Rail    Forensic Services In focus This article is part of the BrandWrites Newsletter for November 2013, You can search by keyword, sector or practice area and then optionally filter by a location, Keywords Media, Entertainment and Sport Indirect ambush marketing is where brand tried to indirectly establish an association through a suggestion or reference to the event.It can be divided into 3 types. Ambush Marketing is illegal?    Social    Broadcasting Italy    Online & Digital How to File a Patent in Indian Patent Office. In India, the Delhi High Court refused to recognize “Ambush Marketing” as intellectual property infringement when the ICC brought a suit against Britannia during the World Cup. The Ethical Workplace & The Law In Practice    Devices and Components Technology & Communications    Luxury, Fashion & Retail Australia's Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Competition & EU Law    Corporate Tax In keeping with most countries, including the USA and England, the Middle East generally does not have specific legislation prohibiting ambush marketing, but this does not mean it is permitted. Intellectual Property International Expansion In Your Corner One of the early incidents of ambush marketing was during 1992 Winter Olympics, when the audience witnessed a tussle between VISA and Master Card “AmEx”.    Product design    Food & Beverage Regulatory Denmark    Business Immigration ASEAN Unmanned Aerial Systems, Location Indonesia Visa promoted itself by running advertisements with a tagline saying“the Olympics don’t take American Express” and that technically, it was the true ticket to games of the event. Whether ambush marketing can be called opportunistic commercial exploitation or trademark infringement is a stone left unturned. Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA Journal The Court held that it was not a misuse of any event and also denied to recognize “Ambush Marketing”. Therefore, ambush marketing cannot be simply termed as a market strategy altogether if it violates the rights of the official sponsors. Poland    Data Protection Officer Services Ambush marketing has become a threat to the integrity and authenticity of the event and the company’s advertising fortune is at jeopardy.    GDPR Geo-Blocking Direct and indirect ambush marketing. FinTech    Wellness United Arab Emirates    Travel Finally, and perhaps most crucially, advertisements must be specifically granted a permit by the relevant ministries. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It becomes a huge obstacle for those who are official sponsors of the event. You may also interested to read some of the below posts; don’t miss it! 1) High cost of fees 2) It works 3) Industry's attitude changing 4) Doesn't affect consumers 5) Category exclusivity prevents company from being an official sponsor. In the case of ICC Developmental International Ltd. v. Arvee, the dispute was regarding a contest organized by Arvee to win tickets to World Cup for which ICC has registered itself to publicize the event. OTT Great opportunities, however, often come at a cost; sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, for example, paid up to $100 million to be officially associated with the event. moderator. It is, therefore, possible that brands who are well advised can still engage in marketing efforts to benefit from events in the region.    Airports    Hotels, Hospitality & Leisure Africa But in reality, if the ambushers are allowed to continue, it highly demotivates official sponsors and discourages them. Finance & Financial Regulation This leads to the question: “is ambush marketing illegal in the Middle East?” Real Estate India Trademark Infringement in India – Direct and Indirect, Dilution Of “Bad Faith” Pleadings In India, Likelihood Of Similarity May Lead To Consumer Confusion, Addressing Confusion amongst Pharmaceutical Trademarks, Passing Off Action For Protection Of The Domain Names, IP Audit: Forging Productivity In IP Portfolios, Capitalising Music In India: Performers Royalty Rights, Multi Class Trademark Application: Benefits and Drawbacks, Understand Trademark Application Status in India, Trademark Registration Certificate in India, What is Trademark and Types of Trademarks.