I headcanon Entrapta as biromantic, while Hordak is still in the process of defining the nature of his feelings. By: KHLoverXVI. 198 notes. Entrapta bonds with Hordak, the leader of the Horde, over their shared interest in technology. Sort by: Hot. About six months after this Bow and Glimmer married and have been working to advance Etheria with the help of Entrapta and Hordak whose innovations have given rise to a small etherian fleet of short range ships for scouting missions and investigations of Etherias moons. entrapdak entrapta hordak catradora shera catra adora she-ra spop glimbow glimmer scorfuma bow scorpia mermista perfuma seamista hordeprime seahawk sheraandtheprincessesofpower. entrapdak entrapta/hordak autistic entrapta neurodivergent. Source: After many years of studying social cues, ND me still misinterprets facial expressions sometimes, but it takes me two seconds to know exactly what my cockatiel is feeling based on his crest. Just because I headcanon Entrapta and Hordak as ace doesn’t mean they have no attraction toward each other There are many kinds of attraction besides sexual - romantic, aesthetic, platonic, alterous, etc. Hot New #1. After learning the truth of Catra's deceit, Hordak, Scorpia, and Jack go on a quest to find Entrapta in the land of Oris, however dark forces are at play. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 5/ago/2020 - Explore a pasta "Entrapta and Hordak" de Natalia Dantas no Pinterest. Entrapta x Hordak Oh yeah another special blog for Entrapdak or Hordapta fans . Ask!! Also, sharing my art (specially reblogs from my main blog). Follow/Fav Entrapta and Hordak: A Hero's Journey. 4.1K 206 5. Veja mais ideias sobre Princesas, Animação, Desenhos. 10 days ago. Almost always reblogs, sometimes screenshots, own gifts. I feel like Wrong Hordak would be the one to help his brothers out in that case, since he's probably the one who can relate the most to them. Hordak reveals his nature as a defective clone to her, and due to Entrapta's love of imperfection, they form a genuine friendship that blossoms into romantic love. This story takes place after the war with Horde Prime, so I recommend making sure you have watched season 5 for this to make more sense :) … Entrapdak by Michael. 88 Stories. Idle Entrapdak headcanon: Due to Hordak’s expressive ears, Entrapta doesn’t have a problem interpreting his mood.