0. I'm basically back to my original roll but I kept a couple of other "interesting" rolls. Here are our picks for the god rolls for each of these guns in Destiny 2. More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Is this rifle good or something i dismantled them all last season lol. However, if you want to maximize your damage then you’ll need to grind bounties and various Season of the Worthy activities for these rolls. Jian 7 Rifle. Spend your time grinding out other god rolls before working on this one. For the god roll, we strongly recommend looking for one with Fourth Time’s the Charm in the first perk slot. SI-2 can also roll with Dragonfly, which is fine but can be underwhelming in most end game engagements. Being able to roll with Clown Cartrage and Firing Line makes a solid DPS option against bosses or higher tier foes. For your magazine perk, try to get either Armor-Piercing Rounds or Flared Magwell, since they both provide unique, potent benefits. I prefer the former since sidearms aren’t great for boss damage anyway and this gun gets a nice boost with a Surrounded Mod on it. Increasing the number of rounds you fire makes this weapon ideal for fighting majors or squeaking out that last bit of DPS (damage-per-second) against a boss. The god roll is Arrowhead Break for stability, Drop mag for Reload Speed, Ambitious assasin and Vorpal Weapon. One of the first Seventh Seraph weapons you’ll likely acquire, the VY-7 is a solid, well-rounded submachine gun. Expand Image. This makes them especially potent since Warmind Cells are capable of wiping out a room of low tier foes with a single explosion. Welcome to Destiny Reddit! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Despite lacking a bit in the base range stat, the Officer Revolver has nearly identical reload speed, damage, and stability as Trust. For your other perks, Ambitious Assassin is always a great pick and Feeding Frenzy is certainly the best in slot available for the VY-7. Firmly Planted is a decent secondary option for the first perk slot, but it’s a little too situational for my taste. After completing the Timelost Weapon bounty, you be rewarded with Infinite Paths 8. Another Destiny 2 season means there are a bunch of new weapons to grind for. That doesn’t make this weapon bad, just underwhelming when compared to other choices such as Perfect Paradox. No - keep it but I wouldn’t spend materials to masterwork it. Full auto is a waste on it. Then simply complete the Sundial activity. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Also have a vaulted Zen Moment/Swashbuckler Range MW that I guess I'll save for PvP, though it'll work in PvE too. If you are looking for a god roll, there’s nothing out of the ordinary with this weapon. I have Full-auto/Dragonfly Stability MW. Infinite Paths 8 can roll with some interesting perks, including Demolitionist, Genesis, Swashbuckler, Zen Moment and Eye of the Storm. Considering picking up one of the new Seventh Seraph Weapons, but unsure what the god roll is? Great for both end game and normal activities, the SAW works wonders if you’re not a fan of grenade launchers. While it doesn’t beat out weapons like Xenophage or Izanagi’s Burden, this is a solid Heavy Weapon that tears apart foes. I just finished testing 12 VY-7 great rolls with a lot of variety and it just made me think that Firmly Planted is maybe underappreciated or overlooked on this weapon. If you are looking for a consistent PVP pulse rifle, use JIAN 7. Whew is this an absolute monster of a machine gun. The Interference VI in the video has both Grave Robber and Demolitionist, a rediculous combo that will keep Interference VI stocked with ammo. My personal favorite, the Officer Revolver is a fast firing, 180 RPM hand cannon that’s perfect for those looking for a weapon like Trust, but in the Kinetic Slot. Firing Line is also a must if you’re using this for DPS, but there’s an argument to be made for Elemental Capacitor depending on your sub-class. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Seventh Seraph Carbine is an absolute workhorse of a weapon. Feeding Frenzy is also a superb option since this gun already has a decent reload speed without any modifications. It's decent for say pve game modes but for PvP i would pass, Considering the gun can roll with disruption break +swash/dragonfly. ... Added - 5/7/2018; Reviews To write reviews and manage your Guardian while playing, install Destiny Item Manager. This auto rifle is terrific for quickly taking down enemies and it boasts a solid base range stat. Especially if you are running a melee-focused build. Keep in mind, we are covering the PvE (Player vs Environment) side of the game since that’s what these weapons are best for. Powered by, How to Earn the Almighty Title in Destiny 2, How to Get Warmind Bits and Chipsets in Destiny 2. It’s a great roll, don’t listen to these guys, for a gun that’s apart of the massive world drop loot pool, it’s difficult to get a good roll. Jian 7 Rifle. If you got "any" VY-7 roll with Firmly Planted, please take it for a spin. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest Destiny 2 news, guides, and more. Let us make way for the new ruler! You’ll be grinding for the standard Smallbore, Lead From Gold, Trench Barrel rolls you can find on a bunch of other weapons. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is scheduled to release on November 10th, there’s a lot of hype and anticipation building around this major expansion.Similar to both Forsaken and Shadowkeep, Beyond Light is going to shake-up the gameplay formula in a few radical ways. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. Keep it. If you find yourself using your primary against bosses then consider Vorpal Weapon, otherwise, Swashbuckler is the way to go. Ok for Pvp if you have enhancement mods on armor. Legendary Pulse Rifle Arc Review Rating. Additionally, these are some of the best, if not the best rolls you can get for each gun. MW to fit your play style. You can also purchase a Timelost Weapon Bounty The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Every Seventh Seraph Weapon PvE God Roll in Destiny 2, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. We pride ourselves in knowing the weapons of Destiny and Destiny 2 and helping others find proper weapons for their play style and endgame activities. 0 0 Cookies help us deliver our Services. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 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