Really makes this drama a stand out. great pairing with LJG even I just notice you when Big Bag's MV with GD ? Lynn Jun 28 2020 2:43 pm murphi Jul 08 2018 4:08 am Wow i first saw her in kbs short drama special and that time she was just a rookie. She's one great actress, i must say! Rims Apr 22 2017 8:34 am Hope to see you in quality shows for years to come. i love you so much seo ye ji, u are the best. her voice and character in hwarang is so charismatic <3<3. Also her acting skills are quite good. SpecialK May 18 2019 2:47 pm Her range projects is also big. shes 27! she can pull on any character, Aliya Jan 25 2017 3:37 am very charismatic princess! Her voice, her looks and the chemistry the leads have are second to none. the first time i saw was in moorim school, she so hmmm, i like her, Erica Oct 01 2017 8:09 pm A K A R Aug 29 2020 9:17 pm I really watched all the episodes of It's Okay not to Be Okay! I love You and I hope you'll make more of these profound movies noonanenne Apr 02 2017 3:41 am She is perfect for it. Anzo Aug 09 2020 11:10 am Funfact, she is the one that acted as Gdragon’s partner in Lets Not Fall In Love BigBang music video..... just find out today. viet nguyen Aug 01 2020 7:08 am Lets hope he gets recogination for this. I thought she would be younger. She grew up with everything she needs with her mother being a popular criminal mystery writer and her father Korean Literature professor at a famous university. No one could play that role as best as our SYJ. She looks so young and she's really pretty. I love her. She deserves all loves and praise. From then on, I became a fan of Seo Yea-Ji and I followed and watch her in Save Me and now her latest It's Okay not to Be Okay! she's not afraid of going all out and eliciting laughter from the viewers. Range & versatile actress. i hope the drama will be a success. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji their chemistry is powerful, unbelievable, very strong and undeniable. Better than many Koreans actress.. samaa Jul 07 2020 4:31 pm I first discovered her from the movie, "The Three Female Runaways" and my first impression of her was that she was so beautiful, talented, and an amazing actress. It is everything I had thought it would be. From the looks, to her manners and her voice! the girl in uri-sarang-hajimarayo mv who played a role as jiyong's gf >\\\<. The two will meet and embrace and heal each other's wounds. I have a new fave actress! Acting and Visuals = Seo Yea Ji. After getting electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious young medical student begins to hear the thoughts of others. Keep up the terrific acting. I ship you and Sun woo <3. Talented, indeed. She has this cold aura whenever you see her. zana Jul 21 2020 1:43 pm I have liked Seo Ye Ji since 2017 when I first saw her in 'Save Me' (one of the best dramas out there! So gorgeous ? Yana Aug 12 2020 5:04 am queen May 18 2016 3:00 am Tom Aug 10 2020 2:08 pm The story of 3 woman running away. Her emotions are well-delivered to the audience and she's really pretty. Loving loving Jan 19 2016 11:43 pm Danny Jun 29 2020 6:44 am They should give her more bad-ass role. But once started looking at it I almost directly fel in love with al the actors. But here I am now! Her deep voice is unique and her face looks so much younger than I am though she is older than me. Which city/town serves as location for this drama ? I love love love her her acting is no joke!! I really hope she wins awards for her acting!! She's really preety❤️ And got a beautiful voice ? and her acting was amazing too! i read something about her that she majored in journalism in Spain and dreamed of becoming a TV news presenter... that is why she can speak Spanish in Potato Star, aleeeee May 18 2015 10:01 am And she captured my attention with her acting and impact on screen. I thought she is still in her early 20s. She has a new fan ❤️?❤️? She's pretty.Love her voice <3, Khadija Feb 05 2016 5:11 pm I knew her from running man and has been following her dramas since then but It's Okay to Not Be Ok is her best drama. zaza Feb 24 2017 12:37 pm She's so beautiful <3. omgggggg i just realised that she is the one that paired with gd in mv lets not fall in love omggg i love her in moorim school, Grace May 03 2017 2:28 am And she captured my attention with her acting and impact on screen. !, much love from Nigeria, Slacky Aug 04 2020 7:43 pm Gang-tae wrestles with the demons of his past and the constraints of his present. Park GyuYoung acted in dramas such as "The Third Charm" and "Romance is a Bonus Book". Hello, this OST is yet to be released. The chemistry she has with lee hyun woo is superb ! Neslie Feb 02 2016 11:53 pm She is a very amazing actress, she is so pretty and I like the way that she is so simple and still looks pretty. If she considers learning singing & also be a singer,it'll be really great.. She's already fantastic as an actress but just saying, Jane Apr 01 2015 8:44 pm