It can carry up to 330 pounds of computer hardware on its top, which is more than you’ll ever need to place on it. Be sure to pair up with a friend before you tackle the assembly; otherwise, you’ll spend the next couple of hours among millions of screws and drawer pieces. Proud sponsor of the hottest eSports teams. SIT. A: Yes, gaming desks do not only improve body posture, but they go a long way to keep all the equipment is neatly organized. This is a height adjustable desk that is perfect for most people, ranging from 25.6″ to 51.8″ when fully raised. The glass options though classy and aesthetically pleasing are expensive and fragile. A single desk has enough area for a monitor and all your gaming peripherals, and it’s strong enough to hold two monitors on a stand with ease. On the other hand, it is fitted with everything needed by a die-hard gamer. In addition to the space made available for computers and office supplies, it happens to be equipped with two open shelves on the side. If the sheer number of options out there overwhelm you in the slightest, don’t worry – you’re going to love our curated list of picks. Rather than enjoying upfront and suffering the consequences later, gamers have the choice of employing the use of a gaming desk. Top Material: Wood: Colour: Black: Material: Metal: Brand: EUREKA ERGONOMIC: Shape: Z … While it’s always worthwhile to check out brands like DXRacer and Arozzi, there are plenty of normal, boring office desks that can work just fine. These aren’t necessary, but they add a nice, deluxe touch. Do you want the entire surface to be a mousepad? You get a pressed particle board top with a glossy finish, and a completely waterproof coating (which is good, because they didn’t add external drink holders like we would have wanted). The gaming desk comes with LED lights that you can program from your PC, though unfortunately you’re limited to a cool blue color, which may clash with your RGB color scheme. It is made from a strong and durable MDF wood top which is equipped with beveled edges and a smooth matte finish, Comes with a 6-button programmable controller that has 4 customizable presets for desk height, Its unique design ensures that it is incredibly easy to install, Equipped with a handy electric height adjustable lift system, Two dedicated cable conduits; your desk won’t look like a wired mess, Takes a grand total of fifteen minutes to assemble. This is great for gamers looking to keep their Mountain Dew away from their keyboards but still within easy reach. It does also mean that this is a desk that can take a ton of punishment and will probably be with you for a long, long time. Of course, this does mean that assembly is a bit of a pain, and if you’ve got noodle arms you may want to enlist the help of a friend. This beautiful lineup of fifteen gaming desks gives you a little bit of everything, from drink holders to designated monitor displays, adjustable heights, and cable conduits. Super spacious desktop; fit three monitors, plus equipment, LED lighting to add to the mood and reduce eye fatigue, Super quick assembly time; about eight to ten  minutes, Desk is 30 inches tall, but not adjustable, LED light strip is too easy to damage (not waterproof). The Ameriwood Dakota gaming desk offers a lot more real estate than the Monarch Specialties one, but it does have significantly less storage. All in all, this increases productivity. They also help alleviate some of the negative health impacts of prolonged sitting, such as colon and breast cancer. The price is a bit steep, all things considering, but we believe you get what you pay for, and in Need’s case, it’s stability that won’t quit. You get up to ten years on your limited warranty, giving you more than enough time to put this through hell and back. delivery fee of $59.95. Just in case you were worried that this desk was “gamer” enough, you have a multi-colored LED lighting accent with remote control. The general design features a stand as well as a countertop, otherwise, there is no additional visual appeal with this particular model. Glass and metal are a timeless combination, and the Z-Line Belaire L shaped desk is a great addition to any home where minimalism is the trend. You don’t encounter any wobble when using it, but you do have an odd situation going on with the cable conduit in the back. Offers up maximum connectivity thanks to the integration of a 4 port USB-3.0 hub, Cables are easy to handle as a result of a highly effective internal cable management system, It happens to be fitted with memory foam cushions which are meant to support the arms, It is made of high-quality leather material as well as velcro which is used to fix the equipment to the board. This desk is one of the best if you need to save some serious space. It features a headset … Last but not least, we come back to standing desks. As long as you do a bit of research, you’re sure to find the best one for you to elevate your gaming experience. Gonna be hard to follow that up, right? When empty, it’s also a comfortable place to put your feet. It takes a while to find the “sweet spot” to set this desk up, as it’s prone to wobbling and not resting evenly. That is your expected weight, which will then allow you to shop for desks that are made to support that. The legs are made of wood instead of steel, giving the table a stylish, contemporary look. You’re able to comfortably fit a couple of 24” monitors up here without worrying, and sit nice and tight at the ergonomic cutout. It feels well-constructed and robust, and you shouldn’t ever worry about it wobbling or rocking. Standard Free Next Business Day Delivery is available for orders to selected areas of Sydney, Usability - Any gamer will testify to the fact that they spend quite a lot of time at their gaming desks, for this reason, gaming desks are supposed to be made to be used quite often. While that’s an awesome and truly unique feature to find in a desk, it’s also very easy to damage if you aren’t careful and doesn’t come with any waterproofing. However, it might still be a good idea to buy a sturdy desk that can take a lot of weight, just in case you decide to upgrade your rig at some point in the future. This gaming desk comes with everything a gamer could ask for, including a cup holder, a USB gaming handle rack with four USB slots, and a hook for headphones. Getting to use it? The Eclipse Space Saver is oval-shaped with a curved front, which allows you to reach more of the surface without having to stretch. The Atlantic Eclipse is the ideal choice if you like the aesthetic of Atlantic products but don’t have the area for the Gaming Desk Pro. Storage and Organization - Gaming equipment can be quite a lot and it tends to get messy. Adjustable height gives you custom control over your gaming, Durable construction prevents sliding or tilting unexpectedly, Built to last for decades with proper care, Gives you better cognitive function while gaming. An L shaped desk will fit snugly into a corner, giving you a sense of privacy while still providing you with tons of real estate. Typhoon Pro Gaming Desk 1200mm Assembly Instructions, Find out more information regarding delivery charges to your area. TL;DR these are the 19 best gaming desks on the market today: When it comes to choosing the best gaming desk, you need to consider your specific needs. The Monarch Specialties L shaped desk is excellent for all types of office use. So, in the future, no muscle cramps or strains occur. The height can affect your posture and your overall health, so it’s an important factor to consider. Some people don’t have the space to fit in a massive piece of furniture and prefer either compact or L-shaped desks. That quality comes with a higher price tag, though you get every penny just from the durability, and then some. Aesthetic Appeal - Some may think of this as a shallow thing to look out for, but it is among one of the most important features to look out for. There is a drink holder so you can stay hydrated during long gaming sessions without worrying about spillage.