Maximum Height that doors fit - 2480mm; Minimum Height that doors fit - 500mm; Maximum Width - 1000mm (this is 1 set, 2 doors with hinge in middle) i.e. Door Frame widths and overlaps between front and rear doors: All dimension in mm. 500mm intervals. Please provide the smallest measurement for the height and the narrowest measurement for the width. Any less, and it will be too narrow, making it difficult to get at the contents of the wardrobe. Please refer to the made to measure technical specs for a drawing of the Minimalist top track and wheel mechanism** The door level above the bottom track can be raised or lowered by adjusting the screw on the bottom rollers, using a screwdriver. 4.10 Checking movementMake sure the doors and tracks are positioned parallel and level. If either ceiling or floor are not level it is important to level these up before taking the measurements. This arrangement does not take up additional space in the room. This is allows for two 3.5-foot doors and an opening that is 3.5 feet wide at most. TIP - By default the bottom rollers are set to the lowest position so you may have to adjust these to raise the doors up. Infill’s can be used in conjunction with ‘Wall and Floor Liners’ as shown in Option 2. All our panels are manufactured from FSC certified timber and particle board. If the floor is uneven, the doors may slide unintentionally! Each panel of a sliding wardrobe door can have a maximum width of 4 feet, or the panels will become too heavy to slide easily. As well as all our glass panels being safety laminated, our bottom wheels also come with an ‘anti jump’ device (shown in red in picture). For Openings Wider than 4555mm (Made to Measure Doors) or 3607mm (Standard Doors). Please provide the smallest measurement for the height and the narrowest measurement for the width. Strike plates and liners are available through our website in kits of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces depending upon the size of wardrobe and your order. They also have the advantage over wood in that they will not bow over time. Choose more or less overlap to make standard doors fit smaller or larger openings. Due to the nature of the S9 series angled wardrobe doors, we need you to take additional measurements in order for us to manufacture your doors to fit the opening. Sliding Wardrobe Door Running Gear Durability All our sliding wardrobe wheels and guides are cycle tested to 100,000 opening and closing actions in accordance with ANSI BHMA A156.14, This is an American National Standard, created in conjunction with Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. If either ceiling or floor are not level it is important to level these up before taking the measurements. Generally, the top rollers should not require any adjustment. subject to manufacturing tolerances). Drill 4mm holes through the bottom track at the points you have marked and then mark these positions on the bottom liner (or floor) with the bottom track positioned on the line you drew in the step above. Sliding Wardrobe Door Running Gear Durability Important: Please remember, we always need the MINIMUM height dimension of A, B or C. Measure carefully, so we don’t make your doors too big. This can be fixed to the top liner of the frame, the wall, end panel and ceiling using fixing blocks or with timber battening and screws. Pack out the liners to create vertical and horizontal surfaces. Wardrobe Door Sizes . Manufactured in accordance with the original Stanley patents and designs. Repeat the process with the front door(s), using the front channel and front bottom track. Set the vertical supports and shelving behind the profile of the frame. Measure in at least three places - the centre and both ends eg. N.B. Again, make sure you calculate the door opening width from the INSIDE of the liners. document.write("" + new Array("info", "").join("@") + ""); Wardrobe Doors Direct is a trading style of Ichicoo Ltd © Ichicoo Ltd 2020. Install the rear door(s) first. The woodwork and framework design and colours can be viewed on our E-Samples page and like everything at My Sliding Wardrobe, our standard products all come with free delivery and our 10 year guarantee. Wardrobe Doors Direct 80mm from each end and space the remaining holes evenly at approx. It is very important that you take accurate measurements before ordering your sliding wardrobe doors. Check the walls with a spirit level to see if they bow or curve. For ceilings higher than 2450mm (Made to Measure Doors) or 2260mm (Standard sized doors). N.B. Chests, S9 Range Planning • To move the doors down - Turn clockwise, • To move the doors up - Turn anti-clockwise. )• Masonry Drill Bits (8mm diam. If you are not using the full width of an alcove, or constructing your wardrobe from a corner in the room, you will need to add an end panel. When you purchase our doors you will get a comprehensive installation guide to help you with the installation of your sliding wardrobe doors. Our optional bottom and top liners will allow you to level up to 15mm using packers (not supplied). Tool, Bespoke Drawer A hinged door is fixed on to the wardrobe with simple hinges while sliding shutters are panels that slide on tracks. Measure Technical Specs, Top Track with Fascia and Slide Guides (except Minimalist which has a sprung 2 wheel guide), No Soft Close (upgrade now available, check design tool for pricing), Sized to suit an opening height of 2250-2260mm (2275mm if adding soft close), Maximum Opening width (using a single track) 3607mm, Available door widths of 610mm (24inch), 764mm (30 inch) and 914mm (36inch). 2. Hinged wardrobe doors are low-maintenance. Additionally, one can incorporate decorative door handles of stainless steel, brass or leather that match with the design of the wardrobe. To start with, check for ease of use, how much maintenance is required and what will suit the kind of space marked for the wardrobe . )• Wood Drill Bits (4mm diam. Dimensions are nominal (i.e. Our optional strike plate will allow you to level up to 15mm using packers (not supplied). The hinges can be easily tightened or replaced in case of damage.