If you're wondering which choice is right for you, here's a handy list of argan oil brands with excellent customer reviews. 28,000 IU. With over 1,180 five-star testimonials, Kate Blanc's Moroccan argan oil is a crowd-pleaser. Remember, you’ll know the right oil by the way it was created and the lack of changes made before being retailed. PURA D'OR has ticked off all the checkboxes when it comes to quality - organic, cold-pressed, and Moroccan grown! In this regard, most new users of argan oil may encounter slight itching, but the problem shouldn’t develop into anything severe. Best Reviews: Kate Blanc Moroccan Argan Oil. Great for... Vitamin C Daily Facial Cleanser 6oz by Kate Blanc. And when you do work it in, the oil absorbs almost immediately upon contact, so no messy/greasy residue to speak of. Learn more. Although it's very close in price to our staff favorite, this natural argan oil is available at a slightly lower cost. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all, so if you do have such skin, make sure that you’re not applying too much. Some have even used it as a hair loss prevention, working it into their head to build up fatty acids and vitamins, some of the qualities that assist in refueling hair growth. It is excellent for revitalizing your skin, hair and also your nails. Most of the negatives aren’t major. Getting oils with this attribute is sometimes hard to find, so it’s great to see a brand produce one that won’t have you reaching for additional layers of conditioner to counter any smells. We prefer the PURA D'OR Moroccan Argan Oil for its purity, sustainable sourcing, and attractive price point. This oil’s ingredient list only includes sunflower oil, rice bran oil, camelina seed oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E, and essential oil blend – simple, pure, and wholesome ingredients. This makes it faster and easier to apply a light, even coat of pure argan oil to your hair, skin, or nails. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. You may not even notice it unless you stand close to a mirror in a well-lit room. Just get ready to deal with it sticking. Only use a small amount when your styling. There isn’t a dropper available but pressing down on the top is easy enough to control how much you need for your head. Finding the right argan oil for you is pretty straightforward but there are factors that will help guarantee a good purchase, one you won’t have buyer’s remorse over. The USDA certification confirms that Kate Blanc’s Argan Oil is 100% natural and organic. For frizzy hair, it helps keep everything from appearing too dry. Here are our top picks. Great for... Sweet Almond Oil 16oz by Kate Blanc. This is not by mistake. A percentage of each sale goes back to the Moroccan Berber women who harvest and produce the oil. On the other hand, Josie Maran Argan Oil Light is still beneficial for the skin, and is more cosmetically appealing than the original Josie Maran Argan Oil, as it dries more quickly, smells better, and leaves a matte finish. The oil has excellent customer reviews on Amazon. Moroccan Argan Oil by Kate Blanc Cosmetics. And the smell might be off-putting for some people. Others are downright odious. Includes 2.5%... Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil 8oz by Kate Blanc. Individuals with curly or thick hair are in for a treat. You can use on your beard (if you’re a guy) to help uneven patches fill in quickly, or to prevent itchiness around your face when growing a five o’clock shadow. But this is an exception. Argan oil has lots of benefits to both hair and skin, with numerous beauty products being sold today that incorporate the oil into their ingredients or retail it as a single product. Loaded with fatty acids and Vitamin E, the rich nut oil can soften skin, make nails stronger, and keep hair shiny. Furthermore, people with oily hair should always go for the product that doesn’t leave a coat of thick film around the areas being treated. Try to use in moderation. If the color is very dark or too light, either the batch that was purchased may contain other ingredients or was refined. For hair, it brightens and alleviates pimples throughout, so place it directly in portions of your scalp for getting rid of breakouts that may occur with other products. Promote Growth for... Kate Blanc Cosmetics 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Therapeutic Grade, 4oz. PURA D'OR is our favorite brand of pure argan oil. Moisturizes Face and Skin. High in linoleic acid (unless it's specifically marked as high-oleic for cooking) Sunflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It deeply hydrates the skin, supports the skin barrier, reduces transdermal water loss, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. Tea Tree Essential Oil by Kate Blanc, 100% Pure Therapeutic Premium Grade for Aromatherapy, Acne,... Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend (Set of 6) by Kate Blanc. Whether your hair is wet or dry, it’ll keep it looking fresh and clean. Teddie Organics ends the list with an argan oil that’s dark colored, bold, and fragrance-free. It’s not strong but stays on the skin and hair until you wash again. If you press down too hard, it might break. This particular version is found in a .85 and 3.4-ounce glass container. And don’t forget to check out more buyer’s information afterward, describing everything you’ll need to know before you conclude your final purchase. If you do decide to use more, no problem. If you’ve never tried it before, place a very small portion on a section of your hair. Officially, this doesn’t hinder the overall quality of the oil itself. Try to limit your applications to only after you’ve finished washing your hair. Reduce Appearance of Puffiness, Wrinkles, Crow's Feet... Squalane Oil 1oz by Kate Blanc. Choose any of the argan oil brands on this list, and you'll notice the difference in no time. That is why I decided to share my ideas and to make a useful guide to the world of beauty and style. USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed,... Retinol Serum 2.5% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, C for Face, Acne Scars, Dark Spots by Kate... Vitamin C Serum for Face 20% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E by Kate Blanc. Gifts are easy when the person you're giving to has a specific interest or hobby. Household chores come in many forms, and some of them might be way above your natural height. Overall, this is the one with the best reviews. There are argan oils that produce a dry but moisturized feel to hair. The most obvious is usually USDA status. It’s unlikely you’ll need to buy multiple bottles with this size with normal use. It’s to help preserve the quality of the oil by blocking out as much light and air as possible. That way, the oil will not only last longer but perform much better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kate Blanc – Healthy and Shiny Hair. Most brands only promise one year of use before the oil spoils, so buy this one-ounce bottle if you use it in tiny increments over a long period. It’s made from a cheap plastic that goes in direct contrast to the glass bottle itself. In any case, here’s a comparison table for a quick breakdown on the similarities and contrasts of oils to be reviewed: Sold in a jungle green-labeled bottle, Moroccanoil makes several bottles of argan-based oils that are sold in lots of different sizes (and shapes). As you can see, we found several pure, organic argan oil brands at a similar price point. Kate Blanc Argan Oil. There is a dropper, however. 100% Pure, Premium Therapeutic Grade. This is the argan product you want if your skin is oily. Resembling a medicine bottle, Kate Blanc’s Argan Oil can be purchased in either a two or four-ounce container. Not all argan oils will give you the same results. Aria Starr’s oil is in a one-ounce container, having no variations on size available. You'll certainly want to get one or more of these gift ideas for the chess lover in your life. One of these is argan oil, an essential oil that’s produced from the argan, a tree commonly found throughout Morocco.