Asking for a friend , Lindsey – I haven’t, but maybe someone else will chime in with a good idea for you! I was about to make this and then realized I only have porcine gelatin. What could have caused the jello to become cloudy? DRY. Some folks have made it using fresh-pressed juice for green, and another reader made it using pink lemonade for pink! Wow! It’s a perfect balance. Spray a cake pan with nonstick spray and sprinkle with flour. It worked! You saved Yellow Cake Made from Scratch to your. Info. We really like this peach mango juice, white grape, and Passion Fruit (Ceres brand is a good one!). When I made this the first time, 1. You can’t, I’m sorry. I doubled it and made an American Flag cake with it (with blueberry stars and strawberry stripes) for a birthday treat (my b-day is close to the 4th of July) - and there were 50 happy people at work! Sofie – Oh dear! I’m trying a batch with lime juice for a keto friendly option. This recipe was awesome! It was perfect with Tianne's Chocolote Frosting I. I love that you were able to channel all those yummy creamsicle vibes into your own jello creation! After they’ve cooled slightly, slowly add the melted butterscotch chips, and mix until smooth. That’s so interesting about pineapple juice – I had no idea! Information is not currently available for this nutrient. First batch came out fantastic using Tart Cherry Juice. Alyssa – Oh dear! Canned pineapple juice should gel fine, but fresh will not. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some soon! Thanks for clarifying! Thank you for a great recipe Emily!! I take exception to your comments about PINEAPPLE. ONLY gelatin will work. Pinky promise. This recipe is awesome! You can even use fresh-pressed juice! Thanks for this recipe! THANK YOU for following up with me! Thanks! I wish you the VERY best of luck and hope you’re able to come up with a version you LOVE! Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Jen – I haven’t tried this in molds before, but typically you reduce the liquid for jigglers or molds for firmer Jell-O. Pour into an 8×8 (2 quart) baking dish for thick Jello or a 9×13″ baking dish for thin Jello, or into individual glasses or jars for individual portions. So glad I could help! You can make strawberry jello cake a few different ways. Hi Natalie, I often put collagen into smoothies, drinks, soups, etc. Turned out perfecto! can i use collagen protein powder instead of gelatin to make this recipe? This being said, I wonder if Jello could be made with plain gelatin, juice, fruit puree and water? I made a banana spice custard with Greek yogurt, but I am going to try it with strawberry puree and the So Delicious Coconut alternative. You could possibly compensate by adding more gelatin, but you’d have to strike the right balance so it ends up as gelatin and not more set (fruit snack texture). Join our family as we cook, bake, and enjoy time together in the kitchen. It would taste like beef gelatin powder + honey. Again, it’s totally up to you! This makes me wonder if people who have gotten really dense cakes have not mixed long enough to incorporate some air into the batter before baking?? 8. First, I’d make sure that the volume of the liquid ingredients (the puree and the juice together) wasn’t greater than 4 cups total so that the ratio of liquid ingredients to gelatin stays the same. I have a mango, hibiscus herbal tea that I would like to try. Thanks for the tips! But I want to know about using 100% lime juice, and would that turn out just as well? Kayla – I have only ever tried using pectin when making jam, so I haven’t tested this recipe using pectin. Losing weight too and not tired all the time. Then, you’d heat the remaining 2 1/2 cups juice in a saucepan until it’s almost boiling. My mom used to make a yogurt/jello dish when I was little! How much Gelatin do we add in? Nice after work snack with vitamins and good stuff. Jelly would already be set and wouldn’t texturally work the same as fruit juice. Then, you could stir in your 1 cup fruit puree. Put fresh fruit. Your flavor combinations sound AMAZING. The cake was very moist and fluffy - not at all dense or dry as in the previous review, and it rose perfectly (perhaps the problem with previous reviews saying thiers had fallen in the middle was old baking powder?).