These latex hybrids will also use recycled steel for the pocketed coils in the support core. Avocado will ship mattresses for free anywhere in the U.S. For an added charge, customers can opt for White Glove delivery, which includes in-home mattress assembly and old mattress removal. Most hybrids have pocketed coils, which are encased in cloth or fabric. Innerspring mattresses get their name from the steel coils that make up most of their support core. The GOLS certification, which takes raw materials and derivatives into consideration, is considered the more accurate certification for organic latex mattresses. Lightweight sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds may need a softer mattress, while heavier sleepers may require a firmer mattress to enjoy sufficient support. The Birch Mattress is a very strong competitor to the Awara, so we’ve featured it as our Runner-Up pick. In any case, a chemical-free fire sock is considered much greener and healthier for humans than any chemical flame retardant. However, it doesn’t isolate motion as well as the Awara, so it has some potential for noise and motion transfer which could be an issue for those who sleep with a partner and wake easily from sound or movement. Kevlar, a material that requires no chemical treatment, may also be used. Due to the quality of their construction, sustainable sourcing and production practices, and longer lifespans, organic mattresses do tend to be more expensive than the average, non-organic mattress. font-weight: 700; Its blend of bouncy Talalay latex in the comfort layers and pocketed coils in its support core lets average weight sleepers get sufficient contouring but without ever feeling stuck in the bed. Natural and organic mattresses are often much more durable than their synthetic counterparts and tend to sleep much cooler, due to their naturally breathable materials. The cover of the mattress can be removed at home and the bed’s comfort layers can be rearranged to give the mattress a firmer feel. When shopping for a green mattress, certifications are a major concern. For example, some mattress brands are much more detailed and transparent about their mattress specifications than others. In 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) passed a new flammability standard that targeted mattresses. You can outfit your mattress with organic pillows, too. As we’ve discussed above, a true green mattress should be certified by one of the leading certification organizations. A true green mattress will not contain any chemical flame retardants. If the mattress is a foam, innerspring, or hybrid model, then what materials or processes are used to ensure it is a green model? Both are among the most popular firmness options for sleepers today. Keep in mind that some mattresses require several weeks to break in. The support core contains another layer of natural latex over the pocketed coils for optimal cushioning and support. As you browse and compare different green mattress brands and models, here is a final checklist to help you choose the organic mattress that’s best for you. Some — but not all — mattress brands offer free shipping for customers in the lower 48 states; deliveries to Alaska or Hawaii almost always incur shipping charges to some degree. Technically speaking, a hybrid mattress has a coil-based support core and at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort system. Are all mattress certifications current and up-to-date? Sustainability and Green Certifications: The Birch Mattress is made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Rainforest Alliance Certified latex, and Wool Integrity NZ wool The mattress is GreenGuard Gold Certified. The latex also has a ‘Medium Firm’ feel that provides excellent support for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds. WinkBeds ships the EcoCloud mattress for free to your front door and has a White Glove installation service available for an extra charge. Now that you know how to evaluate the greenness of a particular mattress, it’s time to evaluate its suitability for your unique needs as a sleeper. This trend, whereby companies use misleading terms to promote their products as natural or organic, is known as ‘greenwashing.’ To further complicate the issue, a regulatory body that fact-checks green claims for mattress makers has not yet been created, although certifications are available for certain mattress materials like foam, latex, and fabrics. Latex is a breathable, durable, and bouncy material that relieves pressure without hugging as closely to the body as traditional foams. And because latex is naturally resilient, the Birch Mattress has a longer-than-average expected lifespan of about eight years. What is the sleep trial length, and is there a mandatory break-in period? These sleep trials allow buyers to test out their mattress for a pre-agreed period, and then return and/or exchange their mattress before the trial period ends. Generally, mattress comfort layers that are less than two inches thick will begin to sag and develop indentations much sooner than comfort layers that are at least two inches thick. As a general rule, consumers should be wary of companies that do not make this information easily accessible. The most prominent certifications that focus on human health risk factors include the following: The following certifications focus primarily on environmental impacts: This is not an exhaustive list, and some mattress models will display additional certifications. A combination of natural and synthetic latex. They should have a flame barrier made of materials like wool, cotton, thistle, or Kevlar. Sustainability and Green Certifications: The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss holds multiple green certifications for its materials and construction, including Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified latex, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and organic wool, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, and GreenGuard Gold certification. Saatva. The soothing soft touch of the organic cotton covers makes you think twice about adding sheets. This makes the bed suitable for couples who commonly wake up due to movement or noise from their sleep partners. This eco-friendly material offers close conforming for improved spinal alignment and pressure point relief. First, does the mattress satisfy your concerns as an eco-conscious shopper? Additionally, the mattress is backed by a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. This may indicate that the foam layer is relatively thin and/or weak, and that it may reduce the overall lifespan of the mattress. Hop down to our Buyer’s Guide for a crash course on finding the best organic mattress. Make sure to take the following considerations in mind to compare different organic mattress brands. How a mattress manufacturer describes a given mattress can be very telling.