Memory Management techniques and Processes Scheduling Wael Alabdulaly Memory management techniques, is the method responsible for managing the primary memory in computer memory management function keeps following of the current status in memory location, in case if it’s free or allocated. Memory Management in OS || Memory Management Techniques in OS Hanif Miah July 16, 2019. Make a conscious effort, Memory by association, Distinctive cues, Repetition, It measure how memory is allocated In this method, if the main memory (RAM) isn’t available at the moment, the secondary storage (disk or hard disk) would be used as the main memory. When a program is executed, a series of logical addresses are produced. Memory Management Allocation techniques: Main memory is a hardware resource, which has physical addresses. The great thing about all the memory techniques, on this site, is they have the same fundamental principles. Types of Memory Management. Because as we all know some names are easier to remember than others. Memory paging: Paging is one of the types of memory management techniques done by the computer operating system. Memory Management. In a mono programming or uni programming system, the main memory is divided into two parts, one part for the operating system and another part for a job which is currently executing. These memory management techniques can be used for both common and unfamiliar names. These addresses are used to locate areas in which data and instructions can be stored. Consider the following figure below.