Guys, she's read all of them. Comment. Thanks in advance, "The Flash"! Here are the best and the worst theories we've seen so far: Zoom is Wells. Uh huh. However, this coupling just seemed totally forced and it was severely lacking in any kind of chemistry. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This is obviously not brilliant, but Harrison Wells from Earth-2 was both these things as well, and no one seemed to care then. It's Julian's inability to properly connect with the main cast that lands him a spot on this list. Can I be in your task force? As an antagonist, though, Savitar worked quite well, and the revelation that he was actually an evil Barry Allen was genuinely surprising. When she wouldn't take Joe's "no" for an answer. It wasn't very original. ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 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Crisco created Barry's suit, so either Zoom also has a Crisco, or Zoom just is Crisco and he made his own suit. Come on and zoom! Like, what was the point of her? When you're faced with a villain who has the linguistic ability of a two-year-old, it's hard to take them seriously. PHOTOS: Every TV superhero costume, ranked from super tragic to super epic. She was Joe’s new partner, who had a grudge against metahumans because her father was killed by Weather Wizard. There were a lot of storylines that took too long to play out, and the resolutions to those plot points were not particularly satisfying. However, when he killed Iris (another big shock), he turned the Flash into a whiny, moody child for the rest of the season, which no one found engaging. Come on and zoom! And can we get a mutli-episode arc that has Iris, Caitlin, and Patty working together to solve a crime while also discussing their latest read in the feminist science fiction book club they started? Barry, realizing he couldn’t pursue Iris after Eddie had sacrificed himself to save everyone, decided to begin dating Patty. Julian's alter ego was Doctor Alchemy, who went on to act against Team Flash on several occasions. Who do you think Zoom is? However, the main issue with the fifth season was that the villains were just not that interesting. What was worse, though, was how Jesse broke it off with Wally, essentially dumping him via text message. ...Now? 0. Some people have theorized that Zoom might be Barry from a timeline in which he didn't get adopted by Joe, or one where the Reverse Flash killed Iris or someone else close to him. RELATED: The Flash: Best 2019 Episodes, Ranked. We love her, and she is not allowed to die or be a bad guy. She is a friend and partner of the second Flash Barry Allen. Bound to totally emotionally wreck both Barry and Iris? The CW just confirmed a seventh season for The Flash. Related: Flash Villain Trickster Creates His Own Evil Dave and Buster’s. Sound off in the comments! Directed by Jesse Warn. Any villain who came after would have to be seriously terrifying. Once she had been rescued by Team Flash, Jesse stayed on Earth-1 for a while, striking up a relationship with Wally West. Patty appeared in the second season of The Flash, requesting that she be allowed to help Joe with his metahuman task force. Aww. It's a stretch, sure, given the fact that he has never on The Flash, but just look at these sick moves and tell me this kid didn't make some deal with some sort of evil entity: The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. Or the first person? I am so onboard with this character. The main evidence for this theory is that Harry already seemed to sort of hate Cisco/Crisco as soon as he arrived on Earth 1, and that The Flash and Zoom's suits are incredibly similar. It felt like they had taken everything great about Reverse Flash and copy and pasted the results in Season 2. When she wasn't afraid to fight people with superpowers. If Zoom had already killed the real Henry, it would make more sense for him to take off like that. The most interesting possibility that goes along with this theory is that Zoom!Barry might already have captured our Barry and is already posing as him, which is a twist we kind of love/hate. But that didn't stop her from making the point that, just because you have superpowers, doesn't mean you have the right to use them to hurt others. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! While this could work in a number of ways, one theory suggests that Zoom is the Henry from the timeline in which Barry's in handcuffs that we saw in the speedforce. A one-stop shop for all things video games. To be honest, Season 5 of The Flash was pretty weak in general. Or so we thought. Viewers never saw Julian arrive, so perhaps that was why they never really warmed up to him in the first place. We're sorry, but Jesse was just annoying. All rights reserved. She arrived out of nowhere and all of a sudden wanted to be back in her daughter's life, perhaps due to having seen a future in which Iris is married to a certain speedster? Caitlin has gone through a whole lot, watching her fiancé die. Who could have seen that one coming...? I want an entire hour that follows Patty and Joe swapping stories and jokes as they stakeout a potentially villainous metahuman operation! He loves to write, read and watch Netflix. Patty is like the Sara Lance of season 2 of "Arrow" — a fearless badass who randomly shows up and who, yeah, might hook up with the show's star (or not) because they have amazing chemistry, but, regardless, has bigger fish to fry. Before we knew about the multiverse and all the different Earths within the Arrowverse, many fans just assumed there was only one Earth. We are Wells. Even the main villain was pretty lame.