Our award winning range of Christmas meat is now available to pre-order. Beef cattle which are fed animal by-products, grains, soy and corn then simply “Finished” on grass ARE NOT GRASS FED BEEF. Grass fed lamb meat is soft, delicious and extremely rich in protein. Properly managed grass farms get cattle and chickens to team-up and return to our Florida pasture land, that which they take out by natural fertilization and aeration. As we all know, Christmas is a time of giving. They are best sautéed, pan-fried or... Lamb loin fillets are tender and tasty. Our goal at Riverside Acres is to raise meat as nature intended that is both healthy for the consumers and humane for the animals. Everything is visible and sorted A-Z, including the Recipes. Our Bone Broth Pack is ideal for making your own batch of nourishing bone broth.... Our Lamb Loin Chops are tender and lean "T" bone steaks. This also allows us to maintain a humane and natural living environment for our livestock at all times. Commercial beef cattle are usually transported by the thousands in semi-trucks over long distances creating days of high stress conditions for the animals and we consider that inhumane and unnecessary. We are a proponent for the all natural approach and avoid chemicals and feeding our live stock in any way that doesn’t normally occur in nature. Healthier, free roaming beef stock and sensible pasture management equals a healthier environment, healthier Beef stock and better meat. It only works to grow large animals fast when used in conjunction with aggressive protocols using Inputs, sub-therapeutic (prophylactic) doses of antibiotics and growth steroids/hormones. Pastured and raised just for you! The bone adds richness,... Grass fed lamb tenderloins are long, narrow, and tasty. We work with a selection of family run farms who collectively can offer a reliable year round supply of organic grass fed meat including organically reared grass fed beef, certified organic grass fed lamb, certified organic grass fed mutton, certified organic grass fed hogget, pastured free range pork, Organic chicken and wild game including seasonal wild venison. If beef cattle are not raised on living grass consuming only natural living forage and grasses, the health benefits from grass-fed beef are not available. You may have Questions about meat and matters concerning the meat, from animal welfare to the environment. Then you can split it yourself among friends or family. We've search high and low to bring you the finest food, drink and homeware all made in harmony with nature by small-scale artisan producers. We produce and source local heritage breed chicken, pork, beef, lamb and goat. Local grass-fed beef is delivered every quarter. Explore other popular food spots near you from over 7 million businesses with … Knowing this, how can anyone allow themselves to buy meat at the supermarket!? Meticulously prepared by our team of artisan butchers. They can be seasoned, slow cooked and serve on... Our lamb shanks Osso Bucco style are cross cut 2 times. This is what sustainable farming means and what our members and customers support. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, be sure to include Pipers Farm in your gift-giving activities. This is how we do Whole Life Pasturing of our USDA Inspected 100% Grass Fed Beef. CALL 352-307-8400 Our grass fed meat is slowly reared on small Dorset farms producing wholesome natural meat. The in-bread characteristics (good Moms, good foragers, handles the Florida heat and bugs) of these beautiful animals produce the highest quality 100% Grass-Fed beef possible. As more Americans are realizing the value in healthy, natural eating our products are seeing more and more demand, as does membership in our Co-Op and special purchase programs. Adobe PDF files referencing this type of information is located in the “InfoGraphics” menu. © Our animals happily roam in the fresh air of the pastures and forests of their home, every day. Do it by Feel on the Bar-B or have your meat thermometer handy (130 to 135 degrees for medium-rare). We employ sustainable farming methods like sensible pasture rotation, pure rain water and diluted seawater for minerals. Find a whole, half, or quarter lamb, lamb chops, rack of lamb, leg of lamb, or many other lamb meat products. Each of the animals we harvest are processed individually under USDA Inspection with the processing area sterilized continually by me and my staff of highly skilled lifetime professionals implementing, safe and humane, handling and processing protocols. Since there’s less fat and moisture in dry-aged, grass-fed beef cuts, steaks will cook slightly faster than commercial meat. Find a whole, half, or quarter lamb, lamb chops, rack of lamb, leg of lamb, or many other lamb meat products. This roast has been... Lamb shanks make a lovely meal. Our beef cattle and lambs are 100% grass fed, as opposed to hay fed, to ensure the highest quality flavor and nutraceutical value. Due to increased Holiday delivery issues we will not ship the week of Thanksgiving (November 23-27) or over the Christmas through New Year Holidays (December 17 until January 4th). Grass fed lamb meat is soft, delicious and extremely rich in protein. The lamb shoulder cut is excellent for slow cooking and braising methods. Your parcel can be left safe on your doorstep or in a specific location. Shop our latest offers on Grass Fed and properly Free Range Meat.