I was using the colored test strips and think I got it down to 4.5, but I had to add probably 1/2 cup to a cup of white vinegar. Kombucha starts off having a sweet odor due to the sugar which is dissolved in it. You will be able to tell if this is the case if your batch matured and got sour faster than usual. 10-14 days might have it done. Is it ok to use, as I have never made Kombucha before I don’t want to use it if it’s not ok. In fact, it is a sign that fermentation is taking place and that your brew has matured. Sour kombucha is mature kombucha, mature kombucha is kombucha which has been fermented a good amount of time – and this means that that nutrient content is right up there. Your brew is still kombucha, it has not morphed into anything else, and it has not gone off in any way. Use kombucha vinegar anywhere you would normal vinegar (like in salad dressings, mayonnaise, as a pickling brine, or even as a household cleaner). The more SCOBYs you have in your tea, the faster the fermentation will happen. That, too, is part of the fermentation process. Starter liquid can often be on the weak side, as most people do not usually brew their batches to such a low ph. The entire house. You can add more than this though, but it will decrease fermentation time! Did I ruin this batch? SO I wouldn’t worry about this (unless the SCOBY has mold, then throw it away!). If you would like to use this potent batch which you have created, but cannot stand the taste, there are a few uses for sour kombucha other than drinking it as a beverage. How strange. We live in the tropics and my kombucha is like vinegar only after a few days, we can’t keep up. Hi, I'm Ben and I Love making Kombucha, drinking it, experimenting with it and teaching other people how to make it. you may find it’s due to a contaminant bacteria. My Kombucha Smells Like Vinegar. Hi, I was given a scoby in some liquid but it looks funny and smells of vinegar. I’m going to get rid of the bottom scoby which has heaps of brown yeast and not make my tea so strong next time and hopefully this will slow it down. Brewing a great kombucha requires a bit more finesse, and as this article has explained if your kombucha tastes like vinegar then there are a couple of variables that are likely to be causing the issue. When brewing your new batch of sweet tea, do not let the bag/leaves steep for too long. I would brew a new batch, but using a real scoby you get your hands on. However, if one gets out of hand, this will affect fermentation. Kombucha starts off having a sweet odor due to the sugar which is dissolved in it. While usually a sour batch of end product kombucha is just a sign that the kombucha tea is mature and has been fermenting for an extended period of time, sometimes it can indicate an imbalance in your SCOBY culture. ¼ teaspoon pepper Do not be alarmed dear kombucha maker. My tea is on the dark side and there is a lot of white stuff on the bottom. The yeasts feed on the tannins, so keeping these down will also help to calm your yeast population. According to the experts, the nutritional content of kombucha increases with the length of the fermentation. Make sure that you are using starter liquid for your new brew that is not taken from the bottom of the container in which it is in. If you are encountering a sharp, tart smell resembling vinegar, what you have on your hands is a mature batch of kombucha! The tartness only means your kombucha is mature. You can use it for stronger starter for a new batch. I had to open all the windows. Hi, just started my first batch of kombucha. I do a second process where I add fruit juice when I bottle. The liquid from the bottom will contain high amounts of free floating yeasts, which you do not need to add to the new brew. Mix well together, either with a food processor, or by hand. 2 tablespoons water. Bringing down the ph of fresh batches of kombucha by adding acidic starter liquid is very important, as the acidic environment this creates makes it very difficult for foreign bacteria or mold spores to invade the brew. Asssuming yeast? Sounds like the brew is not yet done. A sour smelling kombucha is usually not something to freak out about at all. Kombucha vinegar can be used in place of vinegar in almost all recipes. The fermentation process is accelerated if the kombucha is left unrefrigerated. This can’t be normal is it?…cause if it is..I will continue to buy it vs make it lol..please let me know. Facial Toner. The stronger the vinegar smell and taste, the longer the kombucha likely fermented. My kombucha is still sweet but also tastes like vinegar.. Any idea why that is. It’s a bit tricky with Store bought. Vinegar used on the skin has a tonifying effect, inspiring cellular regeneration by … This will physically wash off excess yeast. ¾ cup olive oil Can I add some fruit juice and let it ferment a few more days? Using your very sour finished kombucha tea as starter liquid is a good practice. If you want to consistently use good sour starter liquid, but do not always have sour batches, you can also use starter liquid from your SCOBY Hotel. Or, let it go and check in 7 days? To get rid of more of the yeast strings, before inserting it into your new batch you can rinse the culture with filtered/purified water (do not use chlorinated water). If you still wish to drink of the kombucha batch which is so sour, you can always add a small amount to a glass of fruit juice. If they are in balance the will coexist in their cellulose home, supporting each other through the fermentation process. For extreme cases of yeast overdrive, some brewers wash their cultures in spirit vinegar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was doing good but today we came home to house smelling of ammonia. Kombucha naturally has a slight vinegar taste to it. Sometimes this might be linked to an increase in temperatures, as the warmer the temperature the quicker kombucha will ferment, however overall changes in temperature are usually too gradual for this to be the case. 7 Days may be a bit early (especially if cool weather). This will release a higher amount of tannins than a normal brew time. In fact, very mature and sour brews are more than fine – they are powerful! Report back and let me know how things progress! Below is a basic recipe for zingy kombucha dressing: ¼ cup kombucha tea All SCOBYs look funny! I have a 2 gallon crock but only put 1 gallon of tea, my scoby is large. Mass produced Kombucha, likely not. Now if I add 500ml of starter tea (from a previous brew) then the liquid quantity will be 3.5 liters, does this mean that i should use 350 grams of sugar or 300 grams? If you have more extra sour sour kombucha than you can cope with in food making, utilise it as premium starter liquid for your new batches of kombucha. The storebought kombucha has to be unpasteurised and raw, which is almost never the case these days with kombucha (unless you buy it local at a farmer’s market). And kombucha typically smells a bit vinegary. The instructions were to add vinegar to lower the initial ph to 4.5 or below. So I would say, no problem here — uses the SCOBY and the liquid (starter) for a new batch. Single Brew System: Pros And Cons, How To Grow A Kombucha SCOBY From Scratch, The Ultimate Guide to Figuring Out if Your Kombucha SCOBY Has Mold (or NOT), Top 15 Best Kombucha Flavors: Recipes Guaranteed To Blow Your Tastebuds, What To Do If Kombucha Smells Like (strong) Vinegar. This is my site about all things Fermented Foods (Kombucha, Kefir, and Cultured Veggies) and health related. If you wish to learn about the other end of the balance, larger bacteria to yeast ratio and overly subdued yeasts, check out What to Do If There is No Carbonation (Fizz) in My Kombucha. The yeasts are visible to the naked eye, as brown coloured looking dusty strings, either hanging off of the SCOBY, free floating, or collecting at the bottom. I’m growing a scoby from a bottle of GT”s store bought. Another great recipe to use ‘kombucha vinegar’ in is marinades. Come browse around and learn how to start culturing your own foods! When I am calculating my sugar, amount in making Kombucha does it include the amount of starter tea in the final liquid quantity? If your SCOBY culture is out of balance, it is important that you take steps to remedy the situation. Overly fast fermentations which sour prematurely are a sign of an over active yeast population. Awesome. For example, if I am making 3 liters of Kombucha the recommended quantity of sugar is not less than 200g per liter, that would bring my total sugar to 300g. Did the temperature warm up a lot by any chance? The taste of mature kombucha will also will be tart and acidic, like vinegar. If you do not have a SCOBY hotel yet, and would like to how know to make and maintain one, you can also read How to Create a Kombucha SCOBY Hotel (to Store Extra SCOBYs). I have 2.5 gallons of Green and it seems to have fermented in four days and the scoby is huge. Thanks for these tips. 1½ teaspoons sea salt This time, there was almost no carbonation, and the kombucha tastes like vinegar. I recommend just ordering a living SCOBY on Amazon and using that, rather than to go through the tedious process of trying to make it from store bought. This however is quite harsh treatment, which might result in the yeasts being over subdued.