It adds crunchy, crispy texture to your Kani Salad. Gomashio-a Japanese seasoning made from sesame seeds and salt. It adds a nutty flavor and crunchy texture to your Kani Salad. Serve and enjoy! Sprinkle the himalayan pink salt to taste, then put the japanese mayo as dressing. This Kani Salad recipe though is very simple. Put the fresh cut lettuce on a salad plate. Cut the leaves horizontally into half-inch slices. I only added ripe mango to give it a fuller flavor, that is sweet, savory with a hint of tanginess. Place the shredded kani, julienned carrot and cucumber, sliced mango and lettuce in a … Rinse the lettuce and dry in a salad spinner. 2. Join the cucumber and crab meat, then the ripe mango cubes.