My professor mostly used Michigan Tech's online learning platform for course materials, which really helped because most courses use it. Employees I worked with were extremely kind and very helpful. Houghton, MI is a great place to live and work. Good place to work. Michigan Tech's orientation program takes place one week before the start of the semester, which seems very logical for being located in such a remote place. Nobody was prepared to switch to online courses due to the pandemic, but Michigan Tech did everything in their power to help their students succeed. It may be a 9.5 hour drive, but it is surrounded by Porcupine Mountains and The Keweenaw Peninsula. Michigan Tech is not just a college for engineers so don't let that scare you away! Lastly, you're never bored the campus is one of a kind and there is always something to do on the weekends. I know it will be worth the price one day though, when I get my bachelors degree in hand. Join a club or seven, and you'll have so many study buddies. The Michigan Technological University Academic calendar runs on a semester basis. So be prepared to learn many different accents. Canvas was well formatted during the online time. If you were in charge, what would you do to make Michigan Technological University a better place to…. Due to poor management scaring everyone away, I often had to work over 40 hours a week to ensure the pool could remain open for its scheduled hours of operation. The dorms are terrible and small get off campus housing as fast as possible. During your prime years, go work elsewhere if you can. I worked 6 days a week MINIMUM as they could not get ample coverage. Michigan Technological University is a non-discriminating employer and the interview process is not difficult, though intensive. Michigan Tech offers a very challenging and amazing college experience. Please, Michigan Technological University Reviews. Some of the teachers are real good. Michigan Tech is a school where everyone helps everyone else. One week, I worked 60 hours. See what current and former students have to say about MTU Very relaxed atmosphere while still being able to accomplish all the work necessary. Long but helpful training with free lunch. Michigan Tech. Questions about Michigan Technological University. Everyone here is willing to lend a helping hand. The college itself has a "small town" feel to it but has an excellent education program! You're going to have to put your social life on hold for a few years up here. This means you have very little access to co ops, internships, and networking. The education system is challenging and pushes its student to the next level. This university is fantastic and has all the marketing tools for students to utilize and the education is solid. The resources that are appointed to the students while attending are incredible, they want to see you succeed in college and your future. Michigan Technological University Reviews by Job Title, See more Michigan Technological University reviews by job title, Michigan Technological University Reviews by Location. Tech offers a wide variety of tutors and helping centers for students who need extra help. I would recommend looking into tutoring - especially statistics - if you have a knack for it. The surrounding area is gorgeous, especially if you like hiking, fishing, winter sports, and anything else outdoors! Tech was somewhat prepared for this but the curriculum for every class was not curated for online such as labs. The professors are very friendly and helpful. They thought that they could get the same information and projects done over the internet which was very stressful. There still should be some more improvements on Canvas and the new uploaded videos since it can be frustrating to navigate around. Lots of layers of management, not a lot of actual workers. Others are horrible. It is really far from home but everyone is in the same boat as you traveling 9+ hours to get to college. No real high stress even if there are some at times it within range of easy to coop with.