Give the bottle a shake to mix the flavor with the kombucha. Matcha is one of those ingredients that just seems to marry effortlessly with different foods: From lattes to ice cream, smoothies, baked goods, and now... kombucha! Grab a small mixing bowl and combine your matcha with pineapple syrup. For this batch, we used a blend of loose-leaf Sencha, Assam tea and a little bit of Jasmine tea to give the flavor a light floral note. Wash your lime and mint leaves. Squeeze them and set the juice to the side. If you don't have a recipe for kombucha, you can find it here. Saved by KombuchaHome. Coconut can provide support to the immune system. Coconut, It may be difficult to get into the coconut due to the hard shell that protects it but once you do, you open up a treasure chest of vitamins and nutrients that are perfect for your body. Keep one of these in the fridge at all times to impress your guests. Make this easy recipe for summer … Pour the strained mixture from the cup in to your 1 litre swing top or amber bottle. You could just mix together coconut and water in a blender until there are no chunks or you may want to create an entirely new drink adding together water, coconut, honey, and sea salt. You can add not one, not two, but three different foods. We suggest adding organic cane sugar to the mojito recipe so that the active bacteria has a food source in the second fermentation. We are also offering a listing upgrade! Using your strainer, pour the mixture from the bowl in to a cup. You can't always grow fresh mint in the garden but the good news is that most grocery stores will carry fresh mint, especially in the spring time when it is growing abundantly. Also can be used in making delicious cocktails! Tea Base: Sencha + Assam + Jasmine tea (5 tbsp of loose-leaf total, in equal parts of each tea, per 1 gallon of spring water) Second ferment ingredients (per 12 oz bottle): Organic matcha powder (1 tbsp); Pineapple syrup (1/2 tbsp); Fresh mint (1 tsp); Pink aka Eureka lemon juice (to taste). 1007 East Cordova St.                                                                                  Vancouver, BC V6A 3K8 You will simply need to replace lavender buds with mashed pineapple. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please send us an email with the following information: Type of products desired and preferred amounts. Process: Brew your kombucha to your usual tart/sweet preference. You will need a completed brew of kombucha for this recipe. Matcha is a great detoxifier, so this is definitely a brew with benefits. Note that the warmer the temperature is in your home, the faster the fermentation will happen. 3. Once everything is blended, you can then pour it into a glass and enjoy Lime, Lime can be great for your digestive health due to it’s natural acidity. When you want to add flavor to your kombucha, this recipe will do it. If you are a commercial brewer doing deliveries or pick-ups and would like to be added to our national directory of Kombucha Deliveries and Pick-Ups, please email your information and a high-res photo to [email protected] Peppermint has many health benefits that include treating digestive issues, headaches, stomach pains, and fevers. To make the pineapple syrup, please view our recipe for Lavender syrup, here. Leave the bottle in a warm dry place for 3-4 days and taste. You will definitely be able to taste that distinct sweet/earthy green tea matcha flavor in this brew, and the addition of pineapple and pink lemon will give it a juicy, soft kick! Keep one of these in the fridge at all times to impress your guests. To avoid the carbonation from spilling over, we suggest slowly burping the bottle at day two to let a small amount out. Add 1/2 of the lemon juice (about 1/4 tsp) into the matcha, the mint and pineapple syrup mixture, incorporate and taste. Kombucha, lime and mint Mojito. If you're just starting your home-brewing journey, be sure to check out our selection of home-brewing essentials, including kits and scobys! In a blender, add the coconut water, kombucha, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and ice. Refrigerating until cold before opening also helps to control it from spilling over. Also can be used in making delicious cocktails! It can aid in constipation, regulate the absorption of sugar for those with diabetes, decreases your chance of heart disease, and can provide protection from eyes as they age. Pour 800ml of raw green tea kombucha in to the bottle and seal the cap so that it is air tight. Connect with us through our contact page if you have any specific questions or need additional assistance. Put the lid on and blend until smooth with no lumps. United States: Once your order is placed, it will be processed within 2 business days. Kombucha Drink Kombucha Scoby Probiotic Drinks Kombucha Fermentation Making Kombucha Kombucha Flavors Scoby Hotel Tea Mix Recipe Kefir Recipes. Cut the lime in to quarters and set aside 2 or 3 pieces. All content © 2020 Kombucha Hunter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  •  Photos may not be used without permission. It can provide a quick energy boost when you are feeling like you are running low. peppermint contains menthol which is found in soaps, shampoos, chewing gum, ice cream, and toothpaste. Coconut makes it easier to absorb the important minerals, nutrients, and vitamins needed. The colder it is, the slower this process may be. Make this easy recipe for summer time or for a good immune booster in the winter. For this recipe, you will need coconut water. We suggest using green tea raw kombucha in the fermentation process as it’s light finish pairs well with the cooling mint and citrus from the lime. It features an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and an anti-fungal agent to strengthen the immune system. Keep adding the lemon juice in small amounts to find your preferred level of acidity.Once you're ready to bottle, get a funnel and your bottle of choice, and begin adding the mixture via the funnel, using a teaspoon, into your bottle. To make the pineapple syrup, please view our recipe for Lavender syrup, National Kombucha Delivery & Pick-Up Directory. Combining the great taste of coconut, mint, and lime with a healthy batch of kombucha can set your taste buds to a whole new level! | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | © 2015, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Pork Cutlets Marinated in Kombucha Smothered in a Cream Sauce, Creating a Kombucha Continuous Brewing System, How to Second Ferment Kefir: The Ultimate Guide, How to Make Dairy Free Kefir: The Ultimate Guide, The Ultimate Guide to the Best Milk for Kefir Making, How To Cut A SCOBY In Half | Kombucha Home, Continuous Brew vs. Buy extra and dehydrate it and substitute fresh mint leaves for dehydrated. Coconut - Lime - Mint Kombucha is a recipe you can do when you want to add flavor to your kombucha. International: Coming soon! Interested in applying for a wholesale account? Once your kombucha has completed both fermentation steps, you can use it to make this recipe. This helps to release the oils and flavor in the mint. Tear your mint leaves until you have about 8 pieces. If you are worried about your heart, coconut can improve the good cholesterol, or HDL’s. The combination of coconut, lime, and mint with kombucha that has went through it’s second fermentation process will result in a tastefully bubbly nourishing drink that is full of probiotics and will compliment any meal. Canada. You will receive a shipment confirmation and can expect receipt within 5-7 business days. Kombucha, lime and mint Mojito. Using your wooden spoon, muddle the ingredients making sure that the sugar is dissolved and the mint leaves are thoroughly crushed. You can add not one, not two, but three different foods to bring your mouth a taste it won’t easily forget. We suggest using green tea raw kombucha in the fermentation process as it’s light finish pairs well with the cooling mint and citrus from the lime. The rest of the preparation and ratios stay exactly the same.Squeeze the juice from 1/2 of a pink lemon (you can also use regular lemon if you can't get your hands on the pink variety) into a separate bowl, making sure to avoid dropping in the seeds. Grab a small mixing bowl and combine your matcha with pineapple syrup. If you are trying to lose weight, a glass of warm water and some lime juice can certainly help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in purchased, please email us and we can make special arrangements. Squeeze the lime wedges in to a bowl to extract as much juice as possible. Canada: Once you place your order, it will be processed within 2 business days. Whatever you choose, mix it ahead of time so you can make this recipe. 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