absolutely ! He also experiments with Khaalis Urdu but not now much. Yes, Srk can do better than that, as he hardly had any ‘moves’. [21] A number of locations throughout the city featured in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, including the Borough Market, Jubilee Walkway, the Great Conservatory, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Bridge, Trafalgar Square, the Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges, the O2 Arena, the Tower Bridge, and Canary Wharf. Whenever his comment has become a little personal or provocative (a few times) I have stepped in and edited his comments or warned him. [24] The "Ishq Shava" dance scene was shot with the leading duo and freestyle dancers in an underground club and aboard a boat on the River Thames. [79][80] After the first weekend, the film earned $7.58 million in six days. in any case it is not the punjaabi “shaava”…uski pronounciation hi doosri hoti hai, yes you are right gulzar takes alot from vernacular urdu …who can forget his chappa chappa charkha chale ouni bouny yaariyaan teri ouni bouny bairiyon tale ………. The diary recounts Samar's earlier years as a struggling immigrant in London, working as a street musician who performs other menial jobs to support himself and his roommate Zain. Both films were released on 13 November 2012 in the number of single-screens originally contracted. I am not talking about aerobics or gymnastics, but even for usual and simple stuff, he had never been perfect, or say, never intended to do that. aap fan kiske ho? The Blu-ray Disc edition featured Dolby TrueHD 96k upsampling, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Dolby Surround 5.1 sound and two additional DVDs. [b][77] The distributor share was ₹570 million (US$8.0 million), and Box Office India declared it a hit in India. The proverb is “Ishq aur Mushq chupaye nahi chupte” and if Shaava means celebration then also the lyrics make sense. ritz,milind are same when it comes to their favourate stars.Milind said I should take help from govt mental health programme.Is this the way to talk to others.He cant take any criticism to his views. I think Urmila like dancer/performer is missing in films in these days. Sir, you can say these steps lame/exhaustive or whatever, as it involves Srk, but plz don’t criticize Rahman music without any reason. i just listen the song properly and he indeed use this shava word to get the write balance with the words like MARHABA , LAGA ,ZARA etc, well on topic i like the song and picturisation is really good. When you have so much of hatred against any person that means you are more concerned about him than yourself. Aditya Chopra wanted to keep the film as it was because he felt that doing otherwise would "tamper" with his father's vision. Sorry, It does’nt work here. "[51] Raja Sen of Rediff.com gave it 3 (out of 5) stars, saying: "As a swan-song for the master director, Jab Tak Hai Jaan might only be a middling effort. Akshay had a sizable role but if that role was done by say Anupam Kher it would have been dubbed as character role. “……..Cant help when u trust other “nuisance makers” more as good “contributors” to a site. "[56], Jab Tak Hai Jaan received positive reviews from critics overseas. Otherwise it will show up below your comment. [43] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film 4 (out of 5) stars, saying that it was "attention-grabbing from inception till conclusion. Rahman) and over-active camerawork. They are not calling it shaava (like shaava oye hoye from DDLJ -mehndi saja ke rakhne)..Does it mean Shaving up your Ishq?”. [3], Jab Tak Hai Jaan had 95 to 100-percent occupancy at multiplexes and single screens across India on its opening day. just because of their writing and not because of interaction with others…, Just a question Sputnik – are you a individual prgrammer or a people manager in real life? "[13], Kaif's role was described as "the archetypal Yash Chopra seductress, an unattainable beauty". https://www.yashrajfilms.com/News/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=8cc458dc-a613-47bc-9b17-040bda66f93a, “that is totally hijacked by a sadak-chap mafia and rikshah drivers union, often disclosing their family background and discussing their extra marital affairs on the blog.”. He signed to compose the soundtrack in May 2011. Akira Rai, a Discovery Channel filmmaker, later dives into a river in Ladakh and is rescued by him. I don’t like the whole vfx used in it – it reminds me of some graphics I saw in a wedding video. Bollywood has not used him well in dancing. [23], The romantic scenes were directed by Chopra's son, Aditya, to give them a more contemporary feel. Don’t leave. Still searching for full blu ray video of this ,philhaal making se kaam chalao: Blu-ray would show something different? same thng was done by salman fans when po po song released! I cannot comment in an environment where people like him keep getting personal everytime someone mocks their fav star…You can search tanqeed or NG to find I have mocked every actor as much…at times maybe even more. Katrina wasted the ETT song and possibly it cud have been a best belly dance song of BW. “I always liked Milind’s writing skills when it came to his articles”. [8] Chopra said the film was untitled at that time, similar to previous project Veer-Zaara (which was named on the day of its submission to the Central Board of Film Certification). Khan, who was working on other projects at that time, was unavailable for the shooting schedule so it was changed. Meera agrees, pretending to be Samar's wife. Samar challenges God to keep him alive while he risks his life every day because he believes his death is the only way to make Meera lose her faith in God. Rahman was always restricted in Hindi because of filmmakers expectations – he didnt have the freedom like say a Mani or other tamil directors gave him….which restricted his score. aerobics and gymnastics are not dances.aerobics are a form of physical exercise while gymnastics is a sport.however some moves in them are visually so good and difficult to do that they became a part of modern dance.Today dance is a fusion of various art forms. I will edit or delete his comments if he tries to get personal with you again. [10], Aditya Chopra wanted his father, Yash Chopra, to make another film and approached him with the concept for Jab Tak Hai Jaan.