(i) Write the chemical formula of X and Y. called, Aqueous Give reactions when they are exposed to light. (b) Giving one example of each, define the following terms: (a) Most of the metals acquired a dull surface when exposed to air. A solution of potassium iodide when mixed with lead nitrate solution, an insoluble substance is formed. (a) Hydrogen sulphide reacts with Sulpher dioxide to form Sulpher and water. (a) What is an oxidation and reduction reaction? What is meant by the endothermic reaction? (ii) Silver metal is added to copper sulphate solution. Class 9: Solution of Is Matter Around Us Pure? hydrogen is known as an reducing agent. takes place. Consider the chemical reaction represent by the following equation and write the name of the substance oxidized or reduced, oxidizing agent and reducing agent in the reaction. Corrosion in case of Iron is known as …..….. k. When iron reacts with oxygen and moisture forms a red substance called …….... l. Layer of ……………. Identify X and also write the chemical reactions involved. In (ii) Chlorine gas is passed in an aqueous potassium iodide solution. On heating which of the following substances i.e. Identify the type of chemical reaction and also write the chemical equation for the reaction that takes place when a solution of potassium chloride is mixed with silver nitrate solution. or removal of ………. Differentiate between a combination reaction and a decomposition reaction. Class 9: Solution Of Force and Law of Motion, Class 9: Solution of Matter in Our Surroundings, Class10: Solution of Chemical Reaction And Equation. Citric acid. Define a chemical reaction. hand side with a minus sign between them. Why respiration considered an exothermic reaction? Why decomposition reactions are called the opposite of combination reaction. What is redox reaction? Write the name of brown coloured gas that evolves when lead nitrate crystals are heated in a dry test tube. Write the chemical equation of the reaction and state its one use. (iii) Dissolution of ammonium chloride in water. In ………….. atoms in the reactants are rearranged to form one or more different substances. C a (O H) 2 + 2 N H 4 C l → C a C l 2 + 2 N H 3 + H 2 O (ii) When sodium nitrite reats with ammonium chloride nitrogen gas is liberated. On treatment with water, it forms a solution that turns red litmus blue. which reactions, addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen or loss of electron Give an example of a double displacement reaction. Write the chemical name of one of the products obtained. 3. What is a combination reaction.? of electrons. This element is present in bones also. Give balanced chemical equations for the change. (ii) What another name can be given to this precipitation reaction? Name the gas which turns acidified potassium dichromate clear green. Write the chemical reaction involved and also mention the type of reaction. (i) Write a balanced chemical equation of the reaction involved. Define the type of chemical reactions taking place. On heating copper powder in the air, the surface of copper powder becomes coated with black CuO. Now answer the following: When a chemical reaction considered a double displacement reaction? Atomic mass of Nitrogen is 14 and that of Hydrogen is 1. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. (b) Methane on burning combines with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. Non-metallic character increases from ____. Explain by giving an example. is heated in the absence of air? Grapes hanging on the plant do not ferment, but after being plucked from the plant can be fermented. Identify the type of chemical reactions from the following equations: Displacement reaction, Combination. Why should the magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air? • which gas is evolved when lead nitrate is heated. e. Respiration is an endothermic reaction. (a) Give an example for a combination reaction which is exothermic. Give one example of each. Your IP: (a) Write the balanced chemical reaction involved and also mention the type of reaction. j. Chemistry Questions & Answers for Bank Exams : Name the reddish brown gas evolved when Lead Nitrate is heated strongly. Chemical reaction zinc oxide reacts with carbon to produce Zinc metal and carbon monoxide. The symbolic representation of a chemical reaction Translate the following statements into chemical equations and, then balance it: Convert the following statements into balanced chemical equations: (a) State the law which is followed in balancing a chemical equation. Explain with two examples. which reactions, addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen or loss of electron H 2 SO 4 to Lead sulphide and heat. (i) zinc metal is added to copper sulphate solution. Name the product obtained, identify the type of reaction. Process On heating blue coloured powder of copper II nitrate in a boiling tube, copper oxide(black), oxygen gas and brown gas X are formed. If a g.  An acid and a base react together to form ……….and ……….. h. An oxidising agent gets ………. chemical reaction can be observed with the help of any of the following If in a quantity of alloy there was 51 g of silver, what was the quantity of the other elements in the alloy? f. In reductio reaction addition of ………. Reddish brown gas of nitrogen dioxide along with dioxygen gas is liberated. Write the chemical equation for this reaction. (c) Balance the following chemical equation. Write one example of each observation with a balanced chemical equation. The Why photosynthesis is considered an endothermic reaction. b. (b) Dilute hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium carbonate. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. (j) A colourless gas which on coming in contact with air, forms a reddish-brown gas. substance gains hydrogen or loses oxygen during a reaction, it is said to be …, Process MnO. PRACTICE PAPERClass XCHEMISTRY  (2020)  CHEMICAL REACTIONS & EQUATION, ___________________________________________________________________________________, 1. The arrow head points towards the reactants and When When lead nitrate is heated, we could first hear a cracking noise. Also, give a balanced chemical equation for the reaction stating the states of the reactions and the products formed. Identify in the following reaction, the substance oxidised and the substance reduced. Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. of slowly reacting up of metals due to attack of atmospheric gases is known as, 6. What is the need of balance equations? is called a chemical equation. Class 10 : Solution of How Do Organism Reproduce? (1)On heating lead nitrate decomposes crackling sound.A Brown Gas,Nitrogen dioxide(NO2) evolves which has irritating smell.The gas turns blue Litmus red,hence Acidic in nature. (a) list any two changes which take place when oily food gets oxidized. What will be the molecular mass of Ammonia? Write the balanced chemical equations for the following reaction and identify the type of reaction. What is the name of the process where gas is directly converted to solids called? state one example giving a balanced chemical equation for the reaction? ZnO + C → Zn + CO. A decomposition reaction required energy in the form of heat or electricity. Name the products formed on strongly heating ferrous sulfate crystal. State the reason, aluminum is more reactive than iron, yet its corrosion is less that of iron. (i) In thermite reaction, iron III oxide reacts with aluminum. A brown substance X on heating in the air forms a substance Y. d. If heat is evolved during a reaction, then such a takes place. A substance X which is an oxide of a group 2 element, is used intensively in the cement industry. Describe an activity to show a decomposition reaction in which light is used to decompose reactants. (l) A colourless gas which bleaches moist coloured flowers. Name the compound formed when. In terms of electronic concept, oxidation is defined as a …….. of electrons while reduction is defined as a ……. A Copyright © 2019 Sawaal.com | All Rights Reserved. g. If a substance gains oxygen or loses hydrogen Name the gas evolved when the following mixtures are heated : (i) Calcium hydroxide and Ammonium Chloride. II. (b) Name the type of chemical reaction that has taken place stating its balanced equation. if lead nitrate is heated strongly in air it releases a reddish brown colour gas called nitrogen dioxide . d. During a chemical reaction, there is a breaking of bonds between atoms of the reacting molecules to give …….... e. A ……….. reactive element displaces less reactive element from its aqueous salt solution. protects the aluminium metal from further corrosion and damage. A solution of potassium chloride when mixed with silver nitrate solution, an insoluble white substance is formed.