Under MiFID II, the reporting regime will be overhauled and significantly extended in terms of scope and content. The MiFID II Transaction Reporting rules contain provisions requiring Investment Firms to report all Executed Transactions to the relevant Competent Authority of their Home Member State either (i) Directly, (ii) via an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), or (iii) via a Trading Venue. MIFID II GUIDELINES: PROVISION OF DATA FOR TRANSACTION REPORTING (RTS 22) AND ORDER RECORD KEEPING (RTS 6) Document type or subject Guidelines Version number Date Version 1.0 3 Nov 2017 Number of pages Author 8 Euronext This document is for information purposes only. Branches 11. Firms are required to seek their own professional advice to ensure compliance with MiFID II. Extending the scope of the transaction reporting obligation, enhancing the scope of the reports and introducing an EU-wide system of Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARMs). MIFID II: Transaction Reporting A transaction reporting regime has been in place at EU level for some time, albeit much was delegated to national implementation. MiFID II transaction reporting meeting: ... Waiver, OTC post trade and commodity derivative indicator 10. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, has today launched a Consultation Paper (CP) reviewing the reference data and transaction reporting obligations under the Market in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR). Trading Scenarios 1. The new Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (2014/600/EU) (MiFIR) is set to introduce a new and highly comprehensive, complex, and onerous regulatory reporting framework throughout the European Union (EU) for financial services firms in January 2018.In this four part series of blogs we aim to identify the complexities and challenges that the new MiFIR transaction reporting will introduce. Status of report and corrections 12. Transaction Reporting and Order Record Keeping Guide Disclaimer: Please note this information does not represent in any form legal or regulatory advice. While some of these errors reflect the complexity of reporting requirements, others are very basic and must be testing the patience of the regulator. There are other reporting ... Waiver indicator. Change in Notional MiFIDII transaction reporting meeting: "a practical use of the guidelines" January 2017. In its latest Market Watch newsletter, the FCA has highlighted further errors it has detected in firms’ MiFIR transaction reporting.