That's really cool, and a big part of that is how fun this set is. By Riley Knight / May 15, 2019 October 10, 2019. Draft strategy. Also, never pick a crappy type of a card falling into a higher up category than a decent card of a lesser. I generally use BREAK to choose my first 3 cards in a draft taking color power into consideration. However, if you aren’t confident in your drafting skills or you have never tried, it … In order to do this, there are 2 simple ways to identify what colors are designed to work together in a set: non-basic land cards and gold, or multi-colored, cards within the set. War of the Spark is an incredible set. For many players, drafting a deck in Magic is the most rewarding way to play and build a collection of cards. In most cases, draft decks will consist of 2, or even 3 color combinations of cards, so is important to know what colors work well together in the Set. B/G Raredraft: A Draft Strategy for War of the Spark. I made a very interesting discovery while burning through Drafts on MTGA. Pre-release drafts at LGS takes place on April 27, … The 4th pick is the pack where you need to drop BREAK/BREAD and say to yourself "What shouldn't be in this pack?." Drafting can be hard to grasp at first, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to make it a little easier on yourself: Look for “Build around” cards: These are cards that you want to draft so that your deck has a definite direction.For example, if I open High Alert, then I want to make sure I draft cards with high toughness like Concordia Pegasus or Junktroller. MTG War of the Spark releases April 25 on MTG Arena with Sealed draft, followed by Traditional draft. I'm writing this on the eve of Mythic Championship II in London, where I'll be drafting War of the Spark in the highest-stakes Prerelease there ever has been. Because of this, the draft format has become a staple both in gaming shops and on MTG Arena.