By using blogs to drive your advertising, you’ll be able to achieve more with a smaller budget. For hotels, there's clearly a role that influencers can play to raise awareness not just for the brand but also the room types, food and beverage, spa offerings as well as the location/destination. However, the vast number of hotel digital marketing options available now to marketers, presents a new challenge. This can all tie in with your overall hotel marketing strategy, as you can use these materials on your social media, blogs, and advertising. The experience starts with your website as a reflection of what their vacation will be like. There are 2 things and none of these should break the bank! The major hotel digital marketing options available today are listed below: The challenge today for most hotel digital marketers is budget dilution across the digital channels, which unless your hotel has huge limitless budgets, is a real problem. It's actually not too difficult. And according to various surveys, that’s exactly what customers want. A phone number that your staff doesn’t answer? When it comes to hotel digital marketing, Influencer Marketing can positively impact a brand if the objectives of the business are fully aligned with the execution, storytelling and distribution or reach provided by the influencer. 5F, 6788 Ayala Avenue, Oledan Square, Makati City, social media strategy designed specifically for hotels and resorts. After all, there’s nothing more important than creating an incredible experience for your guests. For example, if a user already exists on the OTAs database (along with hundreds or millions of other travellers), it is very likely that every action including website visits, searches (locations and dates), email (opens and clicks) are tracked in a consolidated and sophisticated CRM tool. It’s improving. If you're not sure of the value of this for your business, ask yourself how much your hotel is paying out in OTA commissions and the savings if there was just a 1% shift in guest bookings directly with your hotel. That said, if a hotel's CRM system allows data inputs from restaurants, spa and reservations teams where specific guest requests, spend information and other interesting facts to be stored, will present many marketing and communication opportunities for them. In addition, the email address can be used to market directly to the guest using platforms such as Social Media and Gmail via list marketing opportunities. If there are employees in your hotel who are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do, encourage them to use their accounts to reach out to people, and offer unique behind-the-scenes snapshots. Employee advocacy is a powerful hotel marketing tool today. So if your hotel does engage with influencers, it's important that the following steps are taken: 2020 promises to be an interesting one for hotel marketers. This could include, automated follow-up emails to enquiries that may have been submitted, retargeting messages (or banners) or any other branded response to an initial action by a user such as a website visit. Unfortunately, many hotels collect very little data about each customer, so this may prove restrictive. Consider different advertising approaches if you genuinely want different marketing results. Both consumers and as business people. A website can make or break your hotel or resort. Not many hotels have blogs, but that doesn’t mean that content marketing isn’t surprisingly effective even in the hospitality industry. This is particularly useful if you provide different amenities or notable features that make you stand out from your competitors. 10 Strategies to Jump Start Your Hotel Marketing Plan. With digital marketing on social media, aim for the 80% value/20% promotion. Content marketing is a great hotel marketing idea because it will show (potential) guests that you care for them and want to make their stay as pleasant as possible. This will show your potential guests the level of accommodation and atmosphere you offer, solidifying their choice to book a room. The days of sending un-personalised "Dear Guest" type emails are over. With over 15 years of hotel digital marketing experience, we felt it was only right to share some of the insights that have been successful for our clients during this time. Content will be written specifically for that audience. These two focus points will then inform how you plan the rest of your hotel marketing strategies, and both are linked to each other. This involved the implementation of a CRM and tracking system that linked all digital touch-points for guests including the website, email marketing, social media and requests that helped to define their every need. Another thing to keep in mind is user-generated content that will help you get the social proof needed for marketing success. But there's still one major advantage that the OTAs have over hotels, especially if that guest has never stayed at the shortlisted hotel before. The content will focus on the value of the package and encourage readers to book right away! In both cases, the path should lead to your website and eventually to your hotel or resort.