Once Zero is released of the curse, the Professor announces that Zero was merely a diversion to resurrect the Life Virus. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett in Captain N, Jack Evans in Mega Man 8, Randall Wiebe in Mega Man X8, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man Powered Up, Michael Mislove in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and Doug Stone in Mega Man … (Crisis - Radio World), https://megamanfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Man_Super_Nova?oldid=27719. SafeGaming89 Hobbyist . MEGAMAN® products are widely distributed throughout the world covering more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle … While the Professor revived the Life Virus in Mega Man Network Transmission, in the anime he instead resurrects the Super Cyber Beast, naming it “Glazer”. Suna dons a combat armor and takes on the identity of Zero, and arrives to save Mega Man from the Robot Master army attacking Dr. Wily's home. Hair Color: Reply. In fact, it's becomes complicated they they are assigned to miserable children on Earth to improve their lives. Studios) Issue 3, Suna Light, along with all the other characters, in the opening of, Suna and Mega Man vs. CFL Sensor Light. Doctor Thomas Light, is a supporting character from the Mega ManandMega Man Xseries. The series is set in an alternate universe from the classic Mega Man series where Mega Man and co. are small, organic, android-like aliens with … The human daughter of Dr. Light and elder sister of the robot Aki Light, Suna is Mega Man's confidant and partner who often assists him in fighting crime while helping keep the secret that Aki is Mega Man from Dr. Light. As Zero, her design bears similarities to her video game counterpart, however her armor is red and white rather than red and black, her face is covered with a visor, and her beam sabers come out of their wrists rather than being a separate saber. Throughout the animated series, Suna aids Mega Man and Dr. Light in their fight against Lord Obsidian and the Robot Masters with her gadgets. I have perfected my design! MEGAMAN figurine Kidrobot Professeur Light . She is bright, intelligent, and confident, but above all very human. Elles sont articulées au niveau des bras, et sont livrées dans une boite individuelle. Studios) characters, Mega Man: Fully Charged (BOOM! Mega Man: Fully Charged (BOOM! Suna often plays the realist to Aki's unbridled optimism, but she is not cynical. Studios) Issue 3, Protodude's Rockman Corner: Official Mega Man: Fully Charged Character Profiles, https://megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Suna_Light?oldid=344435, Suna has a poster on her wall of a girl in a red dress with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail, resembling. Megaman X World Tour-The garden of angels, Depict1-What you seek is beyond the light, Megaman's Room (Drake - Marvins Room Parody), MMSF3BA Black Ace Finishing Move Black End Galaxy On Crimson Dragon 8000 HP, Megaman Starforce 3 Red Joker - Crimson Dragon, Mega Man Star Force 3 OST - T09 Warning Bell! English VA: Together, Mega Man (and his team of Nanonites he befriended during his encounters) fights off malicious creatures called "Nanons" that wreaks havoc in the city. CFL Candle. CFL Globe. CFL Softlight . Purple Normal Dr. Albert W. Wily is the main antagonist of the Mega Man series. Mega Man gets swapped into Snake Man’s body and has to save the world in that form. MEGAMAN ® provides lighting ... CFL Sensor Light. The good professor. Misc. Mega Man Super Nova, also known in Japan as Rockman NANO (ロックマンNANO, Rockman NANO?) Main Mega Man: Fully Charged Cast . Mega Man Super Nova, also known in Japan as Rockman NANO (ロックマンNANO, Rockman NANO?) CFL Slim. CFL Plug-in Tube. The main character in the series is a boy named Leon Light, who runs away from their parents' abuse because he scored poor grades at his school and is bullied by his classmates. Robots cannot harm humans..." Dr. Wily, Mega Man 7 "Your objections wouldn't stifle me forever! "You forget, Megaman. CFL Tubular. Les figurines qui composent cette collection mesurent environ 7 cm de hauteur. Reply. Wave Man and Fire Man, MegaMan, Mega-Mini, and Suna, drawn by Ryuji Higurashi. CFL Clusterlite. CFL Night Light. ... Ol' Timey Light. Series Information She also lacks Zero's long blond hair and green chest crystals. CFL Classic. Mega Mini voiced by Ryan Beil . He appeared in the 19th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Eggman VS Wily, where he and his robotic army fought againstDr. Suna often plays the realist to Aki's unbridled optimism, but she is not cynical. You are really great at Megaman art! Feb 24, 2016. jaredjlee Hobbyist General Artist. Suna voiced by Caitlyn Bairstow. On his way, he met his grandfather, Professor Thomas Light (based on Dr. Light from the classic Mega Man series), who gives him a prized Nanonite, - Mega Man, this universe's incarnation of Mega Man who had the ability to freely change powers, abilities and elements - to help him improve his miserable life. And now we'll see who was right all along!" X would possess the ability to make his own decisions in life, unlike Rock who was bound by Asimov's "laws of robotics". CFL Slim. CFL Spiral. Night voiced by Michael Adamthwaite . Dr. Light voiced by Garry Chalk . 1 History 2 DEATH BATTLE! You should make some comic pages and submit them to Archie comics. from 2011 to 2020, is the conceptual fan-made series from the Mega Man franchise by Supernova Skymancer. Zero Green She is smart, fun-loving, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Mega Man voiced by Vincent Tong . During his travels, the Leon encountered a team of Nanonites called the "Nano Federation Squad" (NFS), as well as the mysterious Nanonite named Proto Man, who often challenges Mega Man to a battle. Feb 23, 2016. CFL Reflector. CFL Spiral. MegaMan and ProtoMan move in to investigate and find the source of the virus, Zero. and formerly known as Mega Man: Super Show! Turns out Wily has built transport chambers capable of somehow transferring circuits from one robot to another.