Above is the threading diagram for the 1541 and 1541S (safety clutch). I can't find it addressed specifically in the manual. ROCK ON!!! My 111 doesn't have one and it stitches great. When I'm sewing 1/2" foam I'll take the thread out of that guide so there's even more thread available for each stitch. I think the opener really only helps when using heavy thread--heavier than 92. I'm going through two layers of nylon tube webbing and it seems to be really pulling the fabric together more than I'd like. A lot of new machines need some degree of fine-tuning for their specific application.The new hook I received was marginally better than the stock one -- it still jammed up under the right conditions. Make sure you're holding onto the end of the needle thread when you're picking up the loop. There is a break-in period with these hooks ... keep that hook super oiled, don't push the machine outta the gate. 2 (equivalent to ISO VG32) 476.6 mm x 178 mm 255 mm x 99 mm V belt effective diameter : ø93.3 mm Outer diameter : ø160 mm 2P, 400W DNU-1541-7 1-needle, unison-feed lockstitch machine (with automatic thread trimmer) Max. Love to know.Eric. What the hell, Juki! JUKI LH-1162 Parts List. For some reason, I had a text-only version of the blog on my screen. Zamir set everything up before it was sent out. More Info. If you're using much heavier it's possible that you might need to loosen the bobbin tension.For heavier stuff I tighten the dial down till can see one or two threads of the post. I don't have the machine at my house right now and what with the Covid on the loose, might be a day or two, but I'll update the post with some relevant pics.Cheers! Hi Eric,I received a replacement hook from Juki. More Info. Among its members are a number of shop owners who answer questions. Just want to be safe!And finally, how are you still liking the 1541s? I still find this problem extremely weird and still don't understand it fully. More Info. Also remember to hold the thread ends when you start a stitch--the Juki is touchy about that.Have fun with your Juki! First of all I'm using T90 thread. Note the sliding thread guide (red star). I just want to say THANK YOU so much for this post. Juki DLD-5430-6 Threading Diagram. Eric,I don't think my tension's super tight. I found the pictures on the website. I have to start by saying I love you. Did i drop it they ask! Juki MH-481 Threading Diagram. Fortunately I haven't had to do that yet. I also know a guy who services industrial machines, like you Juki and can get parts for them. Mine seems to like it very high. ... 2014/04/18 at 19:45. any idea where i can get an assembly manual to set up a boxed table and Juli 1541 sewing machine. You just try to be patient and figure out what's wrong and how to fix it and hope you get it right.Juki is more helpful than most large sewing companies, I believe.I've since found Leatherworker.net, a great forum and resource for industrial problems. If you're sewing over 1/4", thread it like the H version. With lighter threads there's more room, so it's not an issue. New machine. The H subclass is missing a thread guide. Opener adjusted...I think..... Hi Unknown,Glad the blog's been helpful!If you can't pick up the loop, try these things: Put in a new needle. Hi sstanek,Yeah, there's nothing more frustrating than a brand-new expensive tool not working right. Its purpose is to push on the bobbin case and make sure there's a gap up top so the thread can pull smoothly around the bobbin case finger. I think the lessons here are: 1. I am about to get my new 1541s and want to double check it as I assemble to make sure there's no problems. More Info. Juki AMB-188 Parts List. If you have any other questions, email me at coryleif on g-mail. It's a great machine when it's behaving--the foot lift on it is awesome. Juki LH-1152-4-5-6 Parts List. Actually it make me think .... Waht odd you do, if you have a problem that you can't figure out yourself. I cannot sew two seems next to each other and keep the stitches lined up. Can you tell me how to get a new part from Juki once I remove it?The guy I bought machine from was blaming operator error, too !!! Browse our Juki parts books & manuals for Juki sewing machines. I think I just emailed Juki after I called the shop I bought it from ... and then his supplier and then I dealt with Juki directly ... they were like, Whatever ... but then I sent 'em this blog post and they were like, Oh... That dude could be retired by now, though. I also disengaged the case opener in case that was causing trouble. Timing is good, finger tightened. It's been ten years! All rights reserved throughout the world. Thanks, I'm not crazy. i have loads of parts and no idea where they all go or in what order. You adjust this by sliding the skinny thread guide up or down. Over the years, there's been a sort of sad comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one with this problem. I looked all over for information because I knew the problem was in the hook but my inexperience kept me from figuring out where the problem was. I can't thank you enough for the great pics and explanation of the key factors to make it work properly. Cory,Thank you for continuing to address questions and assist others. Just make sure the hook is lubed and make sure the thread guide is adjusted to suit the material thickness. It's ironic that I just started to get back to my machine in the last week, and this thread pops up in my email!I was wondering if you know what may be causing inconsistent stitch length? I have actually been reading that there are a few of these machines with hook problems out there. Though, I should probably reset mine some day...Good luck! And if you need a job as a sewing machine technician, I think I know where you can find one ;)Mallory DonohueZede's Sewing Studio573-874-2500, Hiya!Thanks for the great blog! This is used to adjust how much thread goes around the bobbin -- or something like that. With the Juki DNU-1541 having a larger needle bar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, it offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness. Hi,SO glad I found your post! The only two things causing pressure on the hook assembly are the thread and the case opener.