Metal can only be used for non load-bearing walls. Foundation Building Materials U.S.-manufactured steel products are built with quality and safety in mind while meeting local building codes. © 2020 Foundation Building Materials, LLC |, Find a Foundation Building Materials Location Near You, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS). There is also a strap that bends around the stud and gets fastened to the back. This stopped the screw from pushing the stud away, and it saved our fingers. 6. This allows for up to 3" of total vertical movement of the floor or roof without any additional axial load on the stud. We can also customize our steel product packages to meet each individual project’s requirements. Steel track is the u-shaped channel used to attach steel studs to the floor and ceiling. Dietrich Metal Framing 6-in W x 1.25-in L x 120-in D Galvanized Steel Metal Stud. Compare; Find My Store. And you may also want to check out my cost comparison of metal versus wood framing. The sealant is messy stuff, so you will want to get the vapor barrier in place the first time. Universal Clip for Jamb Attachment, Header Stiffening/Support, and Cripple Stud Attachment, Slotted to Accommodate Header Return Stiffening Lips, 1” Legs allow “Throat” or alternate “Back to Back” Cripple Attachment, Utilize Single “Jamb” Stud Profile as Header Framing, Flush Profile Installation no Buildup, Cracking or Excess “Floating” Around Openings to Level, Eliminate “Box” Header Assemblies and Custom Shaped Profiles, No Field Modification to Cut, Grind, Form, and or Buildup of “Tabbed” Ends, Eliminate “Cripple Track” and Buildup Above Header Profile, No “Pre-Insulation” - Avoid Insulation Exposure and Moisture Retention Issues. What is the cost of using wood versus metal? As a do-it-yourselfer and an expert procrastinator, I tend to work slow. Whether you are after metal stud wall or ceiling products, we have various types of high quality studs at affordable prices on display below. My personal experience comes from using metal framing in my basement renovation. Since metal studs are attached with screws removing and moving studs is simple. All rights reserved. No matter your needs, we can supply you with excellent quality products that won’t leave you disappointed. The sides of the track are cut so that the track can be bent and fastened to the studs as shown in the picture. In both cases, structural damage can result if steps are not taken to prevent moisture from contracting either material. However, both materials have their positive and negative points. Wood scrap is biodegradable and smaller pieces can be composted, though it takes a while to wood to break down and most scrap ends up in the landfill anyway. Their frameworks are versatile in the sense that their structure can be easily insulated. Further evidence that there is rarely a “perfect” solution when it comes to construction…. In wood construction, the vapor barrier is attached with staples. Trakloc costs about 25% more than conventional framing but can save on average approximately 35% on labor costs. Metal appears to be flimsy, but once the drywall is screwed to it, it is strong and rigid. Be sure to use insulation specifically designed for metal studs (a full 16 inches wide). We sell anything from the GypFrame C stud and its assorted components to the Gypliner stud lining and brackets and metal stud bracing. Metal stud framing offers a solid framework for plasterboardto be fitted. Foundation Building Materials (FBM) is an industry leading building materials and construction products distribution company. When I finally had enough time or ambition to start the project there wouldn’t be a straight board in the bunch. For stained trim, you will probably prefer to use nails, which is still possible with metal framing. But in my opinion the more you mix materials, it gets to a point where you are diminishing some of the advantages of using metal studs in the first place. Compared to a timber stud, metal studs are a cheaper method of installation that also saves you heaps of time. After marking the positions of all studs on the ceiling and floor tracks, carefully measure the exact height for each stud. Compare; Find My Store. Our range includes top tier wall and ceiling studs and framing from brands such as British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat. Model #139495. Be sure to use fine threaded drywall screws for hanging the gypsum. It does indeed make sense that 2x lumber could be used in the stud cavity for hanging upper cabinets. Moisture is the enemy of both wood and metal. Affiliate disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. Copyright © Building Materials Nationwide Ltd All rights reserved. The studs and track can both be cut to size using aviation snips. The OSB option that was recommended to me and that I refer to in the article is also not without its problems if there is any moisture present such as in a basement. The track is cut about a foot longer than the space between the two studs. The cost of this product is higher than conventional metal framing, but offers savings in time and therefore labor costs. Metal framing next to an outside wall (ie the foundation wall in a basement) will transfer the cold. Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with your ideal metal stud ceiling framing or wall framing, that fits your needs. With over 180 locations across the U.S. and Canada, FBM has an expansive North American reach with a mission to serve the changing needs of the professional construction trades. The system consists of two main components, the track and the stud. Metal studs are selected as a preferred building material due to their durability, strength, light weight when compared to wood and the fact that they are not susceptible to the natural forces of rotting, termites and fire. Canadian contractor and construction expert Mike Holmes (Holmes on Home, Holmes Inspection) says absolutely NO WAY. That way vertical studs can be installed between the two tracks for attaching wall material. The Super Stud Affiliation of Companies manufacture and supply all of the necessary products and components to construct a complete, dried-in structural shell. © 2019 by Super Stud Building Products. There is some debate about whether or not metal is suitable for hanging cabinets or heavy mirrors. The telescoping studs (no need to cut to size) simply twist and lock in the track without the need for fasteners. For me personally, the biggest advantage of metal framing is the stability over time. Do-it-yourselfers, of course, are already saving labor costs anyway. My method was much less elegant. Continuous beads along the top and bottom tracks will keep things air tight (in fact this should be done with wood framing as well). Steel studs and track can be easily fastened and unfastened using metal framing screws instead of nails.