Beginner character tier list I've tinkered with the characters in training mode and read up on the game, trying to find a few characters that are good to learn the game with. Wingspan is great for mobility. Wingspan does switch sides with your opponent, so on occasion you might want to use to escape the corner, if you want to play a high risk counter breaker game, or if you just want to give your opponent a slightly different look every so often. The last use of the bird is to Retrieve Arrows that are lying on the ground, done by pressing three kicks with no direction. If the opponent can avoid the web, it will eventually disappear on its own, but Sadira can only have one web out at a time. Widow's Bite and Widow's Drop are her openers from the air. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the killerinstinct community, Press J to jump to the feed. Eagle's damage ender, Scatter Shot, is decently strong and sends the opponent a decent ways away, where they will have to contest with Eagle's long-range arrows. Similar To: C. Viper (SFIV), Ibuki (SFIV), Akuma (SFIV) Strengths: Sadira has very strong air mobility which lets her both run away and rush down opponents from multiple aerial angles. Sadira in instinct is very much a All bird commands are done using three kicks with a direction, which means you may want to consider regularly using the three kick macro button on your controller or arcade stick to play this character more easily. I refuse to rate cinder since he just came out. Use it while you are close to your opponent the instant your bird is not in cooldown. Eagle's crossup attack is jumping LK, not the more common jumping MK. character, and it requires a bit of practice and lab time to find new Sadira setups or implement those found by other players, but once it is part of your gameplan, it is very difficult to escape. You will land in time to pick up the combo with any normal attack, too. Eagle has a flipout on the LK option from his Wingspan command jump. S Tier-Kan Ra A+ Tier-Wulf Riptor Sadira Glacius A Tier-Tj Orchid Spinal Fulgore Hisako A- Tier- Everyone else. Very noteworthy, if Eagle gets counter-hit on the first frame, Divebomb will not come out, which means you can't use this as a reversal against true meaties. He can also use Bird Fling by being in the air (either from jumping or using Wingspan) and pressing any direction + three kicks while touching the bird. Despite being able to attack out of Wingspan, its primary use is mobility. As long as there is at least one arrow in his supply, Eagle has no heavy punch normals; every press whether on the ground or in the air will fire an arrow in a set direction. If your opponent tries to use this move without Sonic Screech (for example, if the bird is in cooldown), you don't have to shadow counter it to punish it. The Complete Killer Instinct Guide by Infil. edited 5 years ago. You're better off avoiding that space and keeping the bird free for offensive purposes. Especially as a beginner Eagle player, Sonic Screech should make up the majority of your bird attacks. Note that you can only charge up Eagle's HP arrows, and not the Scatter Shot or Rain Shot special moves. For starters, it takes a long time for the bird to come back, especially if the arrows are across the screen, and shadow Arrow Retrieval, which picks up all the arrows quickly at the cost of one shadow bar, might be the best option if you can't go pick them up yourself. The only people who vote on them, are the people who are salty about a character lol. Heavy Widow's Bite throws a diagonally downward projectile which pulls Sadira close on hit or block; it can be punished on block (including via shadow counters), so mixing it up with LP and MP versions, which do not pull Sadira towards the opponent on contact but rather send her at different angles, is important to keep the opponent tentative. If you are about half screen away and manage to hit with an arrow fired with HP, you can cancel the recovery as a hit confirm into shadow Ankle Breaker and pick up the combo. The bird can't really help with anti-air either. The most common use of the bird is Sonic Screech, done with back + three kicks, an excellent close-range attack with a huge hitbox and active for over a full second. HP Widow's Bite will very quickly max your KV, so you're recommended to stick with shadow Widow's Bite in this situation, which does considerably more damage and raises the ender level faster than her only grounded shadow linker, shadow Blade Demon. Its main use is for extra deceptive mixups, such as extra forward momentum to turn a front attack into a crossup, or to reverse your jumping direction and stay in the front. This will both mess up your combo and prevent you from using Sonic Screech if the move is blocked. This is a fairly advanced technique, so it's likely best to avoid this bird command entirely while you are starting out, but if you like to discover dirty setups, you should investigate this move more. The bird auto-attacking makes it somewhat difficult to use the bird's regular commands, like Sonic Screech, after normals (using them after specials, like Ankle Breaker, is unaffected). When used as a left-right mixup with her jumping HK, Sadira's aerial approaches can be even harder to predict. If you don't have some mixup planned, though, it is not worth sacrificing the damage from Scatter Shot. At the start of playing Eagle, you can more or less rely entirely on Sonic Screech. Sneak in a throw every so often, which can lead to Eagle's potent offense quite easily. Her Blade Demon ender will launch the opponent, which allows for similar follow-ups in the air to some of her neutral launcher starters (like a throw). The shadow follow-up is also a little tough to combo break, because will hit less than all five times and often with a bit of a bizarre rhythm. Both the neutral version and the target combo that starts with standing MP will lead to more juggles. This includes using Swoop Attack to fire horizontally while you shoot an arrow vertically, or using Sonic Screech for a little bit of close range protection. Eagle. As such, you'll probably spend some time firing Rain Shot pre-emptively to discourage your opponent from jumping. You could also fire a post-ender Rain Shot and then prevent your opponent from moving with Swoop Attack before launching yourself forward for a mixup. If your opponent is crouching and Eagle is attacking with normals as close as possible, the bird might whiff over the opponent's head, so keep that in mind and make sure you're a half-step away from the opponent while attacking. Recluse is her most damaging linker, but unfortunately it starts up slow, which doesn't allow her many reps during lockouts, but it is more difficult to break as all hits from any Recluse linker come in fast succession during a single backflip. Shadow Ankle Breaker is your standard 5-hit projectile invincible shadow move, but it goes quite a bit farther than even heavy Ankle Breaker, making it a strong long-range low attack to threaten with. She can pester with a decently long-range, low-hitting crouching MK, cover the space well in front of her with standing MK, or make her hitbox less susceptible to lows with crouching LK. If you are at mid-range -- roughly the range where an opponent's jumping attack would hit you -- Eagle's relatively poor anti-air and mostly stubby normals mean that he is caught between his two modes and can't do either of them particularly well. The main use for this tool is to try and squeeze a Divebomb between your opponent's pressure, so he gets hit if he continues to attack, or to use it as a preventative move if you're scared that your opponent is going to come close. It's important to not use the 3K macro when performing shadow Ankle Breaker, because it will make the bird do Swoop Attack at the same time. I'll give you my tier list if you'd like. Even a previous tier list would be interesting to me. Eagle has two linkers, but it's hard to recommend Wingspan over Ankle Breaker in almost any situation. Like many characters, Sadira has two damage enders, one that uses a bar of shadow meter and one that doesn't, but in Sadira's case, they are split between two different moves.