[32], After arriving on Amonkhet, the Gatewatch found themselves at first overwhelmed by the local wildlife and undead. Deeply unsettled, the two parted ways, with Jace pondering what Emrakul's greater plan was. Later, Jace reunited with Vraska. This was the final straw for Jace, and Liliana pressured him into waging war against Tezzeret, claiming that they would never be free until Tezzeret was defeated. When she tried to remove him from the equation, Jace turned the tables on her and took control of her mind. On Kaladesh, the Gatewatch, along with their new ally Ajani Goldmane, prepared to intervene in the quicksmithing duel between Tezzeret and Pia Nalaar, Chandra's mother. Jace traveled with the Gatewatch to Ravnica for the final confrontation with Bolas, and immediately became trapped there due to Bolas's use of the Immortal Sun. [8][9] After failing to persuade Chandra Nalaar to join them, the pair planeswalked to Zendikar again. His achievements earned him the title of Ravnica's Living Guildpact, where he serves as the magically empowered arbiter between the city's many guilds. Unfortunately, Lavinia was not in such a giving mood, and his only lead became the Gruul ogre he had hired to destroy his sanctum. Joining the rest of the Gatewatch in their support of the Renegades, Jace mainly undertook reconnaissance missions and worked with sky pirates to hamper the aether supply of the Consulate. Jace promised to not hinder her in her endeavor to save Zendikar if she promised not to use the Core until they had studied its mechanism in more detail, perhaps on Ravnica. The power he wields, and its potential for abuse, have seen Jace walk a fine line between virtue and sin for most of his life, and he often finds himself struggling to choose a path because of it. This distress ignited his Planeswalker spark, tearing him away from his home plane. Lead by Calomir, the troops assault the Rakdos for the kidnapping of Emmara. Jace's defenses, which were untested to begin with, failed when Bolas struck. If they didn't, he would deliver the Supreme Verdictof Azor. After a few years, Jace came to realize how badly the Consortium's practices had impacted him and began to feel guilty, ironically, of not feeling any guilt over some of the things he has done in the Consortium's name. 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Finally, wandering monks are the lowest-ranked (but not least important) members of the church. KEEP READING: Magic: The Gathering - Understanding Mechanics in Commander Legends. His specialty, though, is in the art of mental magic which makes him unique within the multiverse. He learned that the runes form a sort of maze and that Niv believes a great power source or some sort of weapon lies at the end of the maze. As he saw angels clustering around the site, he heard a buzzing voice within his head that assured him that Liliana was behind this. After aiding in the defeat of two of the Eldrazi titans on Zendikar, Jace took an oath to keep watch over the planes of the Multiverse as part of the Gatewatch. Weaknesses: Not well suited for physical combat. Arriving at the focal point they found that Nissa had located it earlier and had destroyed it with help from Ashaya and her other elementals. [2] The symbol represents a sphinx's collar, which for a long time was the one remaining memory of his home plane. He tried to restore her memories, only to find that they'd already been restored by a Golgari telepath. What Jace found, much to his surprise, was an immense Dragon fighting Chandra, who was hard-pressed to continue the fight. Jace will need help — it’s a big job, and the guilds will undoubtedly try to curry favor with Jace, bribe him, or outright threaten him. However, Kozilek and Ob Nixilis broke the hedron alignment and scattered the defenders. So, with few other options, Jace turned to Lavinia, the Azorius lawmage who had been sent to arrest him in the first place. Things started to come to a head when a mission to Kamigawa ended spectacularly with the massacre of a Nezumi village. He refused, but she still asked for his assistance. Trying to reach Emmara, he passed through Dimir and Orzhov gates until he found her, fighting Teysa Karlov.