While it does have a dust collection port, it’s tiny diameter makes it really only suited to the dust collection bag it comes with. and kept waiting for the battery to run out. ALthough you might expect an 18v battery on a tool this small to render the tool unwieldy, we found it’s actually very comfortable to work with. As a result, we’re taking Makita’s spec’s on this. When it comes to sanding, out of all the sanding tools (orbital, random, belt & palm), the random sanders are superior in all aspect. As they say its a beast. Ergonomically situated at the front upper edge of the tool, two buttons control all the sanding action. We reviewed the best power sanders of 2020. Each button press from there moves it to medium, then low and then back to high again. Even in the shop it can be great for harder to reach pieces, where corded models are not quite as nimble. The Makita 18v random orbit sander’s compact, cordless design really shined when transitioning from horizontal, to vertical, to inverted work surfaces. Most notably, there’s a conspicuous 18v Lithium Ion battery attached to its side. Ah, yes. TrustedHints is reader-supported. Makita B04556K, 1/4 in, 2 amp Finishing sander Features precision all-ball bearing design for minimal noise and vibration. Sensing that handy people everywhere might want the same freedom from cords they’ve come to expect on most other power tools, Makita recently released their LXOB01 five inch, eight hole, cordless sander. Switching between gripping the top of the sander or grabbing the sander from the front worked well for just about any sanding angle we tried. Makita XOB01Z 18V Cordless Random Orbit Sander Review 28 October 2020 21 October 2020 by Rab This Makita cordless random orbit sander, the XOB01Z (or DBO180Z depending where you are in the world), is one of only two cordless sanders in the Makita LXT range (the other being the XLS01Z Cordless Drywall Sander). It works between an OPM of 7,000 and 11,000. Now, we have sanding tools which have made our lives easier. OK, so your grandpa’s orbital sander was called “his hand” and maybe one of these annoying rubber sanding blocks, but you get the drift . I’ve got two corded orbital sanders, which is in itself a story. Filed Under: Makita, Tools, Videos Tagged With: cordless, Makita, makita 18v, Makita 18v Cordless, Makita Cordless, Orbit Sander, random orbit sander, Random Orbital Sander, sander. Overhead sandingA good chunk of the sanding I did with this sander was actually overhead. In a surprise move, Makita became the first company we’re aware of to release a cordless drywall sander. As far as painting tools go, this is exciting. 9.8/10 Pros. Final Thoughts on The Makita XOB01Z Cordless Random Orbit Sander As far as cordless random orbit sanders go, the Makita XOB01Z is a perfect little package for both the keen amateur and the professional woodworker alike. . A father figure also involved Marc in many home improvement projects, including a summer of home remodeling in Palo Alto, CA. Below mentioned are a few of the best sanders. Cordless Grinder Reviews & Sanders; Makita Cordless Drywall Sander XLS01T and XLS01Z; Painting Tool Reviews July 11, 2019 Clint DeBoer. One factor that may determine whether or not you’d want to task the Makita cordless sander with shop work specifically is dust collection. I was recently working on an upstairs window restoration and found myself without a convenient power outlet and working overhead, two ideal conditions to give this new cordless sander a whirl. . Or, at least as comfortable as overhead sanding work can be as all the blood from your extremities rapidly leave your arms.