I'm so sorry for your loss. my kids age from 25-9. And Twitter. I miss him. I think October might always be weird, memories popping up not in images but in a physical feeling, the cold hitting my heart and bringing back the beeping of the machine in BMC as I watched Billy trying to come back to life. x. Posted by 1 month ago. Yay! Twitter is able to shut down the account of someone who has died, if their family asks and can provide proof of their identity. Don't be afraid, grief may not end but it evolves. I am a retired Office Mgr./Bkpr. Left my ward today to spend time at home. They are definitely grieving. He made it snow. Could she come over? Extremely, extremely hard. But, also allow yourself to make choices that’ll help you resume “normal” life, a liveable one, that changes your misery into pride that you have overcome one of the most devastating events that’ll happen in your life. I read an article last night that said HP just did a $20M social media ad spend on social media with influencers across Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube. Press J to jump to the feed. My boyfriend died from a drug overdose. On November 24th 2019 I woke up at my best friends house to the worse news of my life. Well maybe not in the puppy stage when they're chewing up everything, but there's older ones to adopt if you don't relish that stage. You'll need it more than ever. You can find information and support on dealing with grief and bereavement by visiting the BBC advice page. He was quite troubled, but was the only person who understood me completely in the whole world. “Billy overdosed.”“What?”“Yeah. / Your not the hero / That f**k / Couldn't see That moment he realized it was over, that there was no more hope, was the hardest moment of my life. Mojo, September 7 in Loss of a Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other. They'd been dating for two years. “What the f*** Billy?” I shouted at him. He taught me how to chop wood and how to fish. I wanted to stay in my relationship with Billy, even after he was gone, even after I started dating other people, but I’ve had to try and move on while still respecting Billy, his memory, his friends, his family, and myself. Trump and pardons: How many people could be granted clemency? Did you two live together? Your posts have literally made me cry. Hugging all our children. I am so sad. But I didn’t care. I miss him. There are no words to make this pain go away. He fought bravely for six months. There's no way to sum up how to go on in a simple easy answer, but I encourage you to read the other threads here, little by little you will learn how to make your way through this. Two seconds later, his heart monitor flashed “Full Brady” in red. I know you’re tired of me telling you that influential people will connect with me, I said, and help me when I ask, but I’m not being salesy, this isn’t about my ego, it’s just how it works for me. He truly was a bright light in a weary world. Keep your friends close. I can’t believe that it has been two and a half years since Billy died. She told me to tell her every time he took a breath. I'm so sorry for your loss. You came back! I've been there. I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m glad we have his “historical documents” and social media memories to share. I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond, our state is undated with fires and my power/phone/internet/water has been out all week. It still makes me cry. I told him I loved him. This article was originally published as "My Boyfriend Died" in the January 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan. I miss him. My Boyfriend Died Suddenly, and the Grief Is Overwhelming My Boyfriend Passed Away Suddenly, and This Is What Grief Feels Like. Crying with his family. I realized he was unconscious. Herja Sat 01-Dec-18 13:38:41. We had a long distance relationship and I had not been able to get hold of him, his mum went to check on him and found him. Thank you for sharing your story with us as well. I tell myself, I only have to get through today. Unfortunately, after a couple weeks, other people, who *haven't lost a spouse* feel like going back to normal. Oh my darling I'm so so sorry. He was with me for every horrid part of my life.