14-Automatic Buttonhole: This one will automatically create a buttonhole if I tell the machine what size the button is. Each guide adds a bit of tension to the thread. Thank you.Jean, Correction please: the word that appears is SEN (not GEN). I lke sewing and this is awsome, I am very interested in learning how to sew. Thanks so much. 29.99. I’m a little concerned about the computer touch screen on the machine I’m considering because it is very light and hard to read and can not be made any darker. 39-Shell Tuck Stitch: Decorative Stitch for edging. Janome Stitch in the Ditch Quilting Foot. My new Janome manual doesn’t explain many of the stitches, so this article is exactly what I needed. From Dictionary com: Button holes and applique work seriously easy and fun. You’ve made me another happy, smarter Janome sewer. I have had absolutely no idea what anything really meant on my machine and I always just use the basic straight stitch. It is nice to hear that you’re machine has performed so well for 10 years. What’s the difference? The menu button takes you to the stitch selection guide or the length and width adjustment functions. I recently got a Janome with a million more stitches than my 80s Singer had, and was completely lost. I HAVE A JANOME DC5100 AND LOVE IT! 5-Triple Stretch Stitch: For use when you need something to have a lot of stretch but also sturdiness. 11-Blind Hem Stretch: Use to sew a blind hem on stretch fabrics. Judy. The far left stich #2 is useful for sewing zips, particularly invisible zips. Gold dust! I did! JANOME 7330 MAGNOLIA Instruction Book 80 pages. Want to learn quilting on my machine. The Manual that came with my machine doesn’t show me the stitch names, but instructions tell me to use a certain stitch. There’s no manual, so this post really helpful! With solid construction and legendary Janome stitch quality, learning to sew is frustration-free for students and teachers alike. I’ve printed this out and hung it on my wall for future reference! Have you ever taken a look at your sewing machine and the stitches available to be used and wondered what on Earth all those stitches do? With your selfless sharing, I now appreciate I have these stitches on my sewing machine! I'm first and foremost a mom to 4 boys. Thank you so much for this. So far…no winner. I just got the Janome Magnolia 7330 and the manual didn’t tell me what the stitches were for. "Yes" : "No"}}, {{m.Adjustable_speed_while_embroidering ? Perfect for creating any kind of home decor or sewing project, it enables you to add your personal flair to your home and wardrobe. a spaced running stitch in contrasting or heavy thread, used mainly for decoration, usually along an edge. I used to make all my clothes 20 years ago, and I’m looking forward to getting back to sewing. "{{query}}", Aluminum alloy machine body construction, UL approved, North & South American Region - Distributors, Eastern European (CIS) Region - Distributor, Asian & Middle Eastern Region - Distributor, {{m.Locking_Stitch_Button ? The Magnolia 7330 is the most advanced machine in theMagnolia Line. The “Print Friendly ” button does not seem to work. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. 20-Button Sewing: With this and a special foot, I can sew a button in place. 6-Zigzag Stitch: Your classic zigzag stitch. She might be looking for a serger or a cover stitch machine. 17-Rounded Keyhole Buttonhole: This one is good on medium and heavy weight fabrics and is great with bigger buttons. I’m trying to brush back up on my sewing, so I can start a home-based business. 66.99. The Magnolia 7330 is the most advanced machine in the Magnolia Line. Stitch #52 looks like a smocking stitch on my machine, which is generally used for sewing elastic in garments, but I have used it once as a decorative stitch. #35 & #36 are both topstich options used with invisible thread it gives a beautiful finish. Kathleen, I love the variegated thread, but as you may have learned, don’t use shads of blue on blue quilting. 7-Multiple Zigzag Stitch: Use this stitch to finish the edges on a stretchy fabric that is inclined to pucker if you use the regular stitch. I have a very high end Janome and I just feel like it is a really good quality machine. When I try it, they look awful! Its great for hems as well, it makes a stretchy stitch, less prone to breaking than a zig zag. Sew along the edge of the fabric with a larger than normal seam allowance and then trim off the excess, unsewn fabric on the seam close to the stitches. Do you ever take a look at your sewing machine and wonder what in the world are all those stitches!? thank you so much. Good thread and good fabric.. Good luck. 40-Applique Stitch: Use to applique things on and have a nice, finished applique edge. Janome Sewist 500 Beginner's ... button Minus (–) button Plus (+) button Indicator window Spool holder (large) Spool pin Bobbin winding thread guide Thread guide Thread take-up lever 10.