Luke 17:20-37 When Will The Kingdom of God Come? "Commentary on Luke 1:15". 14And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. Of course the highest type of this undaunted boldness and unwavering firmness of conviction is not in John and his like. 1:15 He shall be great before the Lord - God the Father: of the Holy Ghost and the Son of God mention is made immediately after. "Commentary on Luke 1:15". Green puts more focus on literary criticism, narrative criticism, and social-scientific analysis than on earlier issues about historical critical matters, redaction and source criticism, etc. available from Grand Rapids: Kregel. BibliographyIce, Rhoderick D. "Commentary on Luke 1:15". Luke 9:57-10:24 Are You Willing to Become a Disciple of Jesus Christ? In more recent years both volumes have been put into one book. Howard. In the Institutes of Menu it is said, "Inebriating liquor may be considered as of three principal sorts: that extracted from dregs of sugar, that extracted from bruised rice, and that extracted from the flowers of the madhuca: as one, so are all; they shall not be tasted by the chief of the twice-born." Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1997. 16:1-15; p. 1413 Luke 13:22-35 When Heaven's Door is Shut... Luke 14:25-35 ...the Cost Of Becoming A Disciple. Adequately explains the theological themes relating to the life and mission of Christ. No other prophet was given such an accolade from the Highest Source in the entire universe. The Two Genealogies of Jesus, the Christ, Luke 4:1-14 Led by the Spirit into the Wilderness. (Truth for Today) (Bolding added), B. He generalizes “mysteries of the kingdom” in Luke 8:4–21 to refer only to “God’s way of salvation is a plan … which no one would ever have known anything about if God had not revealed it” (140). So many people take pride in being great in the eyes of the world, but in the end that greatness will mean nothing. GOSPEL OF LUKE, CHARLES R ERDMAN I long that you and myself may be aflame for goodness, may be enthusiastic over plain morality, and may show that we are so by our daily life, by our rebuking the opposite, if need be, even if it take us into Herod’s chamber, and make Herodias our enemy for life. THE SECOND MEETING ON WEDNESDAY BEFORE THE PASSOVER (Judas offers to betray) ἔτι ἐκ κοιλίας κ. τ. Luke 13:22-30, Have a Slice of Humble Pie                                                Luke 14:1-4, Excuse Me                                                                          Luke 14:15-24, The Cost of Discipleship                                                     Luke 14:25-35, The Lost Sheep:  A Parable of Salvation                            Luke 15:1-7, The Lost Silver:  A Parable of Celebration                          Luke 15:8-10, The Lost Son:  A Parable of Restoration                             Luke 15:11-24, The Prodigal Father                                                             Luke 15:11-24, A Loving Father                                                                   Luke 15:11-12, 25-32, The Lost Sibling:  The Other Prodigal                                 Luke 15:25-32, When the World Outsmarts the Church                              Luke 16:1-13, The Place Called Hell                                                         Luke 16:19-31, Causing Others to Sin                                                        Luke 17:1-2, Forever Forgiving                                                               Luke 17:3-4, Mountain Moving Faith                                                       Luke 17:5-6, Servant-hood                                                                      Luke 17:7-10, Servant-hood Amplified                                                      Luke 17:1-10, An Attitude of Gratitude                                                      Luke 17:11-19, The Present and Future Kingdom                                      Luke 17:20-37, Pray Until Something Happens                                          Luke 18:1-8, The Man Who Stopped by Church  On His Way to Hell    Luke 18:9-14, Jesus Loves the Little Children                                          Luke 18:15-17, Who Then Can Be Saved                                                  Luke 18:18-30, The Road to the Cross                                                       Luke 18:31-34, What the Blind Man Saw Before   He Could See              Luke 18:35-43, A Little Man Who Did a Big Thing                                     Luke 19:1-10, The Parable of the Pounds                                               Luke 19:11-27, When Cheers Turn to Tears                                              Luke 19:28-44, Cleansing the Temple                                                       Luke 19:45-48, Questioning the Authority of Jesus                                  Luke 20:1-8, Caesar's or God's                                                            Luke 20:20-26, One Bride With Seven Husbands                                    Luke 20:27-40, The Widow's Mites                                                          Luke 21:1-4, What's Coming Before Jesus Comes Again? Luke 16:19-31 ...the Real Story of the Rich Man, Luke 17:1-19 Discipleship: A High Calling.           XV. πν. Even from his mother’s womb. New American Commentary. 10:1-24; p. 1399 drink. It is sanctification from the womb-a truth of high import in personal Christianity, of weighty bearing on the standing of the infants of believers in the Church of God, and ministering precious encouragement to religious parents. †"This is a very readable and clear exposition of Luke's presentation of Jesus as an advocate of nonviolence. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1994, 1996. A work of profound scholarship. Luke 21:20–36 When Shall These Things Be? 14 And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. Excellent Pithy Exposition, CHARLES SIMEON Luke 7:36-39 Why Did Christ Allow a Prostitute to Wash His Feet? The later issues are by far the most desirable, as the author has considerably revised the work in the fourth edition. Wiersbe, who is a pastor's pastor, outlines and expounds the text with exemplary skill. Greek pneuma hagion, or "power from on high". Provocative and perceptive sermons that deal with the content of Luke’s gospel. Luke:6:17 -36 Christian Living is not always Comfortable Living, Luke:9:1-17 A Dozen Sent, a Multitude Fed, Luke:9:37-62 Failure, Frustration, & moving Forward, Luke:11:5-13 Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Luke:11:14-32 Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me, Luke:12:22-34 Reaping Ravens & Laboring Lilies, Luke:12:35-59 Weather-Wise but Spiritually-Foolish, Luke:13:1-17 Personal Disaster doesn’t equal Personal Sin. "Commentary on Luke 1:15". Strong drink - It is not easy to ascertain precisely what is meant by this word, but we are certain that it does not mean strong drink in our sense of the term.