Interact with him to trigger another cutscene. I was quite disappointed. if it’s not working for you make nvidia sharpening off , then try to launch the game if not go back for driver 441.41 cuz driver 445.75 have a lot of problems in games with nvidia sharpening if not delet old cpy save if u installed the game with different partition , Boy, were we wrong about that! Even as a Warrior, it’s easy to die. Once again, hide his body. If you choose to spare them, they offer to work aboard the Adrestia; some of them have legendary capabilities as the lieutenant of the ship or even just as crewmates. The third guy is near the building, facing the other way sometimes. Not every side mission in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be available to players throughout the game. If you have played Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the controls are very similar to that game. The ship captain is the bearded guy who called Cyclops, Cyclops. We have compiled a walkthrough to help you on your journey. She is sitting on her seat if you choose to play the Assassin gameplay. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those. He will also hint that Cyclops is back in town and his ship is docked in the Kleptous Bay. You can find Duris in his shop. Elpenor will then order you to kill a general named “The Wolf”. You can gather information for the shroud by asking Elpenor. After this cutscene, you will cut back to gameplay. Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:13 GMT. With veterans and newbies alike playing more Odyssey than before, we figured it was important to keep this list fresh and relevant! They are tempting perks, and few awesome mount skins that come with the DLC, but it's an objective waste of money. Recommended Level: 2 Region: Kephallonia Islands / Coast of Koliadai Requirements: Complete Debt Collector Reward: 1100 XP Objectives: Talk to Drucilla Find and Investigate the Ambushes Kill the Bandits Acquire Some Stolen Lumber Return to Drucilla Lumbering […] Follow the path until you reach a building that seems abandoned. You can find him near the cliff. After recruiting him, return to Barnabas to complete the quest. After this brief cutscene, you will approach the thugs you defeated before with two options: You can choose either of the options but beware that all choices in the golden text in the game have in-game consequences. Whistling lures the enemy to your location. You can either sneak up on him or use the whisper skill to attract him to yourself, while you are hiding and then kill him. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Follow the objective marker with your horse. It has some good scenes but overall I just found myself wanting to be done with it instead of savour it, so I just stopped reading and decided to replay the game when I wanted a taste of it. The first chapter in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey essentially focuses on you running errands for Markos. At the start of the mission, after the cutscene, you should be on a beach looking directly at the island of Ithaka. Remember: You need to stay hidden here. You can either slip past them through the bushes or stay and fight. There are a ton of ibex for you to take down here, so once you make it here, it shouldn’t take you too long until the eye finally shows up. We all need a hug, don’t we? After defeating the two thugs, another cutscene will come up and in this cutscene, a girl named Phoibe will come to you to tell you that Markos is looking for you on his vineyard. As mentioned earlier, we have not indicated any of the extra markings or rare weapon drops so be sure to wander off here and there and see if you can dig up something. Not the same complaints as you but still, I was comparing everything to Origins and thought everything in Odyssey was wrong or they were dumb for changing it, and I had a really hard time getting into it. The game begins with Ikaros (your eagle) hovering over the lands of Greece. RELATED: 10 Awesome Assassin's Creed Odyssey Mods That Make The Game Even Better. This is especially helpful when facing an enemy that soaks up damage or when the player character doesn't do much damage. Hide his body in the grass, in case. Other than these, there are other side quests that don’t have a timer. Now hide in the bushes and kill the enemies one by one, while proceeding towards the location of the Obsidian Eye. The problem with following the previous advice is that you'll end up looking like you just found a bunch of equipment in the dumpster. Afterward, another cutscene will pop up, revealing more of your tragic past. The bearded guy will reveal his identity as a Barnabas. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is an incredibly vast game, and it can frankly be a lot for beginners to acclimate to. When you reach the island of Ithaka, you will have to climb up to a fort that is heavily fortified. A ruthless, manipulative murderer that would stab you in the back if it got what I needed". Some of them are reprehensible people and rightfully deserve to die, but mercy has its advantages. It's a great game by itself, so if you've never played an AC game before then you could get it. After a little convo with our friend Markos, he will ask us to dispose of Cyclops’ fancy friends and loot their treasures. By James Billcliffe, A brute is warning Markos here to cough up the money or be killed. The game has performed very well with favorable reviews and great sales numbers despite some at Ubisoft not believing in female protagonists. Some of the fancy guests that arrived from another city are staying “in an abandoned house on the eastern coast by a small forest, south of Sami”. Climb up the building and loot the crate in the shades. This walkthrough shows how to complete the quest. If the helmet icon above their head is red, that bounty hunter is after Kassandra or Alexios. You can check out the Naval Message Board here to get extra side quests for your ship. 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