This large sparrow may be brown, but its harlequin facial pattern and white tail spots make it a standout among sparrows. The Lark Sparrow is a terrestrial bird species that is native to the Caribbean, North America and Central America. Because of its beauty, a Lark Sparrow was chosen for the cover of a birding guide to all the sparrows and buntings of the world. In flight, notice long tail with broad white corners. Savannah sparrow. Its song is a rich, musical blend of whistles, trills, and buzzes and is fairly long in duration. The lark sparrow (Chondestes grammacus) is a fairly large New World sparrow. Northern breeders move south in winter as far as northern Central America. The population of the Lark Sparrow is nearing 1 billion individuals. Measurements: The rump is gray-brown and unmarked, and the back is a similar color with dark streaks. Look for unique black, white, and rufous face pattern, brighter on adults and duller on immatures. Listen For The lark sparrow’s name infers the tonal quality of its lark-like song. Breeding Habitat. Seaside sparrow. [Lark Sparrow song] Lark Sparrow bird photo call and song/ Chondestes grammacus (Fringilla grammaca) Le Conte's sparrow. The lark sparrow has a bold, colorful facial pattern and central breast spot. Lark Sparrow (Chondestes grammacus) bird sounds free download on The Lark Sparrow breeds from southern Canada across the western three-quarters of the United States, and south to northern Mexico. Vesper sparrow. An open-country species, the Lark Sparrow prefers structurally open habitats. Their courtship is also unusual, involving a hopping and crouching display unlike other sparrows. Males sing a melodious jumble of churrs, buzzes, and trills reminiscent of an Old World lark. Its facial markings are bold, a … It is the only member of the genus Chondestes Description and habits. The Lark Sparrow is a distinctive bird with a number of bold features that distinguish it from other sparrows. Saltmarsh sparrow. Their faces are painted boldly in chestnut, white and black. Nelson's sparrow. The song is two clear notes followed by a mixture of buzzes and trills. [Lark Sparrow song] Lark Sparrows are large, gorgeous, and unmistakable. Call is. Lincoln's sparrow. White-crowned sparrow. White-throated sparrow. Large and boldly patterned sparrow. The long tail has white triangles at the corners that are conspicuous in flight. The range of the Lark Sparrow is about 5.5 million square kilometers. Lark sparrow. Song sparrow. Favors open areas with scattered trees when breeding; often forms flocks in brushy areas in winter. The flight call is a thin sit. It is named for its lark-like song, which is a varied series of melodious notes, buzzes, and trills. Their long tails are tipped in white. Richard Hedley and I recently published an analysis of the Lark Sparrow song, Structure of Lark Sparrow Song in California , and found that it is structured following a fairly strict set of rules, gaining complexity … The Lark Sparrow repertoire may be the largest of any sparrow. Rufous-crowned sparrow. Swamp sparrow. Rufous-winged sparrow. Breeding in North America: w, n; can be seen in 15 countries. Spotted towhee. It is also known to visit the United Kingdom as well. Sagebrush sparrow. Usually feeds on the ground and flies up into trees when disturbed.