TOP 500 ADJECTIVES Knowledge Icon C/o. ËU+gAw�*¸÷ 6´] /Width 80 /Height 1 /BitsPerComponent 8 /Subtype /Image absent. ‹ªšœ:�†&. endobj absent-minded, confused. Website : 1 Out of the 2265 most frequently used words, 528 were identified as adjectives. Dream Weavers Group, PPR Mall, SCO 1‐12, 4th Floor, Jalandhar. absolute. most common adjectives in English pdf (P to S) most common adjectives in English pdf (T to Z) able. acceptable. >> stream absolute. Contact : 9646824367, 0181 – 7102400, 7102500, 7102598. List of Adjectives. Graceful Clumsy Awkward Nimble Clever Dull Obtuse Meek Anemic Frightened Timid Vigilant Cautious Capable Adequate Absent-minded Adventurous Daring Indifferent Apologetic Hideous Horrid Dreadful Ghastly Revolting Nasty ng verbs. /Type /XObject endstream << /Length 73 sticky stormy stout straight strange strong stunning substantial successful succulent superficial superior swanky sweet tart tasty teeny tender tense terrible testy thankful thick thoughtful thoughtless tight timely tricky trite troubled twitter pated uneven unsightly upset uptight vast vexed victorious virtuous vivacious vivid wacky weary whimsical whopping wicked witty wobbly wonderful … Awesome Adjectives List 5th, 6th, Middle Grade- Interesting adjectives list Page 1 of 2 Adjectives are words that describe a noun. /Name /Im183 xÚc`dbfaecgçàà`‡N.n^>~A!aQ1q I)inn.˜»P5‡¬‡¼‚¢‚’²Š abrupt. /Filter /FlateDecode 183 0 obj /ColorSpace [/Indexed /DeviceRGB 41 ] Adjectives Bitter delicious fresh greasy juicy hot icy loose melted nutritious prickly rainy rotten salty sticky strong sweet tart tasteless uneven weak yummy Touch Adjectives Boiling breeze broken bumpy chilly cold cool creepy crooked cuddly curly damaged damp dirty dry dusty flaky fluffy freezing hot warm Quantity Adjectives Abundant empty few full