I can’t say the same for other Asian families, but it’s difficult for everyone to get spat on for not being beautiful even though it’s not something you can control. The ideal body for some westerners, unfortunately, remains Barbie’s, the famous doll, despite its unrealistic proportions. Western girls love to be tanned, Asian girls prefer white skin. the square face! Lots of westerners view her as a super beauty, maybe because of her typical 东方古典美 dōngfāng gǔdiǎn mě oriental looks.