This type of seed is what most gardeners use when learning how to grow lettuce from seed. While this type of lettuce is much less heat tolerant than other lettuce, it does store and transport much better. Effectively Care for your Lettuce THIS Way! The idea is to leave 12 inches between each plant as well if growing a large head variety of lettuce. A Plant Heating Mat is the perfect way to keep your pots and seeds at a consistent temperature that we may not otherwise be able to. Always pick your lettuce where it meets the stalk. Lettuce goes from seed to baby greens in 5-6 weeks, and seed to … Then after the last frost transplant your lettuce into the garden exactly the same way you transplanted it into the larger pots. The downside of this seed is that it is the costliest (due to its rarity). To maximize lettuce production, plant seeds in raised beds. Best Time for Growing Miner’s Lettuce. It will take approximately 10 days for your seeds to germinate or “pop” through the soil. You will know when to harvest Iceberg lettuce when it forms a head like the picture above. Lettuce is traditionally planted by seed outdoors as soon as soil reached 40 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to ensure that it matures before the weather becomes too warm. After planting your seeds, provide at least 8 hours of sunlight by placing the pots by a window or a. If you want to learn more about growing Lettuce in containers, I recommend watching the below video: Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow outside, no matter where you live. While there are hundreds of varieties of lettuce you can grow, I am recommending 4 kinds to choose from. Humid conditions may foster fungal problems, such as powdery mildew or downy mildew.. Ultimate Composting Guide: What to Compost, Yimby Tumbler Composter: 5 Reasons to Buy Today, How to Grow Collard Greens (6 Quick Tips), 20 Easy Spring Flowers to Grow for Pollinators, How to Grow Crown of Thorns Indoors & Outdoors (3 PROVEN Tips), How to Grow Astrantia for Beginners (2 SIMPLE Steps), How to Grow Snowflakes for Beginners (2 QUICK Tips), How to Grow Snowdrops for Beginners (2 Simple Steps), You will first want to start by buying your, Next, spray your soil 5 to 8 times with a. Purchase seeds from any of your nearest garden centers after preparing the soil. Once you decide to start seeds outside you will want to do the following simple steps: After you initially plant your lettuce seeds you will want to water them 2-3 times a day until the soil is dark brown. Next, you can transplant your lettuce plant to a 5 Gallon Nursery Pot. As the seeds germinate, you may have to thin them out. More troublesome is when snails or slugs decide to feed on the plants. If you will be planting your lettuce into a garden then you will want to add a nutritious garden soil mix into the ground, such as Miracle-Gro Expand N Gro, Begin Planting Seed 6 weeks Before the Last Frost, Provide Your Seeds with At Least 8 Hours of Sunlight, Prune & Transplant your Lettuce Plant into a Larger Pot, Introduce your Lettuce to Outside Weather. Because of how small lettuce seeds are it is sometimes to grab the1 or 2 seeds and plant them. If you wash your lettuce and place it in a zip-lock bag your lettuce can last 2-3 days. Lettuce is a leafy annual vegetable that thrives in cool weather. Finally, water your lettuce once a day for about 30 seconds. Dig 1/8 inch holes with the tip of your finger or a pencil. In future growing seasons, rotate the location of crops so that you don't plant lettuce repeatedly in the same location, since pathogens may linger in the soil. While the plant grows smaller than other types of lettuce, it has a tender but delicious flavor. The goal with hybrids is to produce a plant that contains the best features of both parent plants. Lettuce grows best at relatively low humidity. Tip #5: Effectively Care for your Lettuce THIS Way! The soil should be loose and drain well so it’s moist without staying soggy. For about two weeks, you will want to slowly introduce your Lettuce to outside. Lettuce seeds will germinate best at temperatures between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Lettuce grows best in a full-sun location, but it can benefit from some shade in hot climates, or during the hottest months. How to grow lettuce. Daylight is one of the main reasons to direct-seed Lettuce into the ground. With that being said, you can even grow lettuce seeds in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The video below also gives a great tutorial on how to plant seeds. If growing from seed, plant no more than 10 seeds per foot of growing space. Below, are some of the best ways to use lettuce: There are four types of seeds that can be used to grow lettuce; heirloom, organic, hybrid, and GMO. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the plants may prevent these creatures from feeding on your greens. Immediately after you do this, spray the soil about 5 to 10 times. Choose a head lettuce variety for indoor planting. Purchase Seeds. Then spray the soil again 5 to 8 times until it turns a dark color. Continue doing this until you harvest your lettuce mid-summer. *Note, it is ok if more than 5 seeds fill a hole. The seeds typically sprout in seven to 10 days. You may, however, battle aphids, leafminers, or whiteflies. If you don’t have an area that will stay consistently around 50-65 degrees, I would recommend investing in a Plant Heating Mat. To keep the soil fertile, feed it with composted organic matter about one week before you seed or transplant. The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. You will only need to apply compost or Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. Lightly sprinkle 4-5 lettuce seeds in each spot. *If you put your seeds closer than 4 inches they will burn and die. Romaine lettuce will take about 60-70 days to mature and you will know when to harvest Romaine lettuce when the center leaves grow together to form a lengthy head.