Says nothing and there is no pickup on call back. Same as others. Checking on Google to find this is once again people with nothing better to do than be a pain in the butt. Automated scam call telling me that my Tax File Identification number was suspended. a message about Federal court and being arrested, press 1 if you don't want this to go to Federal court - automated message. Disconnected no so I guess they called to fish out if I answered. Unsure why this person has been calling and no message is ever left. He hung up on me when I asked for his address. I know it is bogus because I am not an ANZ customer, Told me $399 has been spent on my card on eBay. Qld Theatre company, Want you to donate $350 for some crappy advert. Saying they were from the tax dept. I did not, it’s a scam. A particular nasty individual who told me my tax file number has been cancelled and the police were coming to arrest me. Soon as I posted Gum Tree add, Bombarded by this number...scammers, got a call at 10:39am Monday 23 November 2020, no message left. I sent an SMS to the mobile asking who it was that sent the link. My tax identification has been suspended and a case has been filed against me with the federal court. Repeatedly asked me to confirm who I was before identifying themselves. We have put a hold on your TFN etc. Trying to sell discount mobile phone package. I didn't as I suspected this was a Scam. Automated message saying my landline (which doesn't exist) is being disconnected with 24hrs as NBN is available in my area. Representative from Growing up in Australia, I called back the number (08) 9525 1981 spoke with a lady but couldn't hear her when she mentioned the company name, I missed a call from (07) 3229 1027, when I called back I reached voicemail for Shine Orthodontics, I returned a call from (03) 9819 7911 but reached vm for Balwyn High School, I rang back the number (03) 9052 9929 once but got disconnected. Missed a call, tried calling back, said the number was disconnected, Scammers. I was stunned at their statement that "they do not make unsolicited marketing calls" ummmm I'm calling BS. Sounds like a scam caller. I don't answer numbers I don't know, they left a recorded message....A federal case against me....please press 1 .... please press 1 to know about your case....thank you. I do not have and would never have an Amazon Prime account and If I had pressed 1 on the phone there would be a massive charge on my phone bill. Called 6 times in one day. Pretending to be from the ATO pretending to block my tax file number. spam call to discuss electricity plan for our business - not interested, They said that there was something wrong with my tax return and that if I didn’t return the call I would be prosecuted. Really? Rings but never leaves message. Block this number. 10% SPAM SCORE. I hung up. Warning arrest. Scam Text message claimed to be from NAB bank saying my account was suspended on this device until it could be authenticated.It had a link. This is a scam message I received via Whatsapp. Suspect scam call routing Sydney number, Disconnected number so beware of answering calls from numbers you are unfamiliar with. Didn't pick up but clearly some sort of scam. Who is it? When it rang back, I got a Telstra-like message (the Australian lady voice that's on everything) saying that the mobile number I called has incoming call restrictions, please try again later. Very sure this is a scam. The Definitive Cell Phone Directory. Parcel delivery scam. SPAM text message claiming 'your registration has been approved' followed by a dodgy link. Come at me scammers.... Scam message received advising my parcel delivery was stopped and to click on the link. When I tried to call them back, the message told me it was not accepting incoming calls. Asking if I had solar panels installed. Left a message said my internet service will be down 4 hours later and I need to press 1 to contact my service provider to arrange the router to be changed, typically a scam call. 0400 321 146 automated message about my assets being frozen because my tax file number has been acting suspicious... Or something. Contacted me stating that she had Cavoodle pups for sale. Let it go to vm and the automated message said about wanting me to renew my subscription to amazon services?? send sms to mobile with attractive job position offer with link to confirm personal details. We will thankyou with a nice gift. Dear XXXXX, Ur delivery has been stopped at our depot today. They jus hung up. Number Blocked now, Spam. Load of bulls wool. Choosie pet insurance after I made a comparison online. blocked number, Recorded message about outstanding legal case and federal charges and to press 1, Do not reply to this number or click any links, it's an identity theft scam, pretending to be PayPal. I do not answer any number I do not know. Claim to be from Telstra, that my IP address has been hacked and they need my details... Reported they are from Tesltra Technical Department and needed to do something to my internet. This is the 3rd call from different numbers I’ve had today . RELATED: How to Reverse Look Up a Phone Number. I returned a call from (07) 4243 6475 but reached vm for Employsure, I tried to call back the number (02) 9054 5253 but the person who picked up the phone disconnected the call, the lady on the phone from this number (07) 3608 4659 mentioned Followmont Transport, I rang back the number (02) 9054 4425 once but got disconnected, I returned a call from 0421 418 571 but the voicemail didn't mention the company name, I called back the number 0488 812 529 but the call didn't go through, got a voicemail from Chase Edwards on this number (02) 9063 7851, I called back the number (02) 9675 5993 but the call didn't go through, I returned a call from the number (02) 4443 7105 and spoke with someone who mentioned the company Bosco Accounting, This caller rang this morning stated that they were from the federal tax centre and if I did not press one I would be arrested at a Federal Court be aware is an automated message I’ve rang the number back and there is no response. Scam number now. He hung up when I laughed. I always let the call go to voicemail and most times they do not leave a message and hang up but on calling back, it’s a unknown disconnected number. 1. Recorded message about renewing subscription, when I rang back it said the number was not connected, called the number back, said its not connected. well busted because i don't use PayPal. A few seconds later I received a text message from 447537416555 saying "Success! Press 1 to resolve, Scammer - claimed my Tax File Number suspended and my assets would be seized, Saying Tax file number had been suspended. Cell phone numbers are private—there’s no public directory of cell phone numbers to replace those old paper phone books. Gives you some menu options like press 2 and give your credit card information to pay your account fee and renew it, My tax file number has been suspended and I will be arrested. Asked them what they were thinking, banks would not call like that, so what authority would they have to call me... they hung up.